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Money management software review: Moneydance

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Software If you followed our last two articles you will have seen that while Microsoft Money and Quicken are powerful applications, the UK versions of both haven't been updated in a few years. So we decided to dig a little deeper to see if we could come up with an alternative.

Daniel Robbins Won't Fork Gentoo

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Gentoo "For those who are kind of tired of the existing structure - well, I totally feel your pain. I will not be forking the project, and you may be bummed about that."

More MS/Yahoo! Headlines

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  • Microsoft-Yahoo deal will pass antitrust muster, say analysts

  • Analysis: Microsoft-Yahoo merger won’t dethrone Google
  • Will Open Source World Welcome Microsoft-Yahoo Combo?
  • Microsoft downgraded to neutral at Pacific Growth Equities
  • Yahoo! shares soar after $44.6bn Microsoft bid

ATI Radeon HD 3650 512MB

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Hardware Last week AMD introduced the ATI Radeon HD 3400 and 3600 series, which are the new low-end graphics processors compared to the Radeon HD 3800 series. At hand today we have the Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 512MB graphics card as we deliver the first Linux benchmarks for this RV635 GPU.

To Sink Or Swim In Linux's Waters?

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Serdar Yegulalp: I've been running Ubuntu Linux on my notebook, a Sony VAIO TX model, for some time now. I'm impressed with how stable it's been. But because getting used to Linux itself can be jarring for Windows folks, I decided not to just dive in and hope I'm able to swim.

Canonical and KDE

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Jono Bacon: Recently, Aaron Seigo, a good friend of mine and well known KDE member did an interview with ComputerWorld. I want to make a few things clear here:

If you don’t like it, fork it

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Dana Blankenhorn: One of the big concerns arising from the pending Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo, and of proprietary open source in general, is the fear that a project’s owner will abuse its power, even kill a worthwhile project. Well, fork that.

Gutsy on Dell Latitude D830

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terminally-incoherent: I got my brand new Dell Latitude D830 laptop today, and the first thing I did with it was installing Gutsy. Dell was nice enough to partition the drive for me so I didn’t have to bother with resizing. This is possibly like the single most useful service they offer in their store.

Ubuntu and Studio Work

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meandubuntu.wordpress: One of the things I do from time to time is play in one of them-there rock ‘n roll bands. And, of course, I used various software under WinXP for pre-production and other such musical gyrations. I’d like to get my home studio back up and working in Ubuntu.

Yahoo! buy would give Microsoft ownership of open source e-mail, projects, code. Ugh

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Paula Rooney: Let’s forget about search for a moment, and Microsoft’s obvious need to buy a leading online company or face extinction. Microsoft’s buy of Yahoo would give the Redmond, Wash company control over a top open source e-mail company, open source projects and an open source infrastructure. So this deal would put Microsoft directly into the open source software business.

Also: What happens if Microsoft buys Yahoo?

Seven Most Annoying Problems with Ubuntu/Linux

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Ubuntu I love Ubuntu. I've been using Linux for years, and I think it's the greatest distribution to date. But let's face it - like it or not, the user experience is worrisome at times. Things don't work, programs act up, and hair gets torn out.

PHP 4 is Dead—Long Live PHP 5

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Software PHP 4, deployed on tens of millions of servers globally, is among the most successful languages of all time. But its run is coming to an end.

Dreamlinux 3.0 Beta 2 Screenshots

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Linux Dreamlinux is a Brazilian distribution based on Debian and Morphix. Recently, the second beta release of Dreamlinux 3.0 has been released. phorolinux has some screenshots.

Linux is ready

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Linux Why Linux? Well, the answer to this question was given in detail by PK Mishra, Senior Consulting Architect, Novell India in his presentation titled ‘Linux for eGovernance solution.’

Red Hat packagers dance around frivolous music game software patents

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Software Sadly, there’s nothing genuinely new about this story, but a recent discussion on the Fedora Games mailing list demonstrates the sort of chilling effect on innovation and impoverishment of the intellectual commons that occurs today because of a broken, outmoded US patent system and its misapplication to software. I’m at a loss for words to express how absurd these “patents” are.

