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Recycle Old Desktop PCs With Linux

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Hardware As more and more computers find their way to the garbage, we generate e-waste. Everyday the e-waste heap grows, and many of the computers within can be re-purposed and recycled.

today's leftovers:

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  • Support keeps coming for community open source
  • Qt: More, More, More
  • What Have We Learned from OLPC?
  • Building a Virtual Bridge to Linux Migration
  • A close look at the Android OS
  • World's First Linux Laptop Orchestra
  • Mandriva 2010 One Top Notch Version For Wireless Or Multimedia Use
  • SUSE powers virtual appliances
  • Top 10 Vaporware Letdowns of 2009
  • Objections to Sealing the AutoZone Agreement
  • Photo Sharing with Opera Unite
  • Forbes Russia using Drupal
  • Bologna achieves vendor independence for its office applications

some howtos:

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  • Convert a USB Flash IMG File to VDI for use in VirtualBox
  • OOo: output to files all the graphics from file
  • Portage : How to know which package provided an installed file
  • Verbose Gentoo Linux installation
  • Creating Bootable FreeDOS USB – openSUSE Linux
  • Extend with Toolbars
  • 13 Linux lethal commands

Before and After: The Linux Lover's Lair If browsing the featured workspaces teaches you anything, it's that a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint goes a long way towards making an office over. Check out the before and after pictures of today's total makeover.

Multi-architecture, theory versus practise You probably remember the whole thing about FatELF and my assertion that FatELF does nothing to solve what the users supporting it want to see solved: multiple architecture support by vendors. I’d like to explain somewhat further what the problem is in my opinion.

New UI for When?

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OOo I know some of you read the title and thought “Oh cool! I'm dying for a new user interface (UI). When will it finally be ready?” At the same time, some of you thought “Nooooooo! I like the UI already, even if there are a few little things here and there that annoy me. I wish they would stop this talk of a new UI.”

What About Linux?

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Linux One of the things I do in my work is custom build desktop computers. While talking to clients, they've all danced around the issue of having Windows 7 installed on their systems, suffice it to say, every Windows user (I built systems for) opted to have WinXP installed? What About Linux?

Linux elections

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Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala. The best Ubuntu ever. Period.

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Having tried the Alpha 5 in September and finding it stable and fast in my laptop, I was very eager to try the official release. The verdict in 2 words is:
It rocks!! And yes, the brown-orange theme has finally gone away!!

Cultured Perl: Flickr, a business's bst frnd

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Flickr isn't just for photo sharing and social networking; it's a legitimate business tool. Learn how Perl programmers can use the CPAN Chart modules to create charts and graphs, and the Flickr::Upload module to upload the charts to Flickr.

'Ubuntu Needs a Longer Release Schedule!'

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  • 'Ubuntu Needs a Longer Release Schedule!'
  • Ubun-student – Learn Ubuntu enhancement tricks
  • Christmas Ubuntu Theme: for Christmas Times

Linux & OSS Apps

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  • 5 Essential Linux Apps for Guitarists
  • 51 Open Source Tools to Protect Your Identity
  • Audacity 1.3.10 Beta Inches to Next Major Release

What is it with numlock and Linux?

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Linux It seems such a small thing. A simple thing. It is just one of those things which will, when it doesn't work properly, drive you around the bend back to front and sideways. As you most probably have guessed from the title I am talking about the numlock function.

Linux 2.6.32 Released

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  • Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.32
  • H-online: What's new in Linux 2.6.32
  • Kernel Newbies: Linux 2 6 32
  • Phoronix: 2.6.32 Linkorama
  • Softpedia: 2.6.32 Improves the Btrfs Filesystem

What's a SUSE?

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Linux Say what you will about Microsoft's products, one thing it does very well is the naming of parts. By adopting an almost childlike literalism, Microsoft makes it trivially easy to work out what its applications do. Free software, alas, takes a rather different approach.

What are Google’s real motivations behind Chrome OS?

  • What are Google’s real motivations behind Chrome OS?
  • Chrome OS Sparks Vendor Enthusiasm, Innovation
  • Chrome OS: Screenshots

Red Hat is the open source company of the decade

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Linux We are way past asking how anyone can make money with free, visible software. Many companies do. So it’s time to ask what makes you a leader in this business.

openSUSE 11.2

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  • openSUSE 11.2
  • OpenSUSE 11.2
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More in Tux Machines

KTextEditorPreviewPlugin Reaches 0.1.0 and a Quick Look (Screenshots) at KDE Plasma 5.11

  • KTextEditorPreviewPlugin 0.1.0
    The KTextEditorPreviewPlugin software provides the KTextEditor Document Preview Plugin, a plugin for the editor Kate, the IDE KDevelop, or other software using the KTextEditor framework. The plugin enables a live preview of the currently edited text document in the final format. For the display it uses the KParts plugin which is currently selected as the preferred one for the MIME type of the document. If there is no matching KParts plugin, no preview is possible.
  • Quick Look at KDE Plasma 5.11
    KDE released Plasma 5.11 beta version at 14 September 2017. The new star feature here is Plasma Vault, an ability to protect your folder with password. You can try it on the latest KDE neon before the Plasma finally released next October. Here is a quick look to the new things on KDE Plasma on neon dev-unstable.

Antergos 17.9 Gnome - Ghost riders in the Tux

Antergos 17.9 is a weird distro, full of polarities. It comes with a weak live session, and it does not really demo what it can do. The installer is good, robust, and if offers some neat tricks, including extra software and proprietary graphics driver. I'm really impressed by that. The installed system behaved reasonably, but with some oddities. Hardware support isn't the best, most notably touchpad and what happened after waking from suspend. On the other hand, you get good smartphone and media support, a colorful and practical software selection, a moderately reasonable package manager with some tiny dependency hiccups, pretty looks, okay performance, and nowhere does it advertise its Archness. Much better than I expected, not as good as it should be. Well, taking everything into consideration, I guess it deserves something like 7.5/10. Antergos needs a livelier live session, more hardware love out of the box, and a handful of small tweaks around desktop usability. Shouldn't be too hard to nail. Worth watching. Read more

LibreELEC (Krypton) v8.1.2 BETA

This is the third beta for our 8.2 release. It addresses minor findings related to the Samba bump: we now detect and avoid invalid Samba v3 configurations, old samba.conf.sample templates are overwritten with the new v4 template, and remote SMB shares are mounted using SMB2 or where possible SMB3. The release also adds support for the Raspberry Pi IQAudIO Digi+ board and a Xiaomi BT remote, and includes security fixes for the Blueborne Linux/BlueZ vulnerability. This is hopefully the final 8.1.x beta release; next will be 8.2.0. Read more

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