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gedit plugins: What they are and how to use them

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Software In my last article, I talked about using the powerful gedit text editor. But no program is perfect, mainly because too many features imply too much bloat. That’s where gedit’s plugins come into play. In this article, I’m will explain how to install and use some of my favorite gedit plugins.

"Free" and "Open Source" Software: Navigating the Shibboleths

itmanagement.earthweb: To outsiders, software whose source code is freely distributable is open source software. However, as soon as you become involved with the community that centers around such code, you quickly find that it is also called free software -- and that the two terms are far from synonymous.

Vista SP1: Still lagging behind the Linux desktop

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Microsoft I had really thought that Vista SP1 would be an improvement. I didn't think it would be a big improvement, but still that it would be more competitive with Windows XP and the modern Linux desktop. I was wrong.


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linuxowns.wordpress: I have about 100 movie dvd’s and I like to back those up to my hard drive. When you just have a load of .iso it’s quite hard to pick a movie just by it’s title. Cstar is a free open source application for managing your collections.

Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies at 69

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Associated Press: The man who co-created the game Dungeons & Dragons and helped start the role-playing phenomenon is dead.

Does Ubuntu Linux Really Need Antivirus Software?

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Ubuntu One of the people who switched to Ubuntu Linux recently, phoned me asking what kind of antivirus they should have installed. Quite frankly, I’ve never given that a thought. I’ve used Ubuntu for some time and have never had any virus issues, ever.

From Evil to Good: List of Formerly Closed-source Software

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junauza.blogspot: Increasing number of software applications are going the free/open-source way these days. Here are some of the most notable software packages which were published under a proprietary software license but later released as free and open source software.

Everex launches $400 laptop running gOS Linux

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Hardware Everex makes a lot of low-cost systems these days; including the CloudBook. This laptop is a full-size 15.4″ model running gOS Linux version 2. It’s specs are relatively unimpressive but at $400, it’s hard to complain.

Shift Linux 0.6 Review

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I did not seen any reasoning or logic for creating Shift Linux. What the project website describes as need is the need for gnome/KDE/fluxbox theme, not an Ubuntu derivative. I tried really hard to find at least some other difference but failed. Shift Linux just provides an additional theme, and as a matter of fact, an ugly theme.

Video: New Asus Eee PC has larger screen

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Hardware Asus is showing off a new version of its low-cost Eee PC at Cebit which features a larger screen. The Eee PC 900 sports an 8.9in screen.

Linux Review - Linux Mint 4 "Daryna"

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linux-exploration.blogspot: Linux Mint 4 "Daryna" is a unique distribution. It is based off of the popular and powerful Ubuntu, and uses GNOME for its window manager. These two things make GNOME look great. Or, I should say, makes GNOME look like Windows.

IBM, allies offer Microsoft-free PCs for E.Europe

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Linux IBM has teamed up with partners in Austria and Poland to offer Microsoft-free personal computers for the eastern European market, IBM said in a statement on Tuesday.

Latest Slax release needs more time in the oven

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Linux Slax, a Slackware-based modular Linux distribution, released version 6.0 last month. This release brings a new tar install format along with a new donation request, but also includes some noticeable bugs.

DreamLinux 3.0 RC1

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Linux I've toyed with DreamLinux before (2.2) so I felt inclined to give the RC1 of DreamLinux 3.0 a go. I've always had an interest in DreamLinux because of the interface; I like the OSX feel they've deliberately aimed for and I appreciate there are a lot of users who also like this theme.

Everex CloudBook Review

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Hardware Starting at a mere $400, the Everex CloudBook marks the latest entry to the expanding world of UMPC-type subnotebooks at affordable prices. With a 7-inch display, 1.2 GHz processor, and 30 GB hard drive, the CloudBook certainly doesn't make a very good desktop replacement computer, but it does look like one impressive little road warrior.

