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Story Gentoo and KDE 4.6, Nice Companions srlinuxx 10/03/2011 - 9:46pm
Story Does Compiz Still Slow Down Your System? srlinuxx 10/03/2011 - 9:44pm
Story Java removed from Linux Standard Base 4.1 srlinuxx 10/03/2011 - 7:40pm
Story gnome-shell :: test drive srlinuxx 10/03/2011 - 7:39pm
Story Linux AntiVirus: Avast srlinuxx 10/03/2011 - 7:37pm
Story Quit means quit srlinuxx 10/03/2011 - 7:35pm
Story openSUSE 11.4 – A New Hallmark For The openSUSE Project srlinuxx 10/03/2011 - 5:23pm
Story GNOME-KDE wars are back again srlinuxx 10/03/2011 - 5:22pm
Story Large HDD/SSD Linux 2.6.38 File-System Comparison: srlinuxx 10/03/2011 - 5:20pm
Story Waxing Nostalgic About Old-School Linux srlinuxx 10/03/2011 - 5:19pm

Open source is where the action is in 2007

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The pace of change in the open source software business is likely to accelerate in 2007 as developers climb up the software stack from the operating system and databases to applications.

God's Laundry Day

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The discussion that broke out on the Linux kernel mailing list this week was just like a squall: a quiet technical discussion that suddenly grew into a deep conversation about the nature of the Linux kernel itself. Would the finest example of GPL software continue to allow proprietary software to be encoded within? The initial answer seemed to be yes. Eventually, Linus Torvalds weighed in on the matter and in his blunt statements made everyone stop and think.

Education 2.0: The next evolution of school software has arrived

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Aiming to customize their solutions to meet the individual needs of teachers and students, a growing number of school systems are ushering in a new breed of school software that relies on open technologies. FSF launches campaign against Microsoft Vista

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The website's name tells it all., a website run by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is devoted to the mission of exposing the harms inflicted on computer users by the Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system and promoting free software alternatives that respect users' security and privacy rights.

But: Software Freedom Law Center comes to Microsoft's aid

Linux/Open Source Making Market Splash

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Linux/Open Source applications are gaining traction in virtually every vertical market and continent because of low costs to deploy, robust security, high flexibility and scalability, and a plethora of quality system and application software that is actively developed and supported by a worldwide community of Open Source developers.

And the battle rages on

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I just finished reading Chris Dawson's article. His statement goes to the core of the problem with this debate — and the misunderstanding that surrounds the debate. Linux was invented to offer an alternative to UNIX — not Windows.

Pre-build MythTV Linux PVR eats Windows MCE for breakfast

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With its little side-flaps extended I can’t help but see this pre-built MythTV PVR as some sort of Transformer, but sadly though its capabilities are broad I don’t think they extend to being a robot in disguise. Still, you could have some pretty good times.

RPM to be revitalized - courtesy of Fedora Project

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The hot news right out of the oven is that RPM - the famous package manager that is the base of all Red Hat based Linux distribution packages is going to get a shot in the arm.

Search Next or Backwards and Goto Line Tips for VIM

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To search in vim is very simple, even a noob vim user know that,


To search for next?

openSUSE 10.2 Changelog & Version Highlights

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There are many informative and complete reviews of openSUSE 10.2 already published, some with nice screenshots, so I don't see the point in writing yet another. However, for those interested, I have compiled a small report (for lack of a better word) on some of the notable contents of the Changelog and some package version highlights.

openSuSE 10.2: Free from Novell

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Between the deal Novell just made with Microsoft and the countless statements and counter-statements by lawyers and armchair analysts, it's easy to forget that Novell does make a free Linux desktop product. The latest iteration of this is openSuSE 10.2.

X Window System Concepts in Linux

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When using X, a user is running a graphical application, say an xterm. The xterm is the client; it communicates with an X server, which does the job of displaying it.

Add a User on Ubuntu Server

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Ubuntu Server is like any Linux variety, and has full multi-user capabilities, and a common task on any server is adding users. The useradd command will let you add a new user easily from the command line:

Hitting the Trifecta: Java database development with Apache Derby, Part 1

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Climb aboard! This article begins your journey of writing Java applications that work with the Apache Derby database. Learn how to connect to an embedded Derby database by using a Derby embedded Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver. Plus find out about database metadata and how to properly handle SQL errors and warnings in your Java application that may be generated by Derby.

