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Story OpenStack Kilo Now at Feature Freeze Roy Schestowitz 27/03/2015 - 8:31pm
Story New Kernel Releases Roy Schestowitz 27/03/2015 - 8:27pm
Story Open-Source Driver Fans Will Love NVIDIA's New OpenGL Demo Roy Schestowitz 27/03/2015 - 8:25pm
Story GNOME Builder Makes It Easier for Developers to Create Apps for GNOME 3.16 Roy Schestowitz 27/03/2015 - 8:25pm
Story User-friendly virtual hosting with TurnKey Linux Roy Schestowitz 27/03/2015 - 7:53pm
Story Late Week in Techrights Roy Schestowitz 27/03/2015 - 2:00pm
Story Asus ZenWatch review: a sophisticated-looking Android smartwatch Rianne Schestowitz 27/03/2015 - 1:28pm
Story Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Beta 2 Still Uses the GNOME 3.14 Desktop - Gallery Rianne Schestowitz 27/03/2015 - 1:16pm
Story 4 keys to success for LibreOffice as a service Rianne Schestowitz 27/03/2015 - 12:55pm
Story Bazel: Google Build Tool is now Open Source Roy Schestowitz 27/03/2015 - 12:50pm

Distro Review: Fedora 12

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Linux Today I’d like to talk about my experiences with Fedora 12 over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been running it as my main desktop and really getting a feel for how it ticks.

Getting GTG 0.2 released

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  • Getting GTG 0.2 released - Done !
  • The new Getting Things GNOME! 0.2 "Gorignak" has landed!

Windows 7 - An Ubuntu User's Perspective

Filed under
  • Hands on with Windows 7 - An Ubuntu User's Perspective
  • Windows 7 Proves a Challenge to Linux
  • Windows 7 Complaints Trickling In

Ubuntu backup awesomeness

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Humor Twas a night before Christmas it was the 12th to be exact at 3 am beside my computer I did sat. My ubuntu did stall, I had pondered and pondered and did a fresh install. Swiftly I got to the the manual partition, then suddenly I had a fine apparition.

Five Web-Centric Alternatives to Google Chrome OS

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Google Despite Google’s move into the operating system (OS) space, the idea of a primarily cloud-centric OS is nothing revolutionary. Some current offerings present welcome alternatives to mainstream operating systems, packing in useful features and making it easier to access your online content.

Also: Yet Another Funny Tshirt

today's leftovers:

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  • Introducing Simple Scan
  • Bad economy may lead to good IPOs in open source
  • FUDCon Toronto report
  • GNUstep 2.0 OS released
  • Open source was good enough, will non-open source be open enough?
  • CH: No settlement between Swiss government and open source suppliers
  • Why Eiffel is my favorite language
  • SFLC Chairman to Testify at Oracle/Sun Hearing
  • IT: Move to innovation park benefited South Tyrol's open source centre
  • Videotrans
  • Kpilot gone inactive
  • What is KDE worth?
  • PL: Interior ministry supports open source group's procurement project
  • Seeding breakthrough thoughts
  • FLOSS Weekly 99: Ubuntu One

some howtos:

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  • How to install graphic drivers for old and unsupported hardware in Ubuntu
  • Create a graph of your system’s performance
  • Cloning openSUSE VirtualBox Machines
  • Wicd - Easy network connection manager in Debian
  • How to Change Sudo Password Remembering Time in Ubuntu
  • How to install Avant Window Navigator (AWN) in Ubuntu
  • Installing Gnome-Do the Minimal Way
  • Installing openSUSE 11.2 Walk Through – VirtualBox
  • Vim 401: Extending Vim and More
  • Managing Software under Linux (RPM) – Part 2

Fedora 12 – A Popular Linux Distro You Might Want To Try

Filed under
Linux Rounding out the fall releases from the big cheeses in Linux comes Fedora 12. Fedora is a popular Linux distribution funded by Red Hat, the most profitable Linux corporation active today. For this reason, Fedora is a well respected and highly popular distribution.

What Will Happen To xf86-video-nv In 2010?

