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Creating a Wiki with kwiki

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Wikis are simple interactive websites which are extremely easy to use for storing easily updated text content. Debian has packaged several different Wiki systems and here we'll look at installing just one of them: KWiki.

Why Do They Want My Phone Number?

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On the checkout line this holiday season, make sure you have everything on your gift list, your cash or credit card ready -- and, oh yeah, get set for one more thing.

"Can I have your phone number, please?"

Where Computer Interfaces Are Going : 3D Beyond Games

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Will we be stuck with flat rectangles on our desktop forever or will we finally live in a 3D desktop? This article discusses some alternatives and proposes a framework in which future interface designs may be evaluated.

High-tech gift ideas, items in wee sizes, at tiny prices

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Ask your favorite techies what they want for the holidays, and they'll probably suggest a 50-inch plasma television, the hottest Windows laptop or a 60-gigabyte iPod.

Hackers find first Xbox 360 cracks

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Only weeks after the introduction of the Xbox 360, hackers appear to have cracked their way into the software that runs the Microsoft game console.

Classic Doom with New Tech

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Wish you could relive the glory days playing the original Doom but with all the flair of a modern graphics engine? Well, thanks to the folks over at Flaming Sheep Software, you can!

Enterprise Unix Roundup: What's Driving Mandriva?

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Even before you open the door, you can sometimes tell how urgent the person on the other side wants to talk to you. A quiet knock is polite, well-mannered. A harder knock communicates more of a desire to hurry up, let's get this open so we can talk.

Then there's Mandriva. They kicked the door in this week.

The Voice of IP: Open Source and the Traditional Business Model -- Can They Be Buddies?

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Something that has become really noticeable is the prominence of Asterisk (the open source PBX) in the telecoms media and at telephony shows. It is not just the high profile presence of Asterisk, but it is the growing number of other companies who have products based on Asterisk that is truly staggering.

SETI@Home project ends; no E.T., but the technology continues

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Along with the Howard Stern Show, another radio endeavor involving alien life forms is going off the air this week; SETI@Home, a grid supercomputer project for detecting signs of extra terrestrial life from deep space, officially ended Dec. 15.

Music Labels Sue More File-Sharers

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The Recording Industry Association of America has filed a new round of lawsuits against people who share unauthorized copies of music over P-to-P services, the trade group announced Thursday.

ODF: The Better, More Affordable Office Standard?

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Opinion: If you take a close look, as many people have, it's clear that ODF, and not Open XML, is the better document standard.

Test Your Advanced SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 Skills

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The 30 exercises found in this sample chapter from Sam's allow you to test your knowledge with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 at an advanced level.

Intel vs. AMD: An Epic Continues

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For years, Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. have battled each other in the x86-based microprocessor business. Nows they've taken it to the courtroom. See what happened in 2005...and what's next.

Windows, Linux tussle with Unix

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Shivani Shinde delves into the enterprise software market where 64-bit offerings from Microsoft, Red Hat and Novell are starting to take on commercial Unix.

Sun Pushes for Greater Adoption of OpenDocument Format

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People want to be able to store their information for the long term without having to continually pay to upgrade their document software to maintain this or be forced to accept the alternative.

At the Sounding Edge: Music Notation Software for Linux, Part 3

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In this month's stop on our tour of Linux music notation programs, we look at the MusiXTeX music typesetting software. MusiXTeX was created by Daniel Taupin, Ross Mitchell and Andreas Egler. MusiXTeX currently is maintained by Christian Mondrup and other volunteers.

Book Review: Beyond the C++ Standard Library

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This is not an easy book. It is not a volume for beginners. But if you are willing to work your way through the code, this will make you a far better C++ programmer. It will also give you a better understanding of the ways you can manage objects.

KDE Dot News: Sponsored by OSU Open Source Lab on Gentoo

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I'm happy to announce that KDE Dot News is now fully hosted and supported by the OSU Open Source Lab. OSUOSL server hosting has been provided to us in the form of a Xen virtual machine running Gentoo Linux. I must say I am truly impressed by the combination. I've never used Gentoo before but I am finding it to be a well thought out distribution. Everything just works and it has some nice touches out-of-the-box such a colorised bash shell.

IBM opens up high-performance file system

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IBM Corp has begun licensing its General Parallel File System, GPFS, to third parties, with Linux supercomputing specialist Linux Networx Inc the first to use the high-performance file system technology.

Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache

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SitePoint Pty. Ltd., provider of fun, practical and easy-to-understand content for Web professionals, today announced the release of ‘Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache’.

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