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Getting Started with Ghost4Linux

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Ghost is a popular software in the Windows world for creating full backups of your PCs contents and helps in restoring individual files or the entire hard drive. One of the popular ways of archiving or creating images of Linux filesystems is to use liveCD distributions and tarring the entire contents.

Pulseaudio in Ubuntu Feisty - play sound over the network!

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Why PulseAudio?

But first, some motivation. Why use a sound server these days? Doesn’t ALSA work now? Well, there’s 3 main reasons to rig up PulseAudio:

Hidden Linux : The dict Difference

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There are lots of ways in which Linux applications can be tweaked to your personal taste. Here's one of my favourites...

6 Reasons Why I’ve Switched to Ubuntu Linux

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In my quest for the ideal computing experience, Ubuntu is the winner. I’ve been switching between Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu [Feisty Fawn]; all in all, Ubuntu takes the cake for many reasons. If you are interesting in learning more about Linux then continue reading.

Ubuntu 7.04 (Beta) on an eMac - Part 1: Installation

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I have an older G4 eMac with 512Mb RAM. I upgraded the CD-Rom to a DVD burner and am installing Feisty on it. I did however run into issues just getting to the install. Here are the steps I followed to get a successful install started from the Live CD.

1. Download the ISO from here. (I grabbed the one labeled “Mac (PowerPC) and IBM-PPC (POWER5) desktop CD “).

The 451 Group on 'Going Open'

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Nearly two months ago, Raven Zachary, a senior analyst with The 451 Group, sent me his research report "Going Open: Software Vendors in Transition." I've been waiting for the chance to read it in full, but it hasn't been easy finding time to plow through its 66 pages. On a flight to Europe yesterday I found the time, and am glad I did.

Howto: Tango In Openoffice

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I recently tried the latest version of Ubuntu and they're theming OpenOffice. I noticed they included the Tango version of OOo's icons. They look amazing so when I went back to OpenSuse I decided to try and get them on there. Here's the howto.

Browse to and find the package*.deb

The myth of free Linux

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Those of you who are considering moving away from Windows to Linux for your desktop may need to be dispelled of a certain myth. No matter what distribution you ultimately choose to download, Linux is by no means free of financial cost.

Open up and be free

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There is one class of software whose authors want you to copy their work for free and encourage you to distribute it to others. It’s occasionally called Open Source software and it’s described by some as being “free”, since you can don’t have to purchase a licence in order to own or use it.

Installing VirtualBox On Ubuntu

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This tutorial shows how you can install InnoTek's VirtualBox on a Ubuntu desktop. With VirtualBox you can create and run guest operating systems (virtual machines) such as Linux and Windows under a host operating system.

A conversation with Mark Shuttleworth over fine food and fine football

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What a perfect day. I'm in London today, and went to the Arsenal vs. Bolton match with Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu. Mark isn't a big football fan, but he indulged my Arsenal fixation and even treated me like a rational human being, which I decidedly am not when it comes to football. Arsenal won 2-1. All is right in the universe.

Foxiewire Update

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Just 9 days after the official announcement about the new Spread Firefox project Foxiewire, membership has jumped from 12 to 101.

It’s great to see that people are participating and submitting Mozilla news stories and they are voting on them. All are welcome to join so go on over to Foxiewire today and sign up.

Something for my Mouse Cursor

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Sometimes mouse cursor can be very annoying, when you are reading some articles, writing blog post. Especially when you are using a low quality optical mouse that always have jitter motion on mouse cursor, it will disturbs your reading and writing as well. To cater this issue, we have a package called unclutter to hide your mouse when it is idle for certain period of time.

Book review Linux System Administration

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Linux System Administration is a book for a seasoned Linux or UNIX administrator. The book attempts to describe day-to-day administration, maintenance and advanced issues commonly faced by Linux system administrator. Book covers wild verity of topics.

An Outcry For Improved ATI Linux Drivers

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When I heard a sharp and continuous beeping sound, I had just grabbed my mug to enjoy my evening tea with the movie I was trying to watch. Without asking any questions to my computer (implicitly or explicitly), I had put down the mug and reached for the reset button on my PC. This was the third time in 45 minutes and it had never happened before.

Best 13 Rss Readers for Linux

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When it comes to Rss Readers Linux had a slow start.

The Rss Reader is a new way for you to monitor your favorite blogs or news sites and make sure that you are alerted whenever new content or articles appear, all this without the email spam.

