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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS vs. Windows XP SP3: Application Performance Benchmark

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mssaleh.wordpress: I wanted to compare Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux in terms of applications performance. A lot has happened since; Ubuntu 8.04 came out, Microsoft finalized their third service pack for Windows XP, and best of all I upgraded my PC. I decided to test again.

Danish vote on OOXML standard disputed by committee member

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OSS By voting to adopt a standard based on Microsoft's OOXML document format, the Danish national standards body has approved an unknown text against the wishes of the main representatives on its own technical committee.

Fedora 9: Leading edge or bleeding edge?

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Linux With Fedora 9, the Fedora project continues its tradition of being the most innovative major distribution, combining new applications from other distributions as well as its own inventions. However, in no other release has Fedora walked the line between leading edge and bleeding edge so precariously.

Also: Hands on: The changing face of Fedora

Novell slapped with suit for new mini-OS

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Legal Astrum Inc., a software security company in Carrollton, Texas, has filed suit against Novell Inc. Astrum claims that Novell violated its contract regarding development of the mini-operating system appliance that Novell launched last month, Novell’s JeOS.

some howtos:

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  • How to Install Cursor Themes

  • Make icons on your fluxbox desktop with idesk
  • How to Download Embedded Videos
  • Sorting your data with msort
  • Twittering from
  • Finding weak OpenSSL/OpenSSH keys
  • OOo: How to lay out a page using tables and two or more columns
  • Using Nokia 6110 on Ubuntu
  • MP3 on Fedora 9
  • Installing mod_python and Django on Apache

openSUSE 11.0 Beta 3 Testing

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SUSE Today, I give the beta 3 testing on my testing PC at work. As noticed by Coolo in beta 3 announcement, the live installation running well without problem. I most likely using live installation than the DVD install because the live install is more faster and just need a few question.

Steve Ballmer egged at Hungarian University

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Matt Asay: Wow. It's tough to be CEO of a multi-billion dollar software company these days, what with it being so difficult to extend desktop monopoly to the web and getting egged during speeches....

GUI vs. Command Line, similiarity in tools

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rgritsulyak.blogspot: My first long-term job was Unix programming. Thats way I prefer the command line tools. However I found in my practice some cases when GUI was better than command line for development.

Ubuntu 8.04 Review

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Ubuntu I was a bit surprised when I realized that no one had yet given any kind of review on the latest release of Ubuntu. I'm by no means an expert in this area, & I will welcome any sort of replies you'd like to give with your experience with this OS.

Also: Ubuntu - 8.04 (Review)

When is Open Open? And When is Open Closed?

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OSS Frankly, it strikes me a philosophical divide akin to the one that exists between the Apache camp. The poster child for the debate, typically, is MySQL. Personally, I believe MySQL is both an open source project and an open source company, but opinions obviously differ.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 253

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Perspectives: On technology versus ideology, Ubuntu hate

  • News: Bleeding-edge Fedora, Shuttleworth on release synchronisation, Debian's OpenSSL vulnerability, interview with Ian Murdock, Gentoo Foundation status update
  • Released last week: Fedora 9, MEPIS antiX 7.2
  • Upcoming releases: Fedora 10 release schedule
  • New additions: eAR OS, SuperGamer
  • New distributions: Ubuntu Rescue Mix

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

GPL Project Watch List for Week of 05/16

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gpl3.blogspot: As of today, May 16th, our count for the GPL v3 is at 2371 GPL v3 projects. Since our last post, this is 160 new GPL v3 projects, which is the cumulation of over 2 weeks of projects. This matches with our estimate of approximately 50 projects per week.

Is Firefox 3.0 RC1 worth it?

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Moz/FF I’ve been playing with Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate 1, and by the looks of it, things bode well for its June release, but it still faces still competition from IE7, Opera 9.5 and Safari 3.

Review: Sidux 2008.1

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Linux Debian has been a mainstay distribution in the Linux world for years. It's such a strong player with such high quality that close to a hundred distributions are, or were, based on it in whole, or in part. But there is one more distribution out there that is gradually making a name for itself. That distribution is Sidux. Their motto is "Debian Hot and Spicy."

Will Every Linux Distro Soon Look the Same?

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Linux A flurry of release news this week led to the recurring question: Is Linux growing homogenous? If it is, is that such a bad thing? Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth played a role, suggesting that perhaps the distros should coordinate their release cycles to all hit at the same time.

5 Great Alternative To Photoshop

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Software Adobe Photoshop is a great product. I simply love its functionality and ease of use. For those who can’t afford Photoshop, here is a list of the 5 great free alternative to Photoshop.

Mandriva 2008.1 KDE hits a sweet spot

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blogbeebe.blogspot: I've been installing some of the latest Linux releases for the past week to better understand what's available. And the surprise, for me at least, is that the best distribution for me in this latest round isn't my old favorites openSUSE or Ubuntu, but Mandriva 2008.1 KDE.

AMD FireGL V8600 On Linux

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Hardware Since the introduction of AMD's new Linux OpenGL driver and their open-source strategy running in parallel, the past few months have been especially exciting for ATI Linux users and the Linux graphics scene in general. To many Linux users, ATI graphics have went from being a name synonymous with problems and poor 3D performance to being an open-source crown jewel.

Mozilla striving for an awesome Web browser

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Moz/FF The basic concept behind a Web browser is pretty simple -- to deliver and frame the online world. So how much better can a browser get, really? That's the question facing Mozilla and the worldwide community of developers responsible for its Firefox browser.

Can Microsoft 'do' open source by 2015?

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Microsoft The recently appointed head of Microsoft's global Linux and open source team hopes the company will have a clear and comprehensible open source strategy by 2015.

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