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Story Openwashing (Fake FOSS) Roy Schestowitz 29/11/2015 - 1:16am
Story Android Leftovers Roy Schestowitz 29/11/2015 - 1:14am
Story Slackware Live Edition – Beta 2 Roy Schestowitz 29/11/2015 - 1:13am
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Geek Time with Jim Zemlin

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google-opensource.blogspot: Jim Zemlin is the Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, and earlier this month he sat down with the Open Source Programs Office’s Jeremy Allison for a chat about the future of Linux.

“Works On Older Hardware”

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Linux That used to be one of the alleged benefits to using Linux on PCs; that older hardware was supported and because Linux (no matter which distribution, as they all mimicked it) was less clogged with non-essential code, it would run faster on older, less advanced hardware. Not anymore.

The Document Foundation Reaches Goal of €50,000 in Eight Days

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LibO The Document Foundation sent out an announcement this morning of reaching its goal of €50,000 in order to set up a legal foundation in Germany.

Joomla 1.6 – A detailed review from a user

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Software Joomla has been one of my favourite CMS’s for a while but I left it behind when WordPress answered the last questions I had with version 3. Secretly however, I have been waiting for J1.6 to come out in the hope that it also answered some of the questions I had about the last versions.

Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.38 (Part 3) – Network drivers and infrastructure

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Linux Kernel version 38 will offer a new meshing implementation, loads of new and improved LAN and Wi-Fi drivers, plus various minor changes that promise to improve the network subsystem's performance.

London Stock Exchange is back online

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  • London Stock Exchange hauled offline with major data problem
  • London Stock Exchange is live, no real explanation for outage

Why Canonical's commercial interests are good for Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Canonical, the Linux vendor behind Ubuntu, is facing growing criticisms about turning its back on the free and open source software (FOSS) community. Critics claim that Canonical is bowing to commercial interests. But is it truly a problem for customers or the Linux community at large?

Ubuntu Studio Fun Fact #4

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dullass.blogspot: Another episode from your friendly neighborhood Ubuntu Studio project lead discussing more Fun Facts, future plans for Ubuntu Studio, and more Meet the Team. Let's rock it...

Government excludes open source

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  • Government IT suppliers claim procurement system excludes open source
  • Cabinet Office pushes suppliers on open source

today's leftovers:

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  • Nokia and open source – a trial by fire
  • Red Hat: Sell The Stock, J.P Morgan Advises Investors
  • The mighty Linux spreads wings
  • The role of Open Source and Free software in today’s world
  • Protect an Entire Network with Untangle
  • openSUSE Open-Bugs-Day Held Last Sunday, Results
  • Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs Talks Firefox 4 and Chrome
  • Top 3 Reasons To Switch To Linux
  • New Unity 2D Design on the Way (video)
  • Grand Glest Unification
  • Roundup: Open source in the DOD
  • Bruce Perens' Recent Articles on Open Source and Business
  • Alternative search engine’s
  • The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 391
  • Filelight – Graphical Disk Usage information
  • TuxRadar: Podcast Season 3 Episode 4

some howtos:

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  • Use vim or nano as crontab editor
  • Burning CD's over the Internet with or without ISO image
  • CentOS Very Slow SSH Password Prompt
  • Building Custom Kernels for Linux Plug Computers
  • Dual-booting Linux Mint 10 KDE and Windows 7
  • Script - record/save your terminal activity
  • Enhance GIMP’s Image Editing Power with Gimp Paint Studio

Another Beta: Mozilla Preps Firefox 4 Beta 13

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Moz/FF It’s the end of February and it appears as if Mozilla will miss yet another important target: It is unlikely at this time that Firefox 4 RC will become available this month, as the next beta is frozen, another beta is planned and 20 blocking bugs remain.

Top 5 Free Linux Music Creation Tools For The Artist On A Budget

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Software Mac and Windows users have it good when it comes to laying down a rough mix. Linux musicians have to compromise. That said, there’s plenty of quality freebies to help you on your way. Here’s six.

Wayland Is Now Available In Ubuntu 11.04

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Ubuntu Canonical's Bryce Harrington has just announced he has uploaded a snapshot of the Wayland Display Server to the Universe repository for Ubuntu 11.04, a.k.a. the upcoming "Natty Narwhal" Linux release.

Mepis 11 Says Yes to LibreOffice

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linuxmigrante.blogspot: Apparently, Mepis 11, that is, the new version of Mepis (currently on beta stage) has joined all the other Linux distributions that support LibreOffice.

Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles – An Awesome Game

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Gaming Are you looking for a fun new game to add to your Linux or Windows systems? Then Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles could be just the game you are looking for.

Zorin OS 4 Review

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cristalinux.blogspot: Recently I have reviewed a number of interesting Ubuntu derivatives. Linux Mint is probably the most popular one, but other more obscure picks like MoonOS and PinguyOS also proved to be very interesting options. In future articles I also plan to review Bodhi Linux, but this time I want to talk about Zorin 4 OS.

Ubuntu Compromises on Banshee Revenue Recipients

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Ubuntu Canonical and Ubuntu encountered quite a bit of resistance from its community recently when it changed the default Banshee profit sharing recipient. After a bit of an uprising from users and Banshee developers, Jono Bacon today announced a compromise.

My favorite Linux desktop: Mint 10

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Linux I go through Linux distributions like an elephant does peanuts, but a few of the best stick around. Right now, my favorite Linux desktop is Mint.

Ubuntu Linux for beginners: Tips for getting started

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HowTos Maybe it was one piece of malware too many, maybe it was realizing that while Windows 7 doesn't look like XP, there really wasn't that much better about it, in any case the day had come when you decided to give Ubuntu Linux a try. Here's what you need to know to make the most of your new experiment in operating systems.

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More in Tux Machines

It Turns Out RISC-V Hardware So Far Isn't Entirely Open-Source

While they are trying to make it an open board, as it stands now Minnich just compares this RISC-V board as being no more open than an average ARM SoC and not as open as IBM POWER. Ron further commented that he is hoping for other RISC-V implementations from different vendors be more open. Read more

Perl 5.28.0 released

Version 5.28.0 of the Perl language has been released. "Perl 5.28.0 represents approximately 13 months of development since Perl 5.26.0 and contains approximately 730,000 lines of changes across 2,200 files from 77 authors". The full list of changes can be found over here; some highlights include Unicode 10.0 support, string- and number-specific bitwise operators, a change to more secure hash functions, and safer in-place editing. Read more

Today in Techrights

Will Microsoft’s Embrace Smother GitHub?

Microsoft has had an adversarial relationship with the open-source community. The company viewed the free Open Office software and the Linux operating system—which compete with Microsoft Office and Windows, respectively—as grave threats. In 2001 Windows chief Jim Allchin said: “Open source is an intellectual-property destroyer.” That same year CEO Steve Ballmer said “Linux is a cancer.” Microsoft attempted to use copyright law to crush open source in the courts. When these tactics failed, Microsoft decided if you can’t beat them, join them. It incorporated Linux and other open-source code into its servers in 2014. By 2016 Microsoft had more programmers contributing code to GitHub than any other company. The GitHub merger might reflect Microsoft’s “embrace, extend and extinguish” strategy for dominating its competitors. After all, GitHub hosts not only open-source software and Microsoft software but also the open-source projects of other companies, including Oracle, IBM, and Amazon Web Services. With GitHub, Microsoft could restrict a crucial platform for its rivals, mine data about competitors’ activities, target ads toward users, or restrict free services. Its control could lead to a sort of surveillance of innovative activity, giving it a unique, macro-scaled insight into software development. Read more