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Quick Roundup

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Gets An XRandR GUI

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Software A week ago, Canonical's Bryce Harrington had pushed an XRandR GUI into Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, which can now be found inside Alpha 6. This utility facilitates the dynamic management of displays using the RandR 1.2 extension.

New Compiz Fusion Animations!

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thelinuxmovement.blogspot: The three new animations are called, helix, blinds, and sandstorm. There are some preview videos of them on youtube.

Cool Ubuntu Projects on Launchpad

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Web For those not familiar, Launchpad is a free software hosting and development website. One thing I like about services such as these, is that I often find interesting (and usable) projects. Let’s see what Ubuntu based projects are hosted on Launchpad:

KDE Commit-Digest for 2nd March 2008

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In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: Work on WebKit integration, the ability to access Plasma data engines in Plasmoids rendered through WebKit, and a HDDtemp daemon data engine are added to Plasma, plus work on Plasmoid packaging and KRunner. Items can now be dragged from the Kickoff menu to the desktop or the panel.

Compiz-Fusion Community News for February 9, 2008

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smspillaz.wordpress: There are some more new features for you users out there and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them! Among the highlights are: Session manager integration and support, New animations, Compiz Desktop Menu, and 0.7.2 Development release.

Microsoft promises ODF, OOXML interoperability

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OSS In the wake of the ISO rejecting Microsoft's OOXML document format as an international standard, Microsoft has launched its Document Interoperability Initiative pledging to work with industry to ensure its document formats remain interchangeable with industry standards.

Is Canonical Being Tricky?

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Ubuntu If Canonical are making a point of using pre-LTS releases as a crash-test, that's an interesting strategy to pursue. But it's a stupid one if they're not going to communicate it to end users, and ever more stupid if they're claiming that every release is as good as every other!

flirting with Arch

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silentp33r.wordpress: I recently made the move from ubuntu to arch linux. i kept asking people to sugguest me a good distro. i told em all i want is that to be a simple, well documented… one. someone recommended me arch.

some shorts and stuff:

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  • ‘It’s Linux, B-tch!’

  • A better Sound Mixer
  • Update Multiple Machines Without Killing Your Bandwidth
  • Rediscovering Mandriva
  • Gentoo and Sony Vaio VGN-FZ180E - part 4: Wireless
  • The Code for Two New Compiz Animations
  • Compiz works too!?
  • Foresight 2.0 brings removal of multimedia codecs
  • Mandriva 2008 Gettin' (Almost) All The Love

Alternative web browsers - safer surfing?

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Software Web browsers are like surfboards for internet users. Internet Explorer is still the most widely distributed browser, but it doesn't take much scratching beneath the surface to discover that other programs provide better protection from phishers and other cyber-criminals.

First Impressions of the Dell Vostro 1400

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loupgaroublond.blogspot: Installing Fedora was a breeze, being familiar with the process. The Fedora installer went without any hiccups. The only difficulties were in keeping Wintendo intact. Rebooting into Windows though was scary.

Fedora 9 Rawhide Screenshots

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Linux The beta release of Fedora 9 has been pushed back another week to March 20, because of stability issues, but to see the progress made by the Fedora / Red Hat developers we did a clean Rawhide installation.

some ubuntu stuff

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  • X61 Suspend On Linux Works Perfectly

  • Ubuntu Hardy Alpha 6 plus some great personal finance software
  • Trying Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha VI
  • Ubuntu Wall of Shame
  • I have Ubuntu installed again

some more howtos:

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  • Linux Networking 1: server work load balancing with multiple NICs

  • How to Burn a CD’s/DVD’s in Ubuntu Linux
  • Ubuntu wiki editing made easy
  • Suspending Compiz
  • How to create software patches on Linux/Unix
  • How to setup Internet Connections in Ubuntu
  • What Linux distribution it is

Things to do in Emacs when you're bored...

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Humor Start a conversation between Eliza and Zippy. It's easy; just "Meta-X doctor", then for the reply line, hit "Ctrl-U Meta-X yow" and hit return twice.

BBC iPlayer on GNU/Linux without Flash using only free software

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HowTos The BBC is funded by every single household with a TV in the UK (except old people). iPlayer is a platform for watching BBC shows you've missed. Initially iPlayer was Windows XP only, then, they released a Flash version, but as Flash isn't free software.

FREE software for your home office

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Software Last week I wrote about the wealth of free software applications on the world wide web. To follow up on that, here is a small sampling of some of the popular ones.

Ubuntu 8.04 Will The Hardy Heron Bear Fruit?

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Ubuntu With the problems of Vista, the end of the availability of XP, and the lack of Apple to see the light and open up OS X to non-Apple hardware, much is expected of the next release of the most popular consumer Linux distribution. If Heron is indeed hardy, it could be the most important release of any non-Microsoft operating system ever.

New icon for Mandriva menu in KDE kicker

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Fabrice Facorat: Previous Mandriva versions were using an icon featuring the mandriva logo and the text for menu. Now finally, with the 2008.1 Spring, the menu icon will keep a small size even when increasing kicker height.

Is Microsoft Losing Ground With Portable Computer Users?

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OS Hey, what is going on here? In Thursday's list of Amazon's best-selling portable computers, only seven out of the top 25 run Windows. The Linux-based Asus Eee PCs and Nokia tablets are grabbing high positions in the list. That's a lot of computers that aren't paying tribute to Microsoft.

Also: Another low cost Linux PC. I think we can officially call it a trend

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Red Hat Summit

  • Red Hat Summit Advocates the Power of Participation
    Red Hat hosted its annual Red Hat Summit customer event June 28-30 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, with a theme of harnessing the power of participation. Once again, the DevNation developer event, which is the successor to JBoss World, was co-located with Red Hat Summit. For JBoss, 2016 is a particularly significant year as it marks 10 years since Red Hat acquired it. At DevNation, Red Hat announced the new JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 7 release, providing new cloud-enhanced capabilities for Red Hat's flagship middleware platform. JBoss is now also working to help enable Java for the container era, with the launch of the MicroProfile Project, an effort to optimize enterprise Java for a microservices architecture. Java wasn't the only focus of DevNation this year either, as Microsoft took center stage too, announcing the availability of its .NET Core for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of the highlights of the Red Hat Summit and DevNation 2016 events.
  • How Red Hat is tailoring OpenStack to fit … everyone
    Even though there have been no major changes announced to the OpenStack platform of late, it was still one of the most talked about subjects at this year’s Red Hat Summit. Red Hat plays a significant role in the development of the platform and is very proud of its contribution to the community.
  • New technologies foster an open-source environment
    In 2007, when 3scale, Inc. was founded, some people thought it was crazy to be investing so much time and energy into API. But Steven Willmott, CEO of 3scale, Inc., said that even at that time his team knew that the future was API-driven, and they wanted to help that happen.

Leftovers: Gaming

Servo Night Builds Begin, Linux Packages Coming

The Mozilla developers working on the Servo browser layout engine and the Browser.html HTML-based web UI have kept to their goal of making a tech preview available in June. As of last night, the Servo developers hit their tech preview milestone we've been looking forward to seeing for months. Nightly builds of Servo and Browser.html have begun and they are going to be making available Linux packages shortly. Read more

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