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Story Solus OS Gets a Refreshed Filysystem and Is Moving Closer to a Stable Release Rianne Schestowitz 17/07/2015 - 6:14pm
Story Kubuntu's Jonathan Riddell Says Ubuntu Policy Is Still Lacking Rianne Schestowitz 17/07/2015 - 6:12pm
Story Today in Techrights Roy Schestowitz 17/07/2015 - 11:17am
Story Ubuntu Touch Major Update Confirmed for July 20 Rianne Schestowitz 17/07/2015 - 11:05am
Story today's leftovers Roy Schestowitz 17/07/2015 - 9:37am
Story Leftovers: Software Roy Schestowitz 17/07/2015 - 9:35am
Story Leftovers: OSS Roy Schestowitz 17/07/2015 - 9:32am
Story Samsung Z3 is the developer giveaway at the Tizen Developer Summit 2015 Rianne Schestowitz 17/07/2015 - 8:19am
Story Here Are the New Beautified Monochromatic Icons of Ubuntu Linux Rianne Schestowitz 17/07/2015 - 8:14am
Story MeX Linux Distro Is Now Based on Linux Mint 17.2, Ubuntu 15.04, and Debian 8 Rianne Schestowitz 17/07/2015 - 8:12am

The Debian Democracy

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Linux Do you consider yourself to be fairly familiar with the Debian Linux distribution? I thought I was familiar with it enough to know its origin and history. There's one significant piece of the Debian puzzle that I didn't know about: Its Constitution.

First Contact Review: Ubuntu 10.04 Beta2

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cristalinux.blogspot: I recently downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Linx Beta2 for testing. I love what I am seeing, so I want to share some of my initial impressions on what seems to be a release that could mark a milestone in Ubuntu's history.

9 More OpenOffice Extensions

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OOo Below are several more extensions to help you tailor this opensource app to the way you use it.

Ubuntu: How to Measure Canonical’s Business Progress

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Ubuntu It’s sometimes difficult to measure Ubuntu’s business success. Canonical says Ubuntu now has about 12 million Linux users — up from an estimated 8 million users in 2007. That sounds impressive, but what does that really mean?

some howtos:

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  • Saving bandwidth by backing up with Rsync
  • Hidden Linux : Dropbox for KDE
  • Add Equalizer for Pulse audio in ubuntu
  • UNP a Universal File Unpacking Utility for Ubuntu / Debian
  • How to configure disk encryption on Sabayon 5.2
  • Clone or Copy a Virtual Disk in Virtualbox
  • Keeping Linux File Systems Clean

UbuntuOne Music Store: How a music service should be

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Ubuntu One of my biggest complains about Apple is iTunes. Why? Because everything the UbuntuOne Music Store is is what iTunes is not.

Digg Digs Open Source

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OSS Like many of it social networking brethren Digg is not only built on open source but is a big contributer to open source as well.

Nothing to scoff at: Arch Linux, 300Mhz Celeron

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kmandla.wordpress: This time I have no excuse. This time I went into the recycle shop with an eye for anything in the US$10-$20 range, specifically to serve as a torrent slave. And this is what I walked out with.

Firefox 3.6.4 Beta Released

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Moz/FF Firefox 3.6.4 has been in the talks lately because of the intention of the Mozilla developers to add out-of-process plugins to that version of the web browser which basically means that popular plugins run in their own process instead of the main browser process.

IBM: An Unlikely Crime-Fighting Superhero Despite having recently been cast as the villain of the piece by some high profile members of the Free and Open Source Software community, IBM has just revealed itself as actually being something of a crime-fighting superhero.

