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Story Microsoft and Linux trade patent words in Europe srlinuxx 02/05/2009 - 10:34pm
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Story Fedora Classroom in session Sunday May 3 srlinuxx 02/05/2009 - 10:29pm
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Mozilla Zaps Thunderbird Security Bugs

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The Mozilla Foundation on Friday shipped a new version of its Thunderbird mail client to plug a potentially serious URL parsing security hole affecting Linux users.

Open Source: Now It's an Ecosystem

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This software movement is branching into not just mainstream business applications but also the associated services. And VCs are eager to help.

Radio's Next Generation: Radii

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See how Linux can be used to prototype a sophisticated Internet appliance. Radii - a 1950s-style radio with Internet content.

SuSE 10.1 Alpha1 Report

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SuSE 10.1 Alpha 1 was recently announced even before 10.0 was even released. Those SuSE folks don't waste any time. No vacation for those boys! Poor fellars. And indeed they already have their plate full. They have begun to implement a few new features as well as using some beta software and they even broke a few things. I love alphas - seriously.

Ubuntu carves niche in Linux landscape

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It's not easy building a new version of Linux and establishing a large following. But with the Ubuntu project, one team of programmers has managed to do just that.

Linux gains lossless filesystem

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An R&D affiliate of the world's largest telephone company has achieved a stable release of a new Linux filesystem said to improve reliability over conventional Linux filesystems, and offer performance advantages over Solaris's UFS filesystem.

Novell Links Linux Platform to Windows

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Novell Inc. has announced what it is dubbing the first cross-platform systems-management suite that allows businesses to manage their Windows workstations from a Linux platform.

French military body to install Linux cluster

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An agency of the French Ministry of Defence is planning to install a high-performance Linux cluster for technical and scientific work.

Record industry sues hundreds for file-sharing

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A trade group representing the U.S. music industry said on Thursday it filed lawsuits against 757 more people.

Open Source Opens Doors to SNL

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Live from New York, it's -- three comic talents who first made a name for themselves on the internet, thanks in part to the viral popularity of video shorts they released on the net under Creative Commons licenses.

id co-founder suing former colleagues

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id Software co-founder Adrian Carmack (no relation to John Carmack, id's lead programmer) has launched a lawsuit against his former company.

XML software patent opposition headed for court?

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Microsoft refused to voluntarily surrender the patent late last month and said they would respond to the case made against them during revocation proceedings. Now anti-patent advocates are preparing to file a revocation order with South Africa's patent authorities.

RC1 of OpenOffice 2.0 now online

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This Thursday, the Open Source project OpenOffice presented Release Candidate 1 of its free Office suite; this test version -- possibly the last one -- was, however, already available for downloading from the OpenOffice web site before the official release on Thursday: all of the mirror servers had been prepared since Wednesday.

What's Holding Up Linux on Wall Street?

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Although the financial services industry has adopted Linux more slowly than first expected, Linux is now starting to hold more sway, even if often from behind the scenes, according to participants in this week's High Performance on Wall Street conference in New York City.

Two die in online suicide pact

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The death of two strangers, who killed themselves in what is believed to be Britain's first Internet suicide pact, has prompted calls for websites promoting suicide to be banned, a newspaper reported on Friday.

There are too darned many Linuxes

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By my count, there are one million, two hundred and seventy thousand, and four hundred and seventeen Linux distributions.

Is it just me, or is something wrong here?

Microsoft loses in Eolas patent ruling

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Striking a blow to Microsoft, the U.S. Patent Office this week reaffirmed a key Web-browsing patent that the software maker is accused of infringing.

NEC, Mandriva develop corporate Linux

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The deal inked with Mandriva will see the open source operating system deployed beyond servers and into desktops and notebooks

Learning the SUSE Linux shortcuts

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SUSE caught up with Featherly, author of The Developer Shortcut Guide to SUSE Linux, to talk about his new book and to get his thoughts on where Linux and the open source applications market is heading.

How-To: Clone Your Linux Hard Drive

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Shrug off a crashed Linux hard disk in minutes, and maybe save a fortune, with this easy hard disk cloning recipie.

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