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Quick Roundup

some howtos & such

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  • How To Increase The Speed Of Your Firefox Browser

  • Ubuntu Howto: How To Bypass The Trash And Delete A File Completely
  • Monitor a MySQL Server with mytop
  • How to make Jabber calls using Jabbin
  • GPRS in Debian GNU/Linux with mobile phone Siemens ME45
  • Using GNU screen's multiuser feature for remote support
  • Using Shred to Wipe Hard Drives - DoD Uses It - You Should Too!
  • Simple Linux and Unix Password Cracker Shell Script
  • Use virtual keyboards to support international Linux systems

K3B - the easy way to burn CDs and DVDs in KDE

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Software K3B is an application that ships in the default KDE packages in most distributions, however it’s a very useful tool that can often be overlooked.

Decoding Oops

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kernelTRAP: "This week, a total of 49 oopses and warnings have been reported, compared to 53 reports in the previous week," Arjan van de Ven noted, sending out a list of the week's top 10 kernel oopses.

Pixel: Photoshop for the Linux Crowd

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Software Linux users unhappy with the GIMP image editor may want to take a look at Pixel, a cross platform image editing application, which more closely mirrors the behavior of Adobe Photoshop.

Osmo: A daily organizer

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Software Osmo, a compact yet feature-rich personal information organizer for Linux, separates itself from the pack of other calendar applications due to its light weight and easy-to-use design. The GPL-licensed Osmo includes a datebook calendar, a to-do organizer, and a contacts list, all with lots of intuitive options.

9 Characteristics of Free Software Users

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Bruce Byfield: Operating systems come with cultures as much as codebases. I was forcibly reminded of this fact over the holidays when several family members and neighbors press-ganged me into troubleshooting their Windows computers.

RPM 5: a Fork in The Linux Packaging

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Software The newest version of the popular RPM package manager is now out with improved performance and functionality. But there's a bit of a catch with RPM version 5.0. Linux vendor Red Hat officially considers RPM 5.0 a project fork.

Werewolf, Fedora’s Redeemer?

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junauza.blogspot: Immediately after Fedora 8 was unleashed, I made a post that gave an overview on its exciting new features. I also asked myself these questions: Is Werewolf Fedora’s Redeemer? Can Werewolf help put Fedora back on top? Two months later, I now have an answer.

OpenSUSE Weekly News/4 Now Available

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The fourth issue of openSUSE Weekly News is now out! The issue covers events during the Christmas holidays. In this week’s issue A look at openSUSE’s accomplishments in 2007, openSUSE 11.0 now Scheduled, openSUSE Education goes Gold for 10.2, and Jeff Jaffe, Novell CTO, on the openSUSE Project.

OLPC developing dual-boot Windows, Linux OS for laptops

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computerworld: The One Laptop Per Child Project (OLPC) and Microsoft are working together to develop a dual-boot system to put both Linux and Windows on laptops aimed at kids in developing countries, the head of OLPC said in an interview Tuesday.

Also: OLPC America to launch in 2008
And: OLPC would welcome Intel back

The "Year of Linux" Through Multiple Advents

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raiden's realm: The "Year of Linux", as proclaimed by so many Linux evangelists out there is here. But it isn't quite what I thought it would be. It will be the trickle that became the mighty, unstoppable river.

Top 10 Firefox Extensions by Category

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cybernetnews: Below you’ll find that we’ve assembled over a dozen different lists of the top 10 Firefox extensions. The content of each list has come directly from the Firefox Add-ons site, and from each category we picked the top 10 most popular extensions.

GNOME bugs through the ages

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Software Over on Planet Debian, Christian Perrier looked back at the number of Debian bugs submitted over the years. I soon wondered what GNOME’s yearly bug submission count looked like.

VirtueMart: A virtual ecommerce solution

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Software If you run an ecommerce site, you may want a content management system (CMS) to help manage your online product line. VirtueMart, available under the GNU GPL and fully integrated with Joomla!, does that and more. It provides a full ecommerce solution in a LAMP environment.

BUG Labs creates open source hardware

computerworlduk: Bug Labs, the cross-continental start-up, based in both San Francisco and Manhattan, is set to announce the availability and pricing of its collection of Linux based, snap together electronic modules at the Consumer Electronics Show currently taking place in Las Vegas.

Tiny computers forcing Microsoft changes

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seattlepi: Amid the gigantic televisions and booming speakers at the Consumer Electronics Show, a tiny laptop computer stands out for its minimalist approach.

Vector Linux 5.9 Standard: What Slack should be.

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Linux I've been impressed with Vector Linux in the past, though strangely moreso with their free version than the paid edition. They've generally offered a nice low-power alternative for older boxes and those of us with newer boxes who just like efficiency. I was interested to see what (if anything) had changed since the last time I looked at it.

Everex To Offer CloudBook Ultra-Mobile PC at Walmart Look out Windows Vista and hot-selling Mac OS X Leopard -- a new OS is in town. A new Linux distribution, gOS, produced by Good OS LLC and based on a Ubuntu 7.10 version, hit the market yesterday when it was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

colordiff: put some color in your diffs

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DPotD: colordiff is a small tool to colorize diff output which greatly improves readability. colordiff can be used as a wrapper around diff, a tool used to compare files line by line.

SplashTop Running On Prototype ASUS Notebook

phoronix: DeviceVM's SplashTop, a product we had named as one of the greatest Linux innovations in 2007, is sharing a booth this week at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) with ASUS. At their booth we were allowed to check out a SplashTop demo running on an ASUS notebook!

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