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Quick Roundup

Desktop Linux Adoption: An Introspection

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Technocrat: Daily I scan the headlines for more evidence of desktop Linux adoption. With more and more manufacturers offering pre-installed Linux, I have an increasingly sound basis for my hope. Why do I want the market share of desktop Linux to increase?

Dell To Ship PCs With SLED 10 Linux In China

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crn: The slow, toe-in-the-water approach by PC makers to the Linux desktop continued on Wednesday, with Dell and Novell formalizing a deal to ship Dell OptiPlex 330 and 755 desktops preloaded with Novell's SLED 10, to commercial accounts in China.

Red Hat, Amazon deliver Linux on demand

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pcworld: Red Hat has made its Enterprise Linux OS available on demand by releasing it for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service that hosts business applications. The move is part of Red Hat's so-called "automation" strategy, which aims to deliver a Linux and open-source infrastructure for simplifying how applications run and are managed.

Also: Red Hat's New Vision: Any App, Anywhere, Anytime

kde4: Recent build impressions

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troy-at-kde.livejournal: I built KDE 4 overnight on my new Mandriva system, and while most of the pain was just in getting all the various -devel packages installed that I required for building, it seems that once those dependencies have been taken care of, everything went swimmingly.

Updating your system the Smart way

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Software All Linux distributions have things in common, but many differ in software installation and updating. Gentoo Linux is based on Portage, SUSE uses YaST, Red Hat and Fedora opt for yum, Linspire prefers CNR.... Oh, and don't forget the different package options: RPM, Debian, source, and more esoteric options. Smart Package Manager works with all major distributions, replacing native tools and installing different types of packages.

Linspire 6 Review

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gnuman: Linspire has made itself a name in the Linux industry and has cemented itself as one of the first Linux distributions to make it easy for novice users to switch from Windows. It has also become one of the first home linux distributions to be commercialized and Linspire 6 costs $49.95 US.

The Perfect Desktop - gOS 1.0.1

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This tutorial shows how you can set up a gOS 1.0.1 desktop that is a full-fledged replacement for a Windows desktop, i.e. that has all the software that people need to do the things they do on their Windows desktops.

KDE 4 and the User Experience

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KDE Following the development of KDE 4 can be daunting for casual observers. With all the colorfully named sub-projects like Oxygen, Solid, and Phonon that comprise this major rewriting of one of the main desktops for GNU/Linux, you can rapidly feel overwhelmed -- especially since the names rarely have relation to purposes.

An ultralight Mandriva: Concept screenshots

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kmandla.wordpress: Extreme Coder has offered up a couple of concept screenshots of the ultralight Mandriva. It looks clean and sharp, although I believe the default theme and appearance will probably change before it hits the streets.

Does open source (and free) software reduce your pirating? 61% say yes

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OSS Over 12 months go I asked my readers whether open source software reduces your pirating and the result was very half-and-half. Well, this year I've asked the same question again and the results have shifted.

Daniel Robbins now at E*TRADE

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Gentoo I haven't posted to my blog in a long time, so just wanted to add a quick post that I've started working at E*TRADE Financial as a Senior Principal, on E*TRADE's architecture team.

Max Spevack's Fedora 8 pre-release announcement

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LWN: Fedora leader Max Spevack has sent out a "personal Fedora 8 release announcement," meant to tide Fedora users over until the bits become available.

Simple Public License (SimPL) approved

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opensource initiative: After a lengthy consideration, the Simple Public License (SimPL) has been added to the list of approved licenses. The concern was that because the SimPL is a reciprocal license, it could create its own ghetto of code unusable by any other project.

Is Eye Candy bad for Ubuntu/Linux ?

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abhay-techzone.blogspot: I came across an Article on the relevance of Compiz-Fusion in Linux particularly in Ubuntu. The Author, Matt Hartley, has published two different articles to emphasize the same thing. His main argument is that Compiz makes Linux Complicated. Lets look at some of his points

What's up at the OpenDocument Foundation?

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OSS The OpenDocument Foundation, founded five years ago by Gary Edwards, Sam Hiser, and Paul "Buck" Martin (marbux) with the express purpose of representing the OpenDocument format in the "open standards process," has reversed course. It now supports the W3C's Compound Document Format instead of its namesake ODF. Yet why this change of course has occurred is something of a mystery.

Who wants to kill the OLPC project?

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ITProPortal: Today marks the official mass production of the OLPC (or XO laptop computer). However, the project has lost some buzz and It is hard not to think that there's a global neo-conspiracy to harm the OLPC project.

Reiser Trial news

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  • Hans Reiser Trial: Day Two

  • Defendant's son to testify in missing mother's murder trial
  • Trial begins for man accused of murdering wife
  • Prosecutor: Linux Engineer Reiser Coaxed Son to Cover up Mom's Murder

some howtos:

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  • Quickzi: Delete files that are a year old

  • Paragraph and page spacing in Writer
  • Understanding CVS
  • Be heard: Podcasting with Linux
  • Fixing problem OpenOffice files by unzipping, mixing, and matching
  • A small script I find useful for finding connections
  • How To Install The Epiphany Browser
  • Howto Check you external IP Address from the command line
  • Fedora 8 on a USB key
  • Changing the GNOME File Manager to use Browser mode

Skype for Linux 2.0 - with Video support

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liquidat: Skype has released a new Beta version of it’s VoIP client for Linux. The new release comes with video support.

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 Screenshots

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phoronix: Firefox 2.0 is just over a year old, but the Mozilla developers are out today with the first beta for Mozilla Firefox 3.0. Firefox 3.0 (known as Gran Paradiso) uses the Gecko 1.9 engine, and features a number of improvements.

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