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Network monitoring with Cacti

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GNU/Linux is without doubt a brilliant server OS, but monitoring your Linux server can be a challenge. Cacti is an extremely useful and easy to use tool for network administrators, and best of all, you do not need to be a network guru to use it.

Web 2.0 Cracks Start to Show

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Spam, scams and scatterbrains -- the same problems that plagued the old internet are cropping up again in a new wave of technologies known collectively as Web 2.0.

Interesting Book Reviews

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Reviews describes and recommends php|architect's Guide to PHP Security while offers a glimpse into Slamming Spam: A Guide For System Administrators. Should they be on your reading list?

America's Army 2.5.0 for Linux is out

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Finally and after skipping one release, latest version of America's Army (version 2.5.0) is available for Linux. America's Army is a tactical 3d shooter commissioned by the US Army. Our old friend Ryan "icculus" Gordon released a native linux port again.

Coming Soon to a Kernel Near You: GPL 3

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The Free Software Foundation is just weeks away from announcing the roadmap and process that will govern the release of the first draft of the rewritten GNU General Public License.

Best Practices for Diagnosing Linux Problems

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You are alone in a dark cubicle. To the North is your boss’s office, to the West is your Team Lead’s cubicle, to the East is a window opening out to a five-floor drop, and to the South is a kitchenette containing a freshly brewed pot of coffee. You stare at your computer screen in bewilderment as the phone rings for the fifth time in as many minutes indicating that your users are unable to connect to their server.


Free Remote KDE Desktops

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KDE offers free remote KDE desktops over NX. Anyone can sign up to have their own desktop accessible from any computer with a network connection. To find out more about the service and why KDE was the chosen desktop, KDE Dot News spoke to the man behind CosmoPOD, Stephen Ensor. Read on for the interview.

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

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The hardest thing to know is when to hang onto ideas that will truly work, and when to drop them in favor of a new innovation that will work better.

Open-Source Software Licenses Present Quagmire

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There are four "classic" open-source licenses, although many other open-source licenses have been created. Currently, there are 58 open-source licenses approved by OSI. This article will address the legal and practical risks that users of open-source software might face.

A Reversal Of Fortune In PCs

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The shake-up might seem like a Bizzaro World twist, but Apple, HP and Neoware have earned their place atop the stock rankings, analysts say. The firms have succeeded by finding profitable niches, honing operations and staying fresh.

The open source ecosystem

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In a report entitled "How Firms Should Work With the Open Source Ecosystem," Forrester outlines the history and drivers behind the trend and looks forward to the development of what they label the open source ecosystem.

Mandriva Linux 2006 Powerpack

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It's not often that you see a desktop operating system aimed at power users. [Mandriva 2006] allows the experienced user to easily make the OS into exactly what he wants without all the extra "new user" stuff.

The Latest & Greatest from the Best of the Best

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PCLOS is one of the most popular distros today and has a vehemently loyal userbase. Never has a distro sparked such a enthusiastic community, so many vocal converts, and websites going up in its honor. All this hoopla is deserved. The developers work 24/7 to bring you the prettiest, most stable, and useful distro in existence. The latest incarnation, p92-test-01, takes a bit of a deviation from its known style by veering the eyecandy in a new direction. But it is every bit as nice as the PCLOS we have come to know, just without all the cute penguins.

Linus blesses 2.6.14, opens 2-week window on 2.6.15 merges

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Linus Torvalds has given his blessing at last to kernel 2.6.14, following delays caused by "false alarms," the Linux creator said in a message to the Linux kernel mailing list today. Torvalds plans to accept code merges for two weeks only, before freezing features for a 2.6.15 release candidate phase.

UPDATE: Wireless Wings For Linux Kernel


Cruising Without a Bruising

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Linux Journal's \"Señor Editor\" recounts the latest Geek Cruise's visits to resorts later trashed by Hurricane Wilma.

OSBC - Open source 2.0: New kids on the block

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Remember a year or so ago when you could probably name most of the open-source companies in the market? Try doing that now when the number of startups has skyrocketed to several hundred.

Linux Kernel 2.6.14 Released

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2.6.14 was delayed twice due to some last-minute bug-reports, some of which ended up being false alarms, got us to look at the code and fix some other bugs instead. So it's all good.

M$ threatens to withdraw Windows in S.Korea

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Microsoft Corp. has threatened to withdraw its Windows software from South Korea if the country's antitrust agency orders it to unbundle its Instant Messenger and Media Player from the operating system.

Mobile Linux computing coding contest underway

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A contest to create applications and find bugs in a mobile "Linux desktop server" is underway. Realm Systems will award $50,000 for the best of show.

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