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Ubuntu 9.10's New Wallpapers and More

Filed under
Ubuntu On October 1st, they will unveil Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) Beta and I bet everybody is wondering if Canonical will actually change the user interface (read: skin it) with a breathtaking one.

Red Hat CEO vs. Torvalds: More Linux features don't equate to bloat

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Linux Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst disagreed with Linus Torvalds’ contention that Linux has become bloated. Whitehurst said that Linux is growing and becoming more full-featured. The bloat will come when features are added that no one wants.

Change Ctrl + Alt + Delete Behavior To Open System Monitor, in Linux

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There are 2 ways of changing Ctrl + Alt + Delete behavior to open System Monitor: one if you are running Compiz, and one for Metacity, only to use if you are not running Compiz.

First Look: GNOME 2.28.0

Filed under
Software If you're an Ubuntu buff, you'll have a pretty good idea about the subject of this article, since you already know that the Ubuntu releases are in sync with a certain graphical environment's development cycle.

Hands-on: Thunderbird 3 beta 4 hatches with improved search

Filed under
Moz/FF Mozilla Messaging has announced the availability of new Thunderbird 3 beta release. This version introduces an impressive new search feature with a timeline visualization and powerful interactive filtering support.

How is your Linux time spent?

Filed under
Linux I have just recently moved my home computer's Linux distribution from Debian to Gentoo. While I was in my switching process I had a revelatory observation. I will call it the inverse speed law Smile. It goes like this:

Being the Ubuntu Guy

Filed under

doctormo.wordpress: I’ve just got back from Harvard University Extension School where I was a guest speaker for a systems administration class. I was there to talk about Gnu/Linux and Ubuntu, about the stack of software and each project and so on.

My Love/Hate Relationship

Filed under
Gentoo Oh, Gentoo, how I really find myself hating you sometimes. Once upon a time, Gentoo Linux was a thriving community distro. These days, I've been finding it harder and harder to find solid answers.

today's leftovers:

Filed under
  • Why Africa gets the IBM-Ubuntu bundle and you do not
  • Going Linux - Linux File System-Advanced
  • Wireless connectivity on Thinkpad T61
  • Haiku - A New Operating System Inspired By BeOS
  • What Can You Do While You’re Bored?
  • Puppy Linux 4.3 -Linux 2u
  • VIA's Improved Framebuffer Driver In Linux 2.6.32
  • Forgotten File Formats
  • Linux via the internet with
  • Sometimes, an Open-Source Virus is Just a Virus
  • Open Source Appeal: It Comes Down to Costs
  • Mandriva: Moovida Media Center Development Contest
  • osc09: Lightning Talks
  • Novell wants Linux to be a mainstream O-S
  • 80 showcase products at ICT expo
  • Kerneloops enabled by default in Karmic
  • Zenwalk 6.2 Review
  • Donate Old Computers, Volunteer for a Free Computer
  • Another Look At Intel's Lynnfield Linux Performance
  • LinuxCon: Coordinated Software Releases, The Linux Ecosystem

some howtos:

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  • Hidden Linux: Say after me ...
  • Synthesizing Voice From the Command Line
  • Installing Wallpaper Clock in Ubuntu in 3 simple steps
  • How to Play Real Media Files on Mplayer - Mepis 8
  • RAR and UNRAR from Linux CLI
  • Mail relaying made simple with Postfix
  • Trying out the Kopete Telepathy plugin
  • 5 Steps To Install Dropbox In Karmic Alpha
  • How to create a bootable USB Ubuntu drive
  • Multimedia Support in Fedora 11
  • Code Project: create a Qt RSS reader
  • Upgrading the Wireless Networking Card in Dell Mini
  • Start Simple HTTP Server with Python
  • NTP - get atomic clock's precision from the Internet

is the FSF an extremist organisation?

Filed under
OSS The FSF believes that everyone should use the term GNU/Linux rather than just Linux and use Free Software not open source. What im wondering is the FSF an extremist organisation that no one takes entirely seriously?

Successful women in FOSS and IT

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thebeezspeaks.blogspot: Nobody denies that sexism in FOSS exists. If not, Carla Schoder wouldn't be able to list a set of incidents. The problem I have with this statement is, that now it seems to be exclusively a FOSS problem -

HP launches Linux-fiddling support group

Filed under
Linux Hewlett-Packard is making an effort to support non-commercial Linux distributions on its servers and other vendors' business hardware. But you wouldn't know it from the black hole of fanfare regarding its new collaborative portal.

Thoughts on Ubuntu One

Filed under
Ubuntu I’ve spent the last few weeks testing Ubuntu One, Canonical’s file-storing and sharing service. Below is an outline of my experience, and thoughts on the future of the application.

Mono: A modest proposal

Filed under
Software OK, I'm conflicted. Last Saturday at the Software Freedom Day event in Boston, Richard Stallman called Miguel de Icaza “a traitor to the Free Software community" because of de Icaza's involvement with Microsoft-based technologies like Mono and Moonlight.

Free and Open Source Software, dogmatism and the real world.

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sinaisix.blogspot: One of the best things that ever happened to the world of computing was the advent of Free and Open Source software. However, there does not seem, at least from where I stand, to be any proper definition of who FOSS defines as its target audience.

Ubuntu Karmic: The good stuff

Filed under
Ubuntu Ubuntu's 9.10 release will be out next month. We look at a few of the best new features.

Branching Out With Salix OS

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reddevil62-techhead: SMALL but perfectly formed... no, not me, this new Linux distribution I've been playing around with.

Five Resources for Open Source Fonts

Filed under
Software There are plenty of Web sites to download fonts that are low- or no-cost, but finding free and open source fonts is a little more difficult. Here are five resources to check out the next time you need something with just the perfect slope or serif.

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