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What's Holding Up Linux on Wall Street?

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Although the financial services industry has adopted Linux more slowly than first expected, Linux is now starting to hold more sway, even if often from behind the scenes, according to participants in this week's High Performance on Wall Street conference in New York City.

Two die in online suicide pact

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The death of two strangers, who killed themselves in what is believed to be Britain's first Internet suicide pact, has prompted calls for websites promoting suicide to be banned, a newspaper reported on Friday.

There are too darned many Linuxes

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By my count, there are one million, two hundred and seventy thousand, and four hundred and seventeen Linux distributions.

Is it just me, or is something wrong here?

Microsoft loses in Eolas patent ruling

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Striking a blow to Microsoft, the U.S. Patent Office this week reaffirmed a key Web-browsing patent that the software maker is accused of infringing.

NEC, Mandriva develop corporate Linux

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The deal inked with Mandriva will see the open source operating system deployed beyond servers and into desktops and notebooks

Learning the SUSE Linux shortcuts

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SUSE caught up with Featherly, author of The Developer Shortcut Guide to SUSE Linux, to talk about his new book and to get his thoughts on where Linux and the open source applications market is heading.

How-To: Clone Your Linux Hard Drive

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Shrug off a crashed Linux hard disk in minutes, and maybe save a fortune, with this easy hard disk cloning recipie.

Shuttleworth buys into ImpiLinux

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Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth today announced his venture capital business HBD had made a "significant investment" and taken a majority stake in South African distribution ImpiLinux.

Open Source for the Enterprise

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Even though open source is entering the corporate mainstream, some IT managers are still reluctant to use open source products. This book is the perfect antidote.

SUSE Linux 10.1 Alpha1 "Auckland" is ready

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The development process of SUSE Linux 10.0 has barely concluded, but a new one, leading towards version 10.1, is already underway:

November 2005, From the Editor - dmarti:~$ logout

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Since this is my last column as editor in chief, I get to give a bunch of advice, so I'll cover two great inventions that we should all take a fresh look at and come up with more things like them. And I get to thank people for making the Linux Journal editor job the best job ever.

Will Linux Benefit from Microsoft's SNAFU in Massachusetts?

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Shortly after the announcement of the Commonwealth's decision to require the Open Document Format for all state agencies, Australia compelled its entire government to adopt the same. One only has to wonder who else will follow. I would expect all countries across the global to break Redmond's de facto standard.

How does this hurt Microsoft?

Computing Awards - Projects of the Year

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We profile the shortlists for the Projects of the Year in the prestigious Computing Awards for Excellence 2005, to be hosted on 16 November in London.

This week's Open source Round up

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It's been a relatively quiet week in the open source community. While it's a nice break, I have a feeling everyone is simply taking a breath and preparing for the next frenzy.

Vista's licensing speeds NSW gov't move to Linux

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The NSW Office of State Revenue (OSR) is taking a tough stance against Microsoft's decision to make an enterprise edition of Windows Vista only available to companies that have signed on to its Software Assurance program.

KDE e.V. Assembly Meeting 2005 Notes

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KDE's legal body KDE e.V. held its Annual General Meeting at aKademy 2005 last month. Notes from the meeting are now available.

First Beta Linux with Debian Core Arrives

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MEPIS recently released the latest beta of its lightweight Linux distribution MEPISLite 3.3.2-test01, thus making it the first vendor to release a Linux based on the Debian Common Core.

The $100 laptop moves closer to reality

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The $100 laptop computers that Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers want to get into the hands of the world's children would be durable, flexible, self-reliant, and run Linux.

WordPerfect Will Support OpenDocument … Someday

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StarOffice 8 may be getting the lion's share of attention, but Corel insists that its WordPerfect Office is also a leading contender for office suites and that it will soon be supporting the OpenDocument format.

OSV Urges Australian Agencies to Follow MA in Open Document Standards

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Massachusetts joins the Australian Federal Government in adopting this format for long-term electronic document storage. Open Source Victoria (OSV) recently called on all remaining Australian states and government agencies to also adopt this format as a viable approach to ensuring guaranteed access to public sector documents and data in perpetuity.

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