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Story SparkyLinux 3.2.1 Xfce Edition Uses Linux Kernel 3.12 Rianne Schestowitz 01/02/2014 - 2:34pm
Story Dell cooks up an Android PC on a HDMI stick Rianne Schestowitz 01/02/2014 - 2:28pm
Story Help the FSF bury Windows 8 Rianne Schestowitz 01/02/2014 - 2:20pm
Story Linux on the NUC: Using Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, and the SteamOS beta Rianne Schestowitz 01/02/2014 - 2:12pm
Story Installing Linux: The Good, Bad and Ugly Rianne Schestowitz 01/02/2014 - 9:27am
Story LibreOffice 4.2 Released with Focus on Performance Rianne Schestowitz 01/02/2014 - 8:12am
Page About Roy Schestowitz 01/02/2014 - 4:05am
Story Canton of Bern parliament votes for open source Rianne Schestowitz 01/02/2014 - 2:02am
Story ETSI: 'Open source clouds worth considering' Rianne Schestowitz 01/02/2014 - 1:55am
Story QupZilla 1.6.1 QtWebKit Browser Adds New Features Rianne Schestowitz 01/02/2014 - 1:33am

Re-Examining the PC-as-Appliance Model

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Linux Today: Macs come close to a toaster model, with Linux right there, given the security and automated update features available. Windows? Right, that's our laugh for this week's column. But "close" is still a long ways away. Even the pre-loaded Linux machines being sold out on the market now fall short of a "plug-in-and-forget" operating scenario. This week, however, I begin to wonder if such a goal is worthy after all.

The Seven Kinds of Ziff-Davis or CNET anti-Linux FUD Pundits

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Linux While the bloggers in my neighborhood seem to be trying to catalog the FOSS users as if we were a species of butterfly or something, I thought I'd contribute to the noise. Only my offering will be a taxonomy of those writers whose mighty corporate paychecks make them columnists while their desire to roll around on the floor with the kids and be cool makes them "bloggers".

Get involved: Suggest features for the Gentoo 2008.0 release

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Gentoo Release Engineering team members are in the planning stages for 2008.0, and they want your help! Is there anything you'd like to see added, changed or removed from Gentoo's release media?

Lotus Notes 8.5 to fully support Ubuntu Linux 7.10 in mid-2008

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computerworld: Is Linux on the enterprise desktop finally ready for prime time? IBM apparently thinks so as it prepares to deliver its next versions of Lotus Notes enterprise collaboration software and Lotus Symphony office productivity applications for the first time with full support for Ubuntu Linux 7.10 sometime in the second half of this year.

Parcellite - a GNOME clipboard manager

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Software The clipboard is one thing that we often take forgranted. The concept of copy and paste is almost burnt into our minds, and we use it to move text and objects from application to application. Often, however, the restriction of having only one object on the clipboard at any one time can be limiting. Enter Parcellite.

Elisa 0.3.3 - Media Centre for Kids

Initially I was quite excited by the release of Elisa 0.3.3 from the team at Fluendo. In general, I like the work Fluendo does - amongst other initiatives they have codecs for sale that alleviate any legal qualms you may have about installing "non-free" video codecs from various locations, they have an interesting Java streaming video applet called Cortado and they provide a reasonably priced online streaming service. So, high hopes for Elisa 0.3.3.

Foundation rewards Open Source business plans

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OSS The Open Source Business Foundation, a European open source network has awarded a total of €75,000 to the three winners of its annual Open Source Business Awards.

coupla interesting images

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coupla EeePC reviews

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Celebrity advice on keeping your Linux desktop secure

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Linux One of the main reasons people move from Windows to Linux is the promise of greater security from malware on the Internet. Everyone knows you need to add extra security to try to keep a Windows desktop safe, but what do you have to do to accomplish the same thing on Linux?

some howtos:

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  • Use tcpdump for network debugging

  • Theme GNOME Apps Running in KDE 4.0
  • How to Easily Improve/Enhance Font Rendering in Xubuntu
  • Can you get cp to give a progress bar like wget?
  • Linux commands for “What is taking up all my space?”
  • Apt-file: Providing apt’s answer to rpm -qf
  • How to get root access in recovery mode if sudo is broken (Ubuntu)
  • Linux Perl Script To Graph Out Paging, Memory and CPU

FTC Announces Landmark Settlement in “Patent Hold Up” Action

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OSS The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that patent licensing promises made by National Semiconductor for US$1000 flat one-time fee is binding on a future holder of the patent.

U.S. OLPC Recipients Irate Over Tiny Laptop Delays, Headaches

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OLPC When Seattle, Washington resident David Ruggiero heard about an opportunity to get his hands on the innovative XO laptop made by the One Laptop Per Child charitable organization, he hopped on it. Within two hours after the promotion began on Nov. 12 he snapped one up. set to kick off in Melbourne

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Linux Melbournites beware, Linus Torvalds and his colony of penguins are arriving in force for the annual Free and Open Source Software conference,

Review: gOS 2.0 Beta

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Linux THE idea of low-cost computers running Linux operating systems is steadily gathering ground in the market place. But can cheap and cheerful also mean innovative and interesting? I think it can, and I think gOS 2.0 (codenamed 'Rocket') is proof of that.

Kommando: A floating panel for KDE

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Software Inspired by the command wheel in the Neverwinter Nights online game, Kommando is a floating command panel for KDE. Although Kommando's development is almost as slow as an official Debian release, and is only at version 0.5.2, it is already a configurable and convenient addition to the array of panels available in KDE.

KDE 4: My List Of Most Awaited Applications

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linux.wordpress: I have been using KDE 4.0 since the day ONE, and of course compared to my KDE 3.5.8 desktop (both on openSUSE 10.3) there are tonnes of features that are currently missing. I really would have loved the following applications to be fully ported, functioning and support all that KDE 4 has to offer:

Four productivity-boosting Firefox extensions

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Moz/FF I've been using Firefox as my primary browser for so long that Internet Explorer looks strange to me on those odd occasions when Windows Update or some other automatic Windows setting opens it. There are lots of reasons Firefox is my browser of choice, not the least of which are the great free add-ons.

UNetbootin lets you install distros without burning discs

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Software UNetbootin is a simple open source tool that allows you to install a variety of distributions over the Internet, without burning a CD. It will create a partitioned dual-boot system as though you installed with a CD. It's useful if you're working on a machine with a slow or no CD/DVD drive or don't have any spare discs to burn.

Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits

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element14.wordpress: Adopt 10 good habits that improve your UNIX® command line efficiency — and break away from bad usage patterns in the process. This article takes you step-by-step through several good, but too often neglected, techniques for command-line operations. Learn about common errors and how to overcome them, so you can learn exactly why these UNIX habits are worth picking up.

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