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Story Oracle integrates DTrace debugger into its Linux distribution Rianne Schestowitz 05/12/2013 - 8:47pm
Story Today in Techrights Roy Schestowitz 05/12/2013 - 5:27pm
Story Custom-built Distributions and the 2,000+ GNU/Linux Distributions Listed by Softpedia Roy Schestowitz 05/12/2013 - 2:10pm
Story Open source option wins WA cloud deal Roy Schestowitz 05/12/2013 - 8:12am
Story It's Now Even Easier Trying Out KDE Frameworks 5 Rianne Schestowitz 04/12/2013 - 10:59pm
Story Android eyewear beats Google Glass to market Rianne Schestowitz 04/12/2013 - 10:45pm
Story Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Receives Major Kernel Update Rianne Schestowitz 04/12/2013 - 10:34pm
Story Federal Agencies Embracing Use Of Open Source Software Code Rianne Schestowitz 04/12/2013 - 10:27pm
Story Valve joins the Linux Foundation as it prepares its Linux-powered Steam OS and Steam Machines Roy Schestowitz 04/12/2013 - 10:00pm
Story Leftovers: Gaming Roy Schestowitz 04/12/2013 - 1:01pm

Sri Lankan school children soon may own “$100 laptop”

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OLPC Some of the two million primary school students in Sri Lanka soon may get to own the “$100 laptop” if an ambitious plan to introduce the product into Sri Lanka gets adequate support, officials said.

Ubuntu on the Asus Eee PC: Part 1

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HowTos I’ve been combing over various guides and instructions online for installing Ubuntu on the Asus Eee PCmahalo, and I ran into a few kinks along the way since I don’t have a USB CD-ROM to install from and opted for a USB flash drive instead.

Pioneer Linux 3.0.2: Pale Xandros imitation

Filed under
Linux This Ubuntu-based distribution is put out by a commercial company. They have both a free and retail version, and also (interestingly enough) sell bundles along with the Linux version of Nero burning Rom. I get the impression they're trying to ease the transition of XP users.

Picasa 2.7 beta for Linux

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arun's blog: Google has released Picasa 2.7 beta for Linux. Important among the new features is the option to upload photos to web. I wanted this feature in Linux since the time it was available in Windows.

some howtos:

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  • Short Tip: Use bluetooth mobile phone as a mouse/pointer

  • Easy TrueCrypt Handling Trough EasyCrypt
  • Xubuntu + Compiz = Pretty pretty Xubuntu
  • How to Enable or Disable Login Messages
  • Update BIOS of Dell laptop with Ubuntu
  • Video - installing Mplayer and the binary codecs

Do you Ubuntu?

mopedia.blogspot: I have been using ubuntu for over a year now, I used to have vista on my machine but ever since I tried ubuntu out of sheer curiosity I've never looked back. In my opinion it's the most user friendly Linux distro available.

How to make Ubuntu to start faster

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its-about-amoena.blogspot: My Ubuntu used to start really slowly, even more slowly than my former XP. So I thought that there has to be a way to make it faster. After a little research I learned that it was not even hard to do. I gave it a try and now this machine starts a lot faster. Whoa! Totally worth it.

Ministry of Education from Brazil is buying 3000 Debian GNU Linux computers

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Hardware The Ministry of Education from Brazil is buying more 3000 Debian GNU / Linux computers , with four multimedia terminals and compatible printers for installing at 3000 rural schools, with 36 months contractual support. This next bidding adds up to the previous 90000 Debian GNU / Linux computers, network and printers.

ASUS Calms the Fears of Eee PC Owners with Warranty Update

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Hardware Although most Eee PC owners are satisfied with their $350 to $399 USD purchases, they have been faced with the prospect of voiding their warranty by simply removing two screws from the bottom access panel to upgrade the memory.

Source(Forge) of Strength or Weakness?

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Glyn Moody: Support is both a weakness and a strength of open source. A weakness because few projects are able to offer support directly; instead, the core coders naturally prefer to concentrate on refining and extending their creations.


Filed under
Hardware I finally got my hands on an EEE PC on Friday after having waited for nearly a month for the one I ordered by mail order to arrive. The device itself feels a lot more solid than I was expecting, and the pearly white look is actually rather nice.

Installing MyDNS And The MyDNSConfig Control Panel On Fedora 8

Filed under

In this tutorial I will describe how to install and configure MyDNS and MyDNSConfig on Fedora 8.

MEPIS 7.0-rc2: See Fedora

Filed under

distrogue.blogspot: I tried MEPIS 6.0 and 6.5 a while back because it seemed like a good distribution. The best of Ubuntu, Debian, and Knoppix all rolled into one with some extra goodies a la Mint- who wouldn't want it? It turned out to be a decent distribution, but a solid one at best. All this is (hopefully- it's the last RC, but it's still just an RC) going to change with version 7.0.

Linutop Mini Linux PC Reviewed - Damn Small Linux Hardware

Filed under
Hardware The Linutop is a small Linux PC. Of course, if you think the Mac Mini is small, then perhaps the words, incredibly miniscule are closer to the mark. The basic software installed allows you to browse the web, type a document or watch a video - quite literally, plug and play. While the system is not speedy, in everyday use I wouldn't call it sluggish: Even with a few windows open, it's perfectly useable.

A switch from Ubuntu to PCLOS

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namckeand.blogspot: I finally switched from Ubuntu to PCLinux on one of my laptops. It was so easy. Everything was exactly the way I wanted it as soon as the installation was finished.

Clusterssh: control serveral ssh sessions via a single interface

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DPotD: Clusterssh is a graphical utility that allows you to open several ssh connections and execute commands simultaneously in all of them. I find it powerful in many cases, for example when I’ve to perform a dist-upgrade on many different servers.

Low-power Linux goes off-grid

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tectonic: Living in Africa we have abundant sun, a power source we rarely consider when we buy yet another gadget. Along comes the Aleutia E1, an ultra low power computer setup that can be run from a roll up solar panel or car battery and runs Puppy Linux.

Hidden Linux : Adding the naughty bits

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blogs.pcworld: If Envy's the answer to Ubuntu users' proprietary graphics drivers installation dreams, then Automatix2 is the answer to everything else.

gOS 1.0 - What's All The Fuss About?

Filed under

adventuresinopensource.blogspot: I've been hearing a lot lately about the new gOS from Google. It's the OS that comes installed on the Everex Green PCs and they've been flying off Walmart shelves in the US. I decided to download it and see for myself if it was more than just a flash in the pan.

Debian server administration tools (GUI)

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Software gadmintools - GTK+ server administration tools.Gadmintools consists of several easy to use GTK+ server administration tools.

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