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78th Annual Academy Awards Winners

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The 78th Academy Awards is in the can and who were the big winners this year? Everybody's favorite "March of the Penguins" wins best documentary for the year, as if we had any doubts. It was all down hill from there. As not one of the most exciting years in film making, the Oscars reflected and even amplified one of the most mundane years in movie history.

KOffice Design Competition Winner

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Martin Pfeiffer has won the competition for KOffice 2 GUI and functionality design. All entries are available under the GPL license at the results page. His entry was chosen from among the eighteen submissions because of its innovative, ground-breaking approach to workflow and document handling.

Microsoft says Open 10 years behind

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While we await the release of Microsoft Office 2007, promised to hit our shelves before the end of 2006, Yates dismisses open source rival Open 2.0 as being 10 years out of date.

New OpenDocument Alliance Could've Helped MA CIO

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If such a body had existed last year, it's possible the organization could have provided much needed support to an embattled U.S. chief information officer (CIO), Wasch said in a phone interview Thursday.

Free As In Freedom

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For Microsoft and other companies living off charging for the use of their applications, free software is a problem, because the idea of programs anyone can use for free is a torpedo aimed at their established business model.


SUSE 10.1 Beta 6 Report

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SUSE 10.1 beta 6 hit the mirrors yesterday and announcements went up all over the web. Seems everyone is following development of 10.1 with great interest. This release brings lots of improvements and a new surprize or two. Overall, we are starting to see the release the 10.1 will become.

Linux Works Even for Total Newbies

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Still hesitant to try Linux? I'd like to share a revelation with you. See, for me, Linux adoption always seemed a bit of a battle to get out there on the desktop. No, I'm not talking about getting it installed. The major flavor providers have made stellar strides in set-up, making it a breeze.

IBM Linux head says savings real

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The New Zealand government could save millions of dollars a year using open source software, says IBM's global head of public sector Linux sales.

UT2004 Metaball 1.02

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In Metaball you must help little creatures called Tinies to save them from an evil wizzard. But if you think thats just another first person shooter you are mistaken!

Mandriva Linux One 2006 beta 3

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Hot on the heels of beta 2 comes beta 3 of Mandriva One, our new installable live CD version of Mandriva Linux 2006. The principal change in this beta is that the kernel panic on systems with multiple optical drives should be fixed.


Firefox: On the front lines of the Internet wars

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Since its formal launch in 2004, Mozilla's free Firefox browser has won plaudits from industry and academic experts, who say it is safer and more user friendly than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The endorsements and security improvements have helped Firefox eat into Microsoft's near monopoly. Industry analyst WebSideStory says 9 percent of all American Web surfers are now using Firefox.

New GCC Heavy on Optimization

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The GCC compiler is one of the most fundamental projects in the modern software ecosystem. It has enjoyed a long and storied history that continues to grow with this week's release of version 4.1. Version 4.1 includes numerous optimization and functional improvements over its predecessor.

Bryant University moves to Open Source

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Bryant University has committed to open source computing by moving its entire data center from proprietary Sun Solaris systems to the IBM POWER5 Microprocessor Architecture with open source Linux.

China to split the Internet?

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The People's Republic of China may be preparing to develop its own version of the Internet. The official Chinese People's Daily reports that the Ministry of Information Industry has made changes to the domain name system to introduce its own versions of the .com and .cn and .net top level domains (tld).

Do It Yourself Laptop Burn-In

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This article will introduce you to some concepts in System Design such as environmental specifications. To be even more specific, thermal specifications. I will show you how to test your laptop for thermal bugs before your laptop fails when you need it the most.

Top five tips for understanding virtualization

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Virtualization is a hot trend, but that doesn't mean every IT shop has to jump on the bandwagon just yet. For those shops that decide virtualization is the right move for them, there has to be a complete understanding of existing resources, hardware and applications before they take action.

Getting to know Drupal

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You may recall that I've been working on revamping one of my Web sites with the open-source Drupal content management system (CMS). I'm finally done with the implementation and the design work and I'm well on my way into deployment, so I wanted to let you know that Drupal has ended up working extremely well for me.

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