Adventures in Codec Land

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reddevil62-techhead: We've all been there. The shiny new PC is loaded with the latest Linux distribution. The desktop has been tweaked, system updates sorted, data imported and packages downloaded. It's time to play some tunes, kick back a bit, watch a film or check out the latest movie trailers online. Welcome to Codec Land.

Open Movie Editor How-To: Fade to Black Transition

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After my previous overview of Open Movie Editor (OME), I decided to create a small How-To regarding an easily obtainable piece of functionality that's not yet standard within OME.

today's leftovers

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  • SUSE Linux version aimed at Big Blue mainframes

  • Companies team for sub $100 3G Linux phone
  • German penal institutions looking into
  • A Look at Micropolis, the New Open Source SimCity
  • How to log in syslog-ng when the message does not have the hostname field
  • Give me Ubuntu or, well, give me something else
  • Idealism and FOSS, buddies to the end
  • Flash File System supports Linux OS.
  • Good Bill, Bad Bill, and The Art of Philanthropy
  • Changing The System Keyboard Mapping on Ubuntu (Dvorak vs Qwerty)
  • Make the Windows Key on your Keyboard open KMenu in KDE
  • Money, money, money... and FOSS
  • Thinkpad Configuration, part 1
  • Gain Some Experience at SourceForge!
  • 25 Years Ago: Free, Easy, Software Begins
  • Easy way of Mount/Unmount .iso Images in Ubuntu
  • Help, I’m surrounded by librarians. Smiling
  • Solutions Linux 2008 was great!

Firefox 3 getting integrated add-ons directory

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Moz/FF After making noise with the reintroduction of its Firefox add-ons directory last year, Mozilla is taking a step closer to integrating it with the upcoming beta of Firefox 3, which is set to go out to beta testers next week.

The Unsurprising Surprise of Open Source M&A

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OSS There must be something going around, something in the water. That was how one commenter put it to me this week. How else to explain the rash of open source acquisitions? From MySQL to Covalent to Trolltech, the appetite for open source vendors appears to be insatiable.

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Red Hat Summit

  • Red Hat Summit Advocates the Power of Participation
    Red Hat hosted its annual Red Hat Summit customer event June 28-30 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, with a theme of harnessing the power of participation. Once again, the DevNation developer event, which is the successor to JBoss World, was co-located with Red Hat Summit. For JBoss, 2016 is a particularly significant year as it marks 10 years since Red Hat acquired it. At DevNation, Red Hat announced the new JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 7 release, providing new cloud-enhanced capabilities for Red Hat's flagship middleware platform. JBoss is now also working to help enable Java for the container era, with the launch of the MicroProfile Project, an effort to optimize enterprise Java for a microservices architecture. Java wasn't the only focus of DevNation this year either, as Microsoft took center stage too, announcing the availability of its .NET Core for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of the highlights of the Red Hat Summit and DevNation 2016 events.
  • How Red Hat is tailoring OpenStack to fit … everyone
    Even though there have been no major changes announced to the OpenStack platform of late, it was still one of the most talked about subjects at this year’s Red Hat Summit. Red Hat plays a significant role in the development of the platform and is very proud of its contribution to the community.
  • New technologies foster an open-source environment
    In 2007, when 3scale, Inc. was founded, some people thought it was crazy to be investing so much time and energy into API. But Steven Willmott, CEO of 3scale, Inc., said that even at that time his team knew that the future was API-driven, and they wanted to help that happen.

Leftovers: Gaming

Servo Night Builds Begin, Linux Packages Coming

The Mozilla developers working on the Servo browser layout engine and the Browser.html HTML-based web UI have kept to their goal of making a tech preview available in June. As of last night, the Servo developers hit their tech preview milestone we've been looking forward to seeing for months. Nightly builds of Servo and Browser.html have begun and they are going to be making available Linux packages shortly. Read more

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