Here’s a list with the Best 13 Rss Readers for Linux fans:

1. Google Reader and Bloglines

Nvu - The Free And Easy Way To Build Your Web Site

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Nvu is a WYSIWYG editor for designing and maintaining web pages. WYSIWYG, pronounced "we-see-wig", stands for "What You See Is What You Get", which means that the page that you look at while you write and edit, looks just like the way the page will look when it is viewed through a web browser (as opposed to writing HTML code where you have to guess and test how it may look).

Meet the Distro guy

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There's no dearth of Linux distributions. This isn't the first time I've said this. Neither will it be the last. But why the chaos? Why are there more failed distributions than successful ones? Ask the distro guy, Ladislav Bodnar, maintainer of

Ubuntu 7.04 - Steady updates, fixes, work-around for Compiz

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The updates keep coming in at a steady rate every day. They range anywhere from 20 to 40 packages/update on a given day. It will be interesting to see what is finally touched up and cleaned up for the April 19th official release of 7.04.

Some good news: The display problem with the NetworkManager was fixed with today's updates. It now displays the state of the underlying networking system.

Adventures with Ubuntu Edgy Eft

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A week or two ago I was at Frys and came across The Official Ubuntu Book. I've heard a lot about this flavor of Linux lately and thought it was high time I started working with it.

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Games for GNU/Linux

  • Atom Zombie Smasher is being updated, Linux version to finally come to Steam
    Atom Zombie Smasher came to Linux a long time ago, but the Linux version never did make it to Steam. It is now being updated by Ethan Lee and the Linux version will be put onto Steam.
  • The Curious Expedition to release in full on September 2nd with Linux support
    The Curious Expedition is a roguelike expedition simulation set in the late 19th century, it is soon to leave Early Access and has full Linux support. It has been on Linux since the early days, so it's one title that has supported us for quite a while. I have never tried it, but the reviews seem pretty good!
  • Speculation: It's looking like Rocket League may finally arrive on Linux in September
    Rocket League is way overdue, we all know that, but honestly I am fully expecting it to arrive with the patch due in September named the 'Rumble Update'. This update will come with a bunch of stuff including a new game mode. I'm speculating of course, so don't take this as solid confirmation of anything. The evidence is starting to come together though and I will be extremely surprised if Linux isn't released with the Rumble update next month. Every time Rocket League is updated on SteamDB, the Linux depot is now also updated and this has been true for about two weeks now. This is the single most activity the Linux side of RL has ever seen being pushed into branches on Steam.

Linux-compatible Hardware

  • EOMA68 modular laptop/desktop raises more than $150 thousand through crowdfunding, here’s what’s next
    The EOMA68 project is an effort to design a system of modular computing devices that use interchangeable PC cards. The processor, memory, storage, and operating system are all on a card that you can pop out of a laptop or desktop and replace with a different card. Theoretically any type of processor and operating system can run from an EOMA68 card, but the project is also designed to support free and open source software, which restricts some of the hardware that can be used… so the when founder Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton took to Crowd Supply to raise money to begin production of the first PC cards and laptop and desktop shells, the focus is on first-gen cards with low-power Allwinner A20 processors, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage.
  • Seeed Studio’s ReSpeaker Speaks All the Voice Recognition Languages
    Seeed Studio recently launched its third Kickstarter campaign: ReSpeaker, an open hardware voice interface. After their previous Kickstarted IoT hardware, such as the RePhone, mostly focused on connectivity, the electronics manufacturer from Shenzhen now tackles another highly contested area of IoT: Voice recognition.
  • Open-source Piton CPU can scale into million-core system
  • Open Source SNES to USB Converter Lets You Emulate Legally
    [Andrew Milkovich] was inspired build his own Super Nintendo cartridge reader based on a device we covered an eternity (in internet years) ago. The device mounts a real cartridge as a USB mass storage device, allowing you to play your games using an emulator directly from the cart.

The Importance of BSD

The Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) is a Unix operating system developed by the Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) of the University of California, Berkeley. Read more

Ubuntu 16.10 Unity and Ubuntu MATE

  • Ubuntu 16.10 Unity 8 / Mir - Current State
  • Bytemark sponsor Ubuntu MATE
    A couple of weeks ago the Bytemark Managing Director, Matthew Bloch, contacted the Ubuntu MATE team to offer free hosting for the project. As of August 18th 2016 all the Ubuntu MATE infrastucture is hosted on Bytemark Cloud Servers.
  • Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Beta 1
    We are underwhelmed to announce, quite possibly, our most uninteresting beta release E-V-E-R! ;-) This beta release is all about the plumbing that transitions Ubuntu MATE to GTK 3.20. It really isn’t very interesting from an end-users perspective.