Ulteo: Latin for 'Yet another Ubuntu based distro'

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Yogi Berra once said, it's like "deja vu all over again". And that's the feeling I got using the new Linux distribution Ulteo. As I mentioned, Ulteo is a distribution based on the Ubuntu code base. What makes its name stand out a bit more (as opposed to say, Linux Mint) is that it was started by Gael Duval.

FSF helps free online gaming world

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The Free Software Foundation announced that it will officially support the Free Ryzom campaign with a pledge of $60 000.

Remote Desktop Sharing in Ubuntu

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vino is VNC server for GNOME.VNC is a protocol that allows remote display of a user’s desktop. This package provides a VNC server that integrates with GNOME, allowing you to export your running desktop to another computer for remote use or diagnosis.

KDE 4: the ultimate business desktop?

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Since beginning as a one-person project over ten years ago, the fourth generation of the K Desktop Environment (KDE) is poised to be the most business-friendly open source desktop to date with a host of new features ideal for enterprises.

Generate secure, completely random passwords : Ubuntu

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I recently read an article on Slashdot mentioning how MySpace users generally have more secure passwords than those in corporate environments. This reminded me of a simple password generator that Ubuntu has to make sure you’re using a password nearly unbreakable.

Learning Ubuntu made easy

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Good documentation has helped keep the two-year-old Ubuntu project among the most popular Linux distributions. To complement the traditional venues for help, such as FAQs, HOWTOs, bulletin boards, and mailing lists, Ubuntu uses interactive forums such as Internet Relay Chat to conduct training classes for new users. Now add to the list of helpful sites.

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    3D printing hit the mainstream a few years ago thanks in part to the open-source 3D printer market. The origins of this transition had to do with expiring patents held by the traditionally held commercial 3D printing companies. Since then, several small businesses have sprung up around the emerging low-cost 3D printer market. Some of these companies embraced the open-source mentality, while others are seeking shelter with patents.
  • Hackaday Prize Entry: Open-Source Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis
    Hands can grab things, build things, communicate, and we control them intuitively with nothing more than a thought. To those who miss a hand, a prosthesis can be a life-changing tool for carrying out daily tasks. We are delighted to see that [Alvaro Villoslada] joined the Hackaday Prize with his contribution to advanced prosthesis technology: Dextra, the open-source myoelectric hand prosthesis.
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    As our readers will know, an important part of the 3D printing community is the idea of accessibility. Of course, it is more than just an idea, as everyday makers around the world share their 3D designs and models for free, and even 3D printing companies exercise an open-source philosophy with DIY 3D printers and accessible models. Recently, Barcelona based 3D printer developer BCN3D Technologies decided to further embrace the additive manufacturing open-source philosophy with their latest initiative, Open Source 360º. As part of the initiative, the company has announced that it will share all of its engineering, design, and fabrication information used in the manufacturing of their flagship product, the BCN3D Sigma 3D printer.
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LibreOffice Liberation

  • Sun, sea, and open source: How Spain's Balearic islands are trying to turn into a tech paradise
    However, work remains to be done, especially on civil servants' desktops. "We started by replacing MSN Office", explains Villoslada. "Thanks to free office suite LibreOffice 5, we may overcome compatibility problems with documents coming in from different versions of MSN Office. We already have 1,000 Office licenses which are not necessary anymore, and we plan not to renew over 5,500 licenses purchased in 2007", he adds.
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Kali Linux Alternative: BackBox Linux 4.6 Released With Updated Hacking Tools

BackBox Linux, a Kali Linux alternative, is here with its latest version i.e. BackBox Linux 4.6. Based on Ubuntu Linux, this hacking operating system is now available for download with updated hacking tools and Ruby 2.2. Read more

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  • Turn Your Old Laptop into a Chromebook
    Once the drive is ready with bootable CloudReady, plug it into the target PC and boot the system. It may take a while for the system to boot into Chromium OS. Once booted, you will see the screen shown in Figure 3.
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