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Story Pinguy E-17 remix srlinuxx 14/11/2010 - 4:33pm
Story RHEL 6 has Nothing Noteworthy for Home Desktops srlinuxx 2 14/11/2010 - 8:51am
Story today's howtos & leftovers: srlinuxx 14/11/2010 - 3:32am
Story YaRock 0.0.35 Adds Automatic Cover Art Fetching, Playlists Support srlinuxx 14/11/2010 - 12:57am
Story Using Rhythmbox srlinuxx 14/11/2010 - 12:55am
Story The About dialog goes social – now for all of KDE srlinuxx 14/11/2010 - 12:53am
Story LibreOffice Logo srlinuxx 13/11/2010 - 9:27pm
Story SimplyMEPIS Version 11 Alpha 1 and antiX core srlinuxx 13/11/2010 - 9:24pm
Story Linux Mint 10: A beautiful rescue distro srlinuxx 13/11/2010 - 9:22pm
Story openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 149 is out srlinuxx 13/11/2010 - 9:20pm

Why people really don't switch to Linux

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DesktopLinux: Over in the DesktopLinux forums, people have been talking about why -- if Linux is so darned great -- don't people give up Windows and move to it.

KDE 3.5.7 in Cooker

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MDV KDE 3.5.7 just land in Cooker. KDE 3.5.7 will feature bugfixes and improvements over the 3.5.6 release ( as shipped in 2007.1 Spring ).

New GCC 4.2.0 -- boon to developers, bore to distros

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Software Earlier this week, the GNU project announced a major release of the popular GNU Compiler Collection. GCC 4.2.0 introduces new features and several improvements for developers, but most of the distribution developers we spoke with aren't rushing to take advantage of the new release.

Mozilla awarded the World Information Society Award

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mozillalinks: The International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations agency for information and communication technology has awarded the Mozilla Corporation with the World Information Society Award "for its outstanding contribution to the development of world-class Internet technologies and applications."

The Lesser Apps of KDE - Graphics

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Raiden's Realm: One of the greater benefits I've found while using KDE is the wide range of applications that come bundled with it. While some would call that bloat, I call it a benefit. But one of the disadvantages of having so many included applications is that sometimes some really good programs get lost in the shuffle or forgotten about. These are what I call the "Lesser Apps of KDE".

K Menu Icon Size for your openSUSE Desktop

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suserants: In recent versions of KDE, there is a new K Menu layout. This is called the “SUSE Menu Style”. The traditional K Menu style is called the “KDE Menu Style”. You can switch between them by right-clicking on the K Menu. There is an option to switch to switch in the small menu that appears.

The mysterious force driving open source

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Dana Blankenhorn: Consensus is the mysterious force driving open source. Consensus, in this sense, is a scientific concept. It’s not the same as unanimity, nor is it the same as democracy. It’s a common acceptance and practice which must prove its utility each day.

Dell announces the models for Ubuntu

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Jeremy’s Blog: We will be launching a Linux based OS (Ubuntu) on the E520, 1505 and XPS 410 starting next Thursday, 5/24. The goal of launching Linux is to continue to give our customers more choices to customize their new Dell.

Cheap PCs: too good to be true?

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pcadvisor blogs: The UK's biggest PC bargains could completely change your perception of the cost of hardware. But does the drive towards ever-cheaper computing come at a cost?

Fix for Beryl Worspaces Problem in Feisty Fawn

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ubuntu geek: Problem - The workspace options dissapeared when right clicking on a window using the beryl manager.

Linux move reaps dividends for stockbroker Case Study: Since stockbroker Redmayne-Bentley revamped its IT infrastructure with a move to Linux the business has been reaping the rewards.

Search Status exposes website details

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tectonic: Search Status is a great Firefox extension that provides a handful of additional information on any site you're visiting at the time.

Open source vendors fight back against Microsoft patent claims

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ComputerWorld: "They want open-source software companies to like them and tell everyone what a good friend to open-source software Microsoft is," said Dave Rosenberg, CEO of MuleSource, an open-source middleware vendor. "But it's clear that the goal is not to embrace but to destroy."

Book Review: Beginning C: From Novice to Professional

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Unix Review: Ivor Horton is a beginner's best friend (Beginning C++ 6, Beginning Ansi C++, Beginning Java 2). And his Beginning C text is definitely no stranger to this forum as I reviewed the 3rd Edition in October 2004. What's new with the 4th Edition, and do you need it?

Help! My Linux won't start.

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itToolbox blogs: At one stage of our Linux adventure we have all come across this situation. Here you are happily exploring and tweaking your system when all of a sudden it doesn't start any more. There are many things that could have been done from changing screen resolutions to a script or runlevel gone bad.

Google Keeps Close Eye on Open Source

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eWeek: Q&A: Chris DiBona, a programs manager for Google, talks about how the company uses open-source software and what it contributes to the open-source community.

Review: Motorola's Linux Powered ROKR Z6

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Linux It has been a very long time in coming, but Motorola is finally starting to put out devices based on its new Linux platform. The Motorola ROKR Z6 is among the initial handset designs that Motorola has built on this new platform.

Secure Websites Using SSL And Certificates

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This article will guide you through the entire process of setting up a secure website using SSL and digital certificates. This guide assumes that you already have a fully functional (and configured) server running Apache, BIND, and OpenSSL.

Hacking the Ubuntu Installation

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Extreme Tech: This is the first chapter in the ExtremeTech book Hacking Ubuntu: Serious Hacks Mods and Customizations. This feature explores options for installing and configuring devices in Ubuntu's installation process, including where to install Ubuntu, which variation to install, and what options to select that will impact system usability.

Group Collaboration With Screen

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ubuntu-tutorials: This week I’m teaching out in Portland, OR in a Linux Fundamentals class. A small part of one of this weeks chapter is on screen.

And: The Ultimate Linux Reference Guide for Newbies
&: Using “tee” to write to files and the terminal

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