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Story SUSE: Global Linux jobs on the rise srlinuxx 09/12/2011 - 1:20am
Story Mozilla Chairwoman Sheds Light on Firefox Priorities srlinuxx 09/12/2011 - 1:18am
Blog entry Google Currents for Android.. fieldyweb 08/12/2011 - 11:09pm
Story Beginning Linux - Part I srlinuxx 08/12/2011 - 8:42pm
Story Artwork for articles is lacking for FOSS organisations srlinuxx 08/12/2011 - 8:37pm
Story My new Desktop Distro: Fedora 16 srlinuxx 08/12/2011 - 8:30pm
Story Evolution of shells in Linux srlinuxx 08/12/2011 - 6:26pm
Story KDE 4.7.4 and 4.8 Beta2 Released srlinuxx 08/12/2011 - 6:20pm
Story A tale of two distros: openSUSE and Linux Mint srlinuxx 08/12/2011 - 6:13pm
Blog entry Big Bear's Helpful Hints-Google Docs Spreadsheets bigbearomaha 08/12/2011 - 6:02pm

FTP-like Uploader for Firefox Supports Flickr, Picasa and more

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cybernetnews: One thing that many file sharing sites lack is an FTP-like interface for users to upload their files. So what if there was an FTP program that worked with Flickr, YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, and even

Installing and configuring LAMP on Ubuntu

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FOSSwire: In this multi-part article, I’m going to be showing you how to install the popular LAMP stack - that’s Linux, Apache, the MySQL database system and PHP (in this example, although you can have Perl, Python etc. instead) for running your own website or web development server.

Open source revenues to reach $5.8bn

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vnunet: Sales of open source software will grow from $1.8bn last year to $5.8bn in 2011, analyst firm IDC predicts. Analyst believes that revenues alone do not reflect the actual distribution of open source software.

UN Technical Agency Honors Mozilla

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mitchell's blog: Last week I traveled to the UN in Geneva to accept the International Telecommunication Union's World Information Society Award on behalf of Mozilla. The ITU is the United Nations agency specializing in information and technology.

Operating Systems - Linux or Windows? Long Live UBUNTU!

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The Irows Blog: As I'm writing these words, a major computer wholesaler has decided to ship some of its new models with Linux Operating System. A perfect choice because I've been using UBUNTU on one of my machines for over a year now and I have nothing but qualified praise for it.

Chris DiBona, Google's open source chief

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Guardian Unlimited: DiBona is Google's open source programme manager and a respected . He was in London for one leg of Google Developer Day, and I grabbed a few minutes to speak with him about Google's approach to open development.

Amarok - A Review

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Shift+Backspace: Before my full-time migration to Linux, I always used iTunes for playing my music and managing my iPod. When I began to use Amarok (1.4.5) I immediately noticed a sense of polish and completion.

The cleanest, easiest way to fix XOrg-related problems in Ubuntu

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Thursday Night: XOrg problems seem to be the most vexing problems for new Ubuntu users for a number of reasons - why it hasn’t been solved is mostly due to political nonsense.

Low-Cost Laptop Project Ramps Up Production

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Chronicle: Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society kicked off its annual conference for college IT officials and Internet-law experts last night with an update on One Laptop Per Child from that project’s indefatigable founder, Nicholas Negroponte.

Nexuiz 2.3 released

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linux-gamers: Yesterday Alientrap released a new version of the 3d deathmatch game Nexuiz. This new milestone features an improved engine, new maps and reworked texturing effects. It offers an improved single player campaign and comes up with more human like bots.

Multitasking in Ubuntu

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Extreme Tech: Twenty years ago, computers did one thing at a time. You either used a word processor or used a spreadsheet or printed a document—but not all at once.Today, people rarely use computers for just one thing. Multitasking does not just mean running two programs at once. Fortunately, Ubuntu has many options for addressing these needs.

Linux Game Review: Planet Penguin Racer

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Raiden's Realm: Of all the great Linux games out there, many will fondly remember Tux Racer, the enigmatic racing game for Linux that featured everyone's favorite mascot, Tux, in a cold and chilly mountain racing game that kept you on the edge of your seat.