Filed under
Software Thanks to the surprise push this morning of the Nouveau driver for the Linux 2.6.33 kernel, this free software, reverse-engineered NVIDIA driver stack is on its way to being used in a lot more Linux systems and distributions. The xf86-video-nv driver just doesn't have any future compared to the Nouveau driver. A few months back when we interviewed NVIDIA's Andy Ritger we asked him about the situation for this driver:

Yes, I Guess We Linux Fools Are Pretty Weird

Filed under
OSS I wish more pundits, bloggers, analysts, and tech reporters would comment more on the astonishing generosity that is the basis of Linux and FOSS. We need to take a break from arguing with each other to thank and honor all the thousands of hardworking talented contributors who give away their work.

Sun VirtualBox - Free, Powerful Virtualization

Filed under
HowTos Where virtualization is concerned, "free" certainly doesn't equate with "cheap". Sun's VirtualBox is a perfect example of that. For non-commercial use, it's a cost-free hypervisor that's feature-robust, offers great performance and stability, and supports a wide-variety of guest operating systems.

Poulsbo mess casts a shadow on Intel's Moblin project Intel's puzzling refusal to address the problems with the Linux drivers for its GMA500 integrated graphics component is raising serious questions about the company's commitment to Linux compatibility.

GNOME dev proposes vote on split from GNU Project A senior member of the GNOME Desktop Project has proposed that the project hold a vote on whether it should remain a part of the GNU Project.

Firefox add-on store

Filed under
  • Mozilla to open - gasp! - Firefox add-on store
  • Go to Bing rather than Google, says Firefox exec

Fedora, open source trademarks and FUD Among the most interesting sessions that I sat in on at the FUDcon Fedora user/developer conference which wrapped up earlier this week was a discussion on trademarks.

Also: Open Source Licensing Detection Gets More Competitive

What will Ubuntu 10.04 bring to the table?

Filed under
Ubuntu It’s almost that time again – time to start chatting up the next release coming out of the Ubuntu-verse. I know, I know…it seems the tires of 9.10 were just kicked. They were. But what should be expected of Ubuntu?

Mangaka Chu: Interesting but Buggy It seems that for every possible niche that exists in the world, someone out there has made a Linux distribution for it. These niches can be practical (Scientific Linux), philosophical (gNewSense), or even geographical (MoLinux). This distribution is none of the above.

Netbooks and where the future takes them

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Hardware Netbooks seem to be a growing trend in today's market. They're a low budget computer that allow you to do basic stuff like surfing the web, writing documents and a little more. However, are they really useful for those whose computer needs are more than surfing the web?

On the possible merging of Nouveau

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Software Some sites are reporting that the Nouveau driver (a reverse-engineered 3D driver for NVIDIA hardware) will be merged for 2.6.33. It is worth pointing out that this has not (yet) happened. Here's what has happened:

Uget My best Download Manager

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Software I have been using GNU/Linux for two years so far. Over this period, I have tested a lot of download manager applications; unfortunately, I can't find the one that suits best for me, because what I have in mind was a program which more or less is simple, lightweight and practical. But when I tried Uget.

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today's howtos

Tried Elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki again - Negatory

The Linux desktop needs a reset. We're now in a post-Ubuntu world, with Unity gone, and we're back in sad and forlorn 2005. There isn't a single major project out there where you can look and say, wow, there's gonna be a fun and exciting year ahead of us. Well, maybe one or two. The rest? Just run-of-the-mill stuff. The forums are quiet, because there isn't anything to report, and rehashing kernel versions and desktop versions isn't really worth anyone's time. I think elementary OS represents this crisis quite well. On its own, it's a badly cobbled release, with too many issues and inconsistencies and a dreadful approach to ergonomics, making it useless to most people, all other things notwithstanding. But it was too buggy for me to even attempt to install it. Not going well. Alas, unless something cardinal changes, I cannot recommend this one at all. The combo of visual glitches, mediocre performance and middling hardware support does not warrant a longer adventure. Perhaps one day this will change, but for now, you're better off with stock Ubuntu. And by that I mean up to Zesty, ad I haven't tried Aardvark yet. Take care, and stay golden. Read more Also: Newbie's Guide to Ubuntu 17.10 Part 3

10 Reasons Why I Switched To Telegram Messenger

Whatsapp may be the best player in the game when it comes to instant messaging apps, but Telegram Messenger is the entire game itself. Read

How To Install Wine And Run Windows Apps In Linux

​All kinds of software are currently available on Linux but every now and then, there is that Windows software or Game which is not available or has no equivalent on Linux Wine makes it possible to run those Windows programs and Games on your Linux desktop. So let’s look at how to install Wine on Linux and run Windows apps on Linux desktop. Read