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Why your desktop still matters

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Software I was surprised by the passion generated by my blog entry last week about Ubuntu's decision to replace GNOME with its own Unity desktop. Apparently, contrary to the pundits and usability experts, users have strong feelings about their interfaces of choice.

Ubuntu Drops CLI For DOS Prompt

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Humor It wasn’t bad enough when last week it was announced that Ubuntu would be dropping the Gnome interface for Unity. The teeth-gnashing has already started because Ubuntu is dropping X for Wayland. But you ain’t seen nothing yet, folks.

Linux kernel performance is as good as ever, benchmarks show

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Linux Phoronix has published the results of benchmarks performed on 26 Linux kernels dating back five years, from Linux 2.6.12 to a pre-release version of the upcoming Linux 2.6.37. Despite the addition of numerous features over the years, the results show remarkable consistency.

A hell of a time

  • Sexual Assualt at ApacheCon
  • Previous incident at SouthEast LinuxFest
  • Listening to Our Better Angels
  • commonality and community

Wayland or Waylaid?

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  • Wayland or Waylaid?
  • FOLLOW-UP: General Disillusionment with Ubuntu
  • My Thoughts On Ubuntu's Decision to Dump X Server
  • New Ubiquity slide-show for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

today's leftovers:

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  • Blender 2.5 Beta 3 released
  • Devil's dollars drive Open Source
  • Introducing students to the world of open source: Day 1
  • OLPC Art: Can you do this with Paint Activity?
  • Mockup for Integrated Music Playback in Nautilus
  • Monster 2 2.0 Released
  • The Forking OpenOffice Community Bodes Well For Users
  • Google Soups Up Apache With New Speed Module
  • GCC 4.5 unmasking and etc.
  • How Default App Installs Can Compromise Apache
  • Open Source: Money versus Mindshare
  • Microsoft Releases F# Under Open Source License
  • Mandriva’s New cooker manager
  • Linux Outlaws 173 - GPL Black Ops

some howtos:

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  • How to Install and Play 'True Combat: Elite' on Ubuntu
  • Lets deal with oddity : Remove files with special char in them
  • Stop the blinking wireless LED light on Ubuntu 10.10 laptops
  • Wireshark: An Ethereal Experience
  • GNOME Gconf Registry Cleaner - Gconf Cleaner
  • Display your real name in MeMenu

Kubuntu 10.10 Technical Review

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Ubuntu When I first started using Linux about 6 years ago I ran Mandrake with KDE. So KDE holds a special place in my geek heart. I always gave Kubuntu a spin but never felt that it held its ground next to its Gnome sibling, Ubuntu. However,

talk about openSUSE

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  • talk about openSUSE
  • Milestone 3 delayed

Thinking About X

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  • Thinking About X
  • Why Ubuntu Linux Is a Good Business Choice
  • Making Our World More Respectful
  • Huge Ubuntu Changes to Come (Unity review)
  • The X.Org Plans In Ubuntu 11.04, Again

10 Myths & Reasons

  • 10 Reasons Open Source Is Good for Business
  • Ten myths that plague Linux

Kraft - A Useful Tool for Invoices etc.

Filed under
Software If you are doing contracting or have a small business, you want to have some inexpensive tools to help you do your paperwork, such as offers and invoices, in an efficient and professional manner.

Fusion Linux 14 - Distro Review

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jeffhoogland.blogspot: Fusion Linux aims to do for Fedora what distros such as Linux Mint, PinguyOS, and Zorin did for Ubuntu. It aims to alleviate much of the messy setup work that is required to get a fully functional desktop.

Linux Commands for 99 Bottles of Beer

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Humor Linux server admins need good scripting skills and command-line chops, but who says they can't be fun? Learn Bash Karaoke with 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, quickly find disk hogs, and display used/free disk space.

Casting My Vote for Fedora 14

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  • Casting My Vote for Fedora 14
  • Fedora 14 - A Take On Its New Features
  • Fedora 14 - A very smooth release!

Is Shuttleworth Crazy, Brave, or Smart?

Filed under
Ubuntu Last week Mark Shuttleworth dropped the bomb that the next release of Ubuntu, 11.04, would ship with Unity as the default window manager. But yesterday he went even further - he announced that Ubuntu would be moving to Wayland graphical server as well. Has Shuttleworth lost his mind? Or does he know something we don't?

