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Microsoft’s Linux foray props up Novell

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Microsoft's deal with Novell to resell SUSE Linux may be controversial, but it's looking like a boon for Novell. In fact, it's just about the only bright spot the Novell has right now.

Microsoft playing three card monte with XML conversion

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Gary Edwards of the Open Document Foundation, a leading member of its technical committee, says Microsoft is playing proprietary games aimed at controlling XML file formats and preventing the Open Document Format from gaining a foothold.

Linux OS Vs. Distribution OS?

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While I tried to gather information about software installation and Linux I also discussed this topic with several people. One argument I found rather strange was based on the statement that there is no Linux OS - but that every distribution is its own operating system. This is something I cannot agree with.

Review: Inkscape 0.45 is the best yet

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Open source software's preeminent vector graphics package, Inkscape, made a new stable release last month. Inkscape 0.45 packs in new features, speed, and usability enhancements, and offers a tempting look at where the package is headed.

Slashdot revamps tech news aggregation site

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Web released on Thursday a new feature designed to give more participation in the selection of articles to its users, who submit links to stories and comments about them to the site.

Fault-tolerant Linux can compete with Windows

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If you ask any IT manager if they would want an operating system that was ‘guaranteed’ to be available and supporting applications running continuously twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year, then the answer would probably be very simple. However, if you want to measure how much this level of availability is worth to the organisation, then you’ll probably get a very different response.

Alien Arena 2007 6.04 released

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COR Entertainment LLC announces the release of Alien Arena 2007 version 6.04 today, the latest installment of it's freeware online deathmatch game!

Java 2007: The year in preview

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2007 will go down in history as the year Sun Microsystems gave up the reins of the Java platform, releasing it under an open source license to the Java developer community. In this article, Java developer Elliotte Rusty Harold predicts new directions for the Java platform, in everything from scripting to bug fixing to new syntax.

Using Amfphp 1.9 with the Adobe Flex 2 SDK

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This article shows how you can make PHP interact with Adobe Flex. Adobe Flex is a technology to support the development and deployment of rich internet applications based on their proprietary Macromedia Flash platform.

Métamorphose your file names en masse

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Métamorphose is the graphical equivalent of the mv command combined with some of the functions of the chattr command for multiple files. While Métamorphose seems intended mainly for use with mass numbers of music files, to judge from the examples in the online help, anyone who takes file organization seriously can benefit from its attention to work flow and detailed options.

FSF wants to partner with hardware makers

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The Free Software Foundation (FSF) yesterday released a paper entitled, "The road to hardware free from restrictions", detailing ways major hardware manufacturers with power in the market can work with the free software community to establish a "mutually beneficial relationship."

Brazil's Computers for All Program Gets 50,000 Linux Machines

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Computers for All, a program from the Brazilian federal government whose goal is to make computers affordable to the population, has already received 50,000 desktops preinstalled with Linux XP Desktop.

Make your Ubuntu desktop look slick with some new GTK Engines

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If you are like me, one reason you switched to Linux is for customization. On Ubuntu, you don't get that luxury all the time. So, I will show you how to get two of the latest engines available, Murrine and Candido, on your spiffy Ubuntu machine.

Why Linux STILL runs faster than Windows

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The difference between the two operating systems and what really makes the hair split is the underlying design philosophy that went into creating these essential parts of our computing experience.

is GNU/Linux for you? Probably not

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From time to time, it is not uncommon to encounter a confession on the net, a bleating essay that says "I can't run Linux, though I'd love to", and advances a host of assorted "reasons" for this act of commission.

Linux Gazette March 2007 (#136) Issue Ready

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This month's Linux Gazette is online and ready to read. Some highlights include A Beginner's Guide to Dual Booting Linux Mint and Windows XP, Interview: Orv Beach, and Keymap and IOCTLs.

The Road to KDE 4: Dolphin and Konqueror

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As some of you who monitor the KDE news sphere may have noticed, there has been a recent addition to the kdebase module. The Dolphin File Manager has been added to complement Konqueror's browsing capabilities. Read on for more information about this new File Manager and its relationship to Konqueror and the rest of KDE.

