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Kororaa, drivers, and the GPL: FSF Chimes In

In essence, FSF believes that the drivers ARE a violation but that there are special considerations for Linux. Once again, no actual evidence was provided, so I replied asking for some Smile

Gaming on Linux - Cold War

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Take a trip back in time to Russia towards the end of the Cold War in the latest spy/thriller FPS port by Linux Game Publishing. Step into the shoes of freelance reporter Matthew Carter fresh out of a scrape in a Soviet block country and hot on the trail of his latest story.

We've got screen shots and a review of the game play in LGP's almost-released port. Check out what ths game is going to offer and if it's worth your hard earned gaming dollar.

Discovering your network with Netdisco

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Four years ago, Max Baker at the University of California, Santa Cruz, needed an easy-to-use tool that would assist in managing switch ports, show port usage and history, track inventory, and help with network debugging. Baker began developing what has become Netdisco, an awesome open source network discovery tool.

The Open Source Car - Unconventional Wisdom and Sustainability

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In this article Sir John Whitmore, columnist with the daily Telegraph motoring section, looks at a new approach to development. We all face an environmental crisis. Hybrid cars and biofuels might be interim steps in the right direction, but they are not sustainable solutions. Conventional wisdom predicts great technical problems and cost in overcoming these problems. But what about unconventional wisdom?

The changing landscape of Linux users

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Life of a Linux user was a lot less stressful back in the nineties. The difficulty of installing and maintaining a Linux distribution ensured that only those who had made an effort to learn the UNIX command line were able to use it effectively. The rest of the population was simply out of the game. Today, things are different.

$100 laptop to feature innovative LCDs

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Nicholas Negroponte's '$100 laptop computer' will cost about $135 (about £70) when available to children in developing countries by the middle of next year, the head of the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child Project) said on Friday.

Mozilla confident of security lead over Microsoft

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Mozilla Corporation is confident that its Firefox browser will maintain its security lead over Microsoft's forthcoming Internet Explorer 7.

FSG promotes standards to prevent Linux fragmentation

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In a bid to order to prevent the fragmentation of Linux, the Free Standards Group (FSG) is developing and promoting open source software standards including the Linux Standard Base (LSB) and Openi18N, the international standard for Linux.

Installing and configuring Nmap on Linux

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Linux is the most popular platform for running Nmap. In fact, most Linux distributions actually include Nmap, although it may not be installed by default. Even if your system already has a copy of Nmap, you should consider upgrading to the latest version.

Quick Tip: Get size of Postgres DB from filesystem

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Get the size accurately from postgres local filesystem, i guess there is some sql stuff that can do that, but this little script does the job as well for me.

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An evolution of my advice for getting started with Linux

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I used to think that the best first step to explore Linux was through a live Linux CD. Over the course of the last year, my advice evolved. Now through the wonders of virtualization, a new Linux user could boot a live Linux CD without having to actually reboot your machine.

Red Hat Nixes Database Acquisition Strategy

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It wasn't more than five or six seconds after Red Hat Inc announced it was acquiring open source Java middleware and application development tool provider JBoss Inc a few weeks ago that the entire IT industry starting wondering what Red Hat might do next. The most obvious thing for Red Hat to do now would seem to be to go farther up the software stack and deliver its own database. But don't count on Red Hat doing that any time soon.

GNU Radio Opens an Unseen World

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Matt Ettus has the sly smile of someone who sees the invisible. His hands fly over the boards of his Universal Software Radio Peripheral, or USRP, snapping them together with an antenna like Lego bricks. Then he plugs in the naked boards to a USB 2 cable snaking to his Linux laptop.

HP unveils Carrier Grade Debian

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In a move calculated to expand Carrier Grade Linux's (CGL's) developer and user communities, HP has registered Debian's "Sarge" distribution with version 2.02 of the OSDL's CGL specification, and started a Carrier Grade subproject within Debian.

JBoss chief Fleury talks up Red Hat acquisition

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As the Red Hat-JBoss merger nears completion, JBoss chief - now senior vice president of Red Hat's JBoss division - sat down with CRN senior writer Paula Rooney at the Red Hat Summit in Nashville, to discuss the impact of deal.

VMware: Hardware Ain't What it Used to Be

VMware has completed an overhaul of its virtualization software, a technology that now seems to embody many of the traits of utility computing scenarios.

Remote Linux Administration

So, is there an alternative way of administering a Linux/Unix box remotely that avoids these problems of excessive bandwidth and poor graphics display? Old-time Linux and Unix hands will probably be chortling to themselves already: 'Remote X'.

Automatix for Ubuntu

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If you're using Ubuntu Breezy (aka 5.10) or Dapper (6.06) there's a handy script you might want to take a look at. Automatix is this neat thingy that does stuff to your Ubuntu system to make it work better.

Blog Snobbery 101

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If your blog has even one regular reader, you too can be a blog snob. A blog snob is a super-important blogger who knows it and makes sure the rest of the world does too.

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