Gnash Supporters Offer Cash for Open-Source Flash Player

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Software In a perfect world, open-source development would always be done for free. And in an even more perfect world, Adobe would not have a monopoly on a technology as ubiquitous as Flash. But because utopia, alas, remains elusive, supporters of the Gnash project recently announced a contest -

What Microsoft Linux Would Mean

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linuxcanuck.wordpress: Telling me that it is a bad idea does no good. Like that bad song you hear on your clock radio first thing in the morning and it stays in your head all day, it is an idea that won’t go away.

Why I Prefer Debian to RHEL: Top 5 Reasons

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pclinuxos2007.blogspot: RHEL still remains the fodder for all those academicians and enterprises. For example, if you want pursue a course in Linux you are advised to do RHEL cos that's what enterprises care. I'd choose Debian over RHEL. Why?

Pardus 2011 on the way with new goodies

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Linux Pardus Linux, a popular independent distribution funded and developed by the Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey, will be releasing version 2011 in the coming weeks and with it lots of nice updates and improvements.

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today's howtos

Graphics: VC4 and AMDVLK Driver

  • VC4 display, VC5 kernel submitted
    For VC5, I renamed the kernel driver to “v3d” and submitted it to the kernel. Daniel Vetter came back right away with a bunch of useful feedback, and next week I’m resolving that feedback and continuing to work on the GMP support. On the vc4 front, I did the investigation of the HDL to determine that the OLED matrix applies before the gamma tables, so we can expose it in the DRM for Android’s color correction. Stefan was also interested in reworking his fencing patches to use syncobjs, so hopefully we can merge those and get DRM HWC support in mainline soon. I also pushed Gustavo’s patch for using the new core DRM infrastructure for async cursor updates. This doesn’t simplify our code much yet, but Boris has a series he’s working on that gets rid of a lot of custom vc4 display code by switching more code over to the new async support.
  • V3D DRM Driver Revised As It Works To Get Into The Mainline Kernel
    Eric Anholt of Broadcom has sent out his revised patches for the "V3D" DRM driver, which up until last week was known as the VC5 DRM driver. As explained last week, the VC5 driver components are being renamed to V3D since it ends up supporting more than just VC5 with Broadcom VC6 hardware already being supported too. Eric is making preparations to get this VideoCore driver into the mainline Linux kernel and he will then also rename the VC5 Gallium3D driver to V3D Gallium3D.
  • AMDVLK Driver Gets Fixed For Rise of the Tomb Raider Using Application Profiles
    With last week's release of Rise of the Tomb Raider on Linux ported by Feral Interactive, when it came to Radeon GPU support for this Vulkan-only Linux game port the Mesa RADV driver was supported while the official AMDVLK driver would lead to GPU hangs. That's now been fixed. With the latest AMDVLK/XGL source code as of today, the GPU hang issue for Rise of the Tomb Raider should now be resolved.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Linux Performance Boosted By Updated BIOS/AGESA

With last week's initial launch-day Linux benchmarks of the Ryzen 5 2600X / Ryzen 7 2700X some found the Linux performance to be lower than Windows. While the root cause is undetermined, a BIOS/AGESA update does appear to help the Linux performance significantly at least with the motherboard where I've been doing most of my tests with the Ryzen 7 2700X. Here are the latest benchmark numbers. Read more

GNU: The GNU C Library 2.28 and Guix on Android

  • Glibc 2.28 Upstream Will Build/Run Cleanly On GNU Hurd
    While Linux distributions are still migrating to Glibc 2.27, in the two months since the release changes have continued building up for what will eventually become the GNU C Library 2.28. The Glibc 2.28 work queued thus far isn't nearly as exciting as all the performance optimizations and more introduced with Glibc 2.27, but it's a start. Most notable at this point for Glibc 2.28 is that it will now build and run cleanly on GNU/Hurd without requiring any out-of-tree patches. There has been a ton of Hurd-related commits to Glibc over the past month.
  • Guix on Android!
    Last year I thought to myself: since my phone is just a computer running an operating system called Android (or Replicant!), and that Android is based on a Linux kernel, it's just another foreign distribution I could install GNU Guix on, right? It turned out it was absolutely the case. Today I was reminded on IRC of my attempt last year at installing GNU Guix on my phone. Hence this blog post. I'll try to give you all the knowledge and commands required to install it on your own Android device.
  • GNU Guix Wrangled To Run On Android
    The GNU Guix transactional package manager can be made to run on Android smartphones/tablets, but not without lots of hoops to jump through first.