Also: The ‘Minority Report’ Report: Florida Testing Pre-Crime Software

some howtos & stuff:

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  • Show real swap usage for each individual process
  • Setting up BGP4 with Zebra
  • Change Your Ubuntu User’s UID to 501 (OS X UID)
  • Convert a string of hex characters into ascii chars
  • Use TeamViewer for remote Linux support
  • How to Enable Direct2D Acceleration in Ubuntu [ATI Cards]
  • Change Sudo Password Remembering Time in Ubuntu
  • KDE and the .gtkrc
  • Turn off/down/up login sound when Ubuntu Gnome startup
  • How To Hide PHP Version Information
  • Configuration tips for the Ubuntu Lucid kernel
  • Adding a new IP to a Redhat Linux system
  • Sony Not Reimbursing Retailers over "Other OS"
  • Speed Dreams 1.4.0 is released
  • Book Reviews: Ubuntu on a Dime

"Microsoft decision puts public libraries at risk"

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Microsoft People who manage public computers face daunting security and anti-malware threats. Microsoft acknowledged this fact when it introduced Windows SteadyState, an add-on for Windows XP and, later, Vista. However, not only is SteadyState incompatible with Win7, Microsoft says it has no plans to introduce a Windows 7-compatible version.

The 14 Key Events that led to a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Revolution

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OSS The last quartile of the 20th century was marked by a rise in software development by companies, individuals and hobbyist groups. Key among software development methodologies was a controversial yet innovative idea about giving away your software code for others to use and improve upon it.

"Is it out yet?" - open source and the mass market

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blog.rburchell: One thing which has increasingly become apparent to me - from wandering around some of the threads on - is that there is a very big difference between typical commercial software development, and open development.

When must you shill for Linux?

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openbytes.wordpress: How many times have people accused me of “Microsoft Hater”, “Linux Zealot”, “Linux Unwashed”? Its easy to dismiss a point of view with a single insult and the practice has been going on for years.

A Look at Gnome Activity Journal

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Software One of the major new features to expect in future versions of Ubuntu is Gnome Activity Journal, which brings a very refreshing approach to the way users interact with files and data. Here’s a look at how it works.

openSUSE Weekly News, issue 119 is out

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We are pleased to announce our openSUSE Weekly News Issue 119.

A visible case against bundled libraries

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Software I wrote a lot about bundled libraries and why they are bad, but I usually stick with speaking about Free Software (or Open Source Software — yeah they are two different sets!). This time, let me explain you how they are bad for proprietary, binary-provided software as well.

YourSQL, MySQL, and NoSQL: The MySQL Conference Report

Filed under
Software There has never been a time, in my opinion, that MySQL has faced a more diverse set of threats than at present. Of these, one gets a disproportionate amount of the attention: Oracle’s stewardship, and the implications this has for the future of the database.

Also: Dark Days Ahead For OpenSolaris

moc, screen and figlet: A sum greater than its parts

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kmandla.wordpress: moc users might know this and might not, but you can poll the moc server process to spit out information about the tune it’s playing.

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Security: Updates, Synopsys/Black Duck FUD, and Software Security Over Convenience

  • Security updates for Tuesday
  • With Much of the Data Center Stack Open Source, Security is a Special Challenge [Ed: Black attacking FOSS again in order to sell its proprietary products; does proprietary software have no security issues? Which cannot be fixed, either?]
  • Synopsys reveals its open-source rookies of the year [Ed: Anti-FOSS company Black Duck, which markets its proprietary software by attacking FOSS (it admitted being anti-GPL since inception, created by Microsoft employee), wants the public to think of it as a FOSS authority]
  • Software security over convenience
    Recently I got inspired (paranoid ?) by my boss who cares a lot about software security. Previously, I had almost the same password on all the websites I used, I had them synced to google servers (Chrome user previously), but once I started taking software security seriously, I knew the biggest mistake I was making was to have a single password everywhere, so I went one step forward and set randomly generated passwords on all online accounts and stored them in a keystore.

MIPI-CSI camera kit runs Linux on Apollo Lake

Congatec’s rugged, Linux-driven “Conga-CAM-KIT/MIPI” camera kit combines its Intel Apollo Lake based Conga-PA5 SBC with a MIPI-CSI 2 camera from Leopard Imaging and other components. Congatec announced a Conga-CAM-KIT/MIPI camera kit, also referred to as the MIPI-CSI 2 Smart Camera Kit. The kit runs a Yocto Project based Linux distribution on Congatec’s Conga-PA5, a Pico-ITX SBC with Intel’s Apollo Lake Atom, Pentium, and Celeron SoCs. Also included is a MIPI-CSI 2 camera (LI-AR023Z-YUV-MIP) from Leopard Imaging based on ON Semiconductor’s AR0237 HD sensor. Extended temperature ranges are supported. Read more

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