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Installing Ubuntu(s) on a Windows 98-era Laptop

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ibeentoubuntu.blogspot: My friend told me that his laptop wasn't working, and asked if I would fix it for him. He volunteered that he was open to Ubuntu, which I had installed on some mutual friends' computers. I started a download of Linpus and torrented gOS 2.0.

Survey: Half 'Have No Plans' To Deploy Vista

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OS The survey asked participants if they had "considered the possibility of deploying any non-Windows operating system as an alternative to adopting Windows Vista." It turned out that 44 percent of participants said that they were indeed considering a non-Windows alternative.

Time to dump Windows?

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InfoWorld: InfoWorld's "Save XP" petition asking Microsoft to keep Windows XP available indefinitely has prompted many readers to suggest that maybe the best answer for those who don't like Vista is to switch to another operating system completely. Can it be done? Is it the right time? Find out what it'll take to finally switch to desktop Mac OS X or Linux.

Fedora Developer Interview: KDE 4

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Interviews KDE 4 is set to be the default KDE environment in the next major release of Fedora. We caught up with two members of the KDE SIG to talk about the work they're doing to get it ready for release, their own opinions on the software and what they think about the progress made by Fedora in getting over its GNOME centric reputation.

Five must-have apps for a new Linux install

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Software So, having re-installed a brand new copy of Ubuntu and required updates, there are a few applications that I immediately download because, without them, I would not be able to do most of my day-to-day work. Here, in no particular order, are the five application or tools I have to have but aren’t included in a default Ubuntu install.

Inside Firefox 3's Latest Beta Update

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LinuxInsider: Based on Mozilla's Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which has been under development for 30 months, Firefox 3 beta 3 contains some 2 million lines of code changes that correct more than 12,000 issues, according to Mozilla. While Gecko is designed to support open Internet standards, version 1.9 includes redesigns for a variety of improvements.

Top 6 apps you should install after installing Ubuntu

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stardustinmybones.wordpress: My top 6 favourite applications to be installed on Ubuntu Linux would be as follows:

Playing with Pendrivelinux

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pammiepi.blogspot: Always intrigued by alternative operating systems, I decided to play with Pen Drive Linux this weekend...a portable open source operating system which can be booted to from a USB flash drive, or can be run from within Windows without rebooting.

Giving Linux Another Try

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eriksrantz.blogspot: So, I decided to give Linux another try, it's been a few years and the last time was frustrating enough to say it's not ready enough yet. I formatted and forgot about it. Well, now I keep hearing about Ubuntu and "it just works", fanboys tout it as better than Windows and easier to use.

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated to 4.0r3

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Linux The Debian project is pleased to announce the third update of its stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (codename etch). This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release, along with a few adjustment to serious problems.

The £99 laptop: how can it be so cheap?

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Hardware A new laptop computer for just £99 sounds like the kind of offer found in a spam e-mail or on a dodgy auction website. But the British company Elonex is launching the country’s first sub £100 computer later this month and hopes to be making 200,000 of them by the summer. It will be aimed at schoolchildren and teenagers, and runs on Linux.

Linux, which and why?

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Linux Linux is awsome, and i definitely recommend everyone to try it. To give you reasons i can say, Linux has better graphics, even better than vista and consumes much less ram than vista does.

The Top Ten Usability Problems With Ubuntu 8.04LTS Hardy Heron

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ibeentoubuntu.blogspot: I've put together my opinion on the top ten usability issues that exist now in Hardy's Alpha and will most certainly be in the final long-term release. I also try to suggest a solution, if there is one.

opensuse livecd

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chani.wordpress: I tried out the opensuse livecd (vesion 1.0.61) last night, and it was… odd. I was too tired to poke around much - I just wanted to have a backup run overnight - so I only really noticed negative things. sorry.

Gimp Tip.

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oneclicklinux.blogspot: I've been using the Gimp now for a few years and have really come to love it. Since getting my larger 22-inch flat panel, The Gimp has become much easier to use.

The (bad) deal with freebsd-update(8)

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BSD The binary patches are quite a mysterious issue in FreeBSD, no matter freebsd-update( 8 ) is around since about 2005, and since FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE it reached a new level of power. As I have had quarrels with FreeBSD aficionados on the issue of binary patches in FreeBSD, I thought I should clear a bit the mess.

Not the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, Part 5

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It's not that time of the week again, so here's another Not the GWN. Highlights include a lection on buzzwords, discordian dates and how to file bugs. Some recipes and beer recomendations included, etc. etc. pp. Squid pro quo, carpe diem and honi soit qui mal y pense.

Have Dinner with Bruce Perens in San Francisco this Tuesday

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Misc Bruce Perens will be speaking at the BALUG meeting in San Francisco on Tuesday at 6:30 PM. Chinese dinner will be served.

Linux Notes: Latest ATI graphics drivers installed

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blogbeebe.blogspot: I'm now running with the latest ATI/AMD Linux drivers, 8.02. You can go to the Ubuntu Gutsy Installation Guide and use Method 2 to install them. I've been installing pretty much every release that's come out, especially all of this year's (2008).

The Year of Linux

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Linux We've heard it year after year: *this* is the year when Linux pulls ahead and becomes a real force.. Well, maybe. Certainly low priced Linux boxes have been snapped up quickly whenever they have been offered, and it's certainly true that the general public grumbles more about Microsoft than they used to.

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