The Linux Foundation Expands Membership With Addition of Texas Instruments

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press release: The Linux Foundation today announced that Texas Instruments is joining the Foundation. With its new membership, TI will help foster the growth of the Linux platform and collaborate with industry leaders who define both technical and operational best practices around open source software.

The Asus Eee PC Effect Just Got Bigger

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Glyn Moody: I am of the view that the Asus Eee PC represents both a new class of ultraportable, ultra low-cost computers, and a huge opportunity for GNU/Linux. For the first time, a system running free software has really caught the imagination of the public - just look at the comments on this user forum to get a sense of the real enthusiasm of Eee PC owners.

ACID3 and Konqueror

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Ivan Čukić: Well, the ACID3 test is out, and it’s time to see the state of the current browsers on ‘the market’

today's leftovers and stuff

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  • BashStyle-NG: A useful idea poorly implemented

  • Penguins? In the Iditarod? Microsoft Gets Served, by Linux
  • A Linux Achilles: Suspend/Hibernate
  • Debian “Lenny” will be released as Debian 5.0
  • Fear and Loathing in Open Source Marketing
  • Building an enterprise Drupal, Acquia style
  • Supported Drupal distribution on the way
  • Linux Mint 4.0 KDE Screenshots and Video
  • OpenOffice.. how much longer does it have?
  • superkaramba++
  • Interview with Vint Cerf
  • Akademy 2008: Call for Presentations
  • Spandex Force Now Available For Linux
  • digiKam 0.9.4 splashscreens contest : and the winners are...
  • Mandriva relaunches its OS Refugees operation targetting linked sales

some howtos:

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  • HowTo: Identify Your Linux Shells

  • Dstat - Versatile resource statistics tool
  • Remove Linux User From a Secondary Group
  • Remap useless Caps Lock key in X
  • KDE, Debian Sid And Left Handed Mouse
  • How to Run a Command Line within Python
  • Why does my system sometimes hang at the end of reboot or shutdown?
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Sabayon 16.07 Ships with Linux Kernel 4.6.3, Introduces the First LXQt Flavor

Today, June 28, 2016, the developers of the Gentoo-based Sabayon Linux computer operating system have had the great pleasure of announcing the general availability of new respin ISO images for the month of July 2016. Right on the schedule, Sabayon 16.07 Live ISO images are now available for download, switching the OS to the latest Linux 4.6.3 kernel from the deprecated Linux 4.5 branch that shipped with the May ISO respins of the GNU/Linux distribution, Sabayon 16.05. Read more

Android Apps Turn Chromebooks Into Macbook Killers

  • Android Apps Turn Chromebooks Into Macbook Killers
    When Chromebooks launched in the summer of 2011, they seemed destined to fail, much like the underpowered, internet-dependent netbooks that came before them. But in the five years since, Chromebooks have defied expectations, becoming the most used device in US classrooms and even outselling Macs for the first time this year. Still, people complain about their inability to run useful software, but that’s all about to change.
  • Android apps could turn Chromebooks into MacBook killers

today's leftovers

  • Permabit Debuts Only Complete Data Reduction for the Linux Storage Stack
    Permabit Technology Corporation, the leader in data reduction technology, today announced the latest release of its Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) software, VDO 6. The newest release of VDO delivers the company's patented deduplication, HIOPS Compression™ and thin provisioning in a commercial software package for Linux, expanding availability beyond the OEM marketplace to include the leading Professional Services organizations that are enabling today's modern Hybrid Cloud data centers.
  • My KIWI/OBS talk from oSC'16
    Last Friday, at openSUSE Conference 2016, I was giving a talk together with Christian Schneemann about KIWI and OBS (the software is not able to manage "two speakers for one talk", this is why I am not listed in the schedule).
  • AppliedMicro Announces the Availability of its Mudan Storage Platform at Red Hat Summit 2016
  • AsteroidOS smartwatch OS wants you, developers
    AsteroidOS is a new open source operating system specifically designed to serve software application development on smartwatches. The project is now gaining some traction and has been reported to now be looking for developer and community contribution engagement.

today's howtos