The Truth About ATI/AMD & Linux

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Phoronix: It's no secret that ATI Technologies has had a rough time in the past delivering display drivers that met the expectations of their customers. In this article we will be exposing what truly consists of the ATI/AMD driver development cycle and ultimately what they are really doing to improve their image in the Linux community.

Customize RPMs with rpmrebuild

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HowTos Building packages is usually hard work, and best left to distro developers who have the time and patience to work the appropriate magic. However, if you're an admin or user with a need to rebuild existing packages, rpmrebuild takes the pain out of creating new RPMs from installed packages.

Thoughts on TurboLinux Wizpy

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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: TurboLinux is about to attempt to lure Windows users over to the world of Linux when they begin selling worldwide the Wizpy media player. This is a pocket-sized device that not only plays audio and video files and can pick up FM radio, it also allows users to plug it into their USB power and boot up into Linux.

Retrieving Emails From Remote Servers With fetchmail (Debian Etch)

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Fetchmail is a program for retrieving emails from remote servers. Imagine you have five email accounts on five different servers. Of course, you don't want to connect to each of them to get your emails. This is where fetchmail comes into play.

Transfer files securely with SFTP

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Software File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was once the most widely used protocol for transferring files between computers. Secure Copy (SCP) and the more robust SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) address security concerns by providing data transfer over a fully encrypted channel.

Fedora 7 enables DIY Linux

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TechWorld: Red Hat's Fedora Project has given the open source community tools that let users build customised Linux distributions in Fedora 7, which was released yesterday.

Desktop diagramming with Dia and Kivio

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freesoftwaremagazine: Don't let the simplicity of use fool you. Both Kivio and Dia, two free software diagramming tools, are very efficient at what they do. If you need to design a complex flow chart or create a no-fuss UML diagram then you could do a lot worse than to choose either of these packages.

New in Fedora 7: xdg user directories

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/home/liquidat: One seldom mentioned new features of Fedora 7 are the new directories in the $HOME directory. These are due to the xdg-users-dir program from the Portland xdg project. In other news, Hello Planet Fedora.

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Games for GNU/Linux

  • Valve's Steam Controller With SteamOS/Linux Support Is Now Listed For Just $35
    If you have been put off from ordering a Steam Controller for your SteamOS/Linux gaming system due to the $50 USD price-tag, it's been marked down to $35. Back in June it was temporarily reduced to $35 USD but then a few days later shot back up to $50 at major Internet retailers. Judging from those that clicked our Amazon links, it was of interest to many readers. If you missed that discount the first time around, the Steam Controller is back to being listed as a $34.99 product. It's not clear how long this deal will last or if it is permanent -- there has been speculations about a "Steam Controller 2" but I haven't seen any public confirmation yet.
  • Game Developer Chooses To Connect With Pirates, Reaps Rewards As A Result
    One imagines that this kind of thing builds up goodwill amongst potential buyers of PM Studio games. Some of the comments on the thread state as much. It won't do anything with the pure-pirate folks out there, but, then again, nothing will. Worrying about those that were never going to buy the game would have been wasted time and energy. Instead, the developer chose to try to win over those that might indeed want to support its efforts. Here's hoping PM Games gets the positive reinforcement needed to confirm that this kind of thing is the right way to deal with piracy. And that other studios are paying attention, as well.
  • InXile Entertainment announced Wasteland 3, will use crowdfunding on fig
    I'm going off their twitter and other sites for the main info right now, as it seems we are still not on InXile's press list. It is already confirmed to have Linux support, along with multiplayer, vehicles, and some form of base building.

Software Company Red Hat banks on India to hit $ 5 billion turnover in 5 years

Red Hat, the open-source software company, said its India business was growing at more than double the rate of the overall company and would be an important contributor to its target of reaching $5 billion in the next five years. Red Hat has over $2 billion in annual revenue currently and grew over 21% in constant currency last year. Open-source software is freely available, so Red Hat’s business model depends on customers paying for the support and service it offers and not on license fees, making the company’s offerings typically cheaper than proprietary software. “India is one of our fastest growing markets. Red Hat does really when there is net new infrastructure to be set up. And the rapid pace of development that India is seeing sets really well with our offerings,” James Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat, told ET. Read more

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