Pimp My Boot Process

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A few weeks ago I tried to improve the visual appearance of my boot process using usplash and a matching grub splash theme. Since creating usplash themes is rather tricky and not really suitable for the average user I decided to switch to splashy. So here is my current solution for a nice bootup:

How to build a live Fedora CD using Kadischi

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Kadischi was created in 2005 by Darko Ilic specifically for creating Fedora based Live CDs. Although it is still in active early development, it is still quite usable. What this means to the average user, is that there currently are not any RPMs for Kadischi; it is only downloadable from CVS. Fear not, this is covered below, and it’s quite easy to build.

Novell has loss, missing Wall Street target

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Novell Inc. reported a quarterly loss on Thursday, missing Wall Street forecasts as the business software maker's sales fell and it took a charge for a consulting unit that it aims to sell.

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Samsung to setup a Tizen Academy in Telangana, India

Samsung originally released their first Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z1, in India last year and with that move have signalled the importance of the Indian sub-continent to their future Tizen plans. Now, the korean tech giant is looking at setting up a Tizen Academy in the Telangana state in India. Samsung Electronics this month have signed an agreement with the Telangana Academy of Skill and Training (TASK). As part of the deal App developers from the Telangana state will receive special mentoring on the Tizen Operating System (OS). Read more

Phoronix on Latest Linux 4.8 Developments

This $100 smartwatch is powered by Android

The smartwatch market may not be the next big thing as many hoped it would be, but that isn’t stopping countless smaller companies from trying to take a piece of the pie. The latest effort comes from a Chinese company called Mobvoi and is an Android-based smartwatch complete with its own proprietary software and voice assistant. The Ticwatch 2 is launching through a Kickstarter campaign today and is expected to hit retail availability in the US and Europe this fall. The starting price for backers is under $100. Read more

Fedora News

  • It's Time to Upgrade to Fedora 24 Linux If You're Still Using Fedora 22
    Fedora Program Manager Jan Kurik announced that the Fedora 22 Linux operating system officially reached end of life on July 19, 2016, urging users to upgrade to either the Fedora 23 or Fedora 24. Of course, this is not the first time we inform our readers about the end of life (EOL) support for the Fedora 22 GNU/Linux distribution, but just in case you haven't noticed our previous story, and you're still using Fedora 22 on your personal computers or servers, it's time to upgrade to a newer release immediately.
  • Fedora 24: systemd-analyze
    I am still searching for an explanation, but Google searches are not turning up much that is useful. In the end it is curiosity more than something that is actually impacting me as I am able to start working long before systemd-analyze is capable of giving me results and certainly it is not taking 1 minute and 30 seconds for the computer to boot. In fact, when I timed the boot it only took 18.5 seconds for me to get to the desktop.
  • Blivet-gui 2.0
  • FISL17
    Ana Mativi, Rino (@Villadalmine), Itamar Jp, Ezequiel (QliXed) Brizuela, Bruno R. Zanuzzo, Eduardo Echeverria, Junior Wolnei e Daniel Lara. I personally knew only two of those people so it’s nice to see new faces behind the nicknames.
  • Looking forward to flock 2016
    Just over one week until flock ( ), Fedora’s main yearly conference. This time it’s in Kraków, Poland. This of course means a long time traveling for myself and other North American Fedorans, but it’s always well worth it.
  • PreLinuxDay: Talk about Fedora QA and L10N
    Linux Day is a global celebration of Linux. According to the event site, there is currently 9 teams in 5 countries. One of these teams is from my country, Panama. The responsible of doing this is Jose Reyes, our newest Panamanian Fedora Ambassador.
  • Final phase
    Last week I finished up the prototype for the release widget fully and started coding the calendar widget monthly view and weekly view. So far the implementation consists of the main view and weekly view (link). I am hoping to finish this by Monday evening and concentrate on prototyping the empty state widget.
  • Reworking Docs
    In May of this year the docs team, with the help of some great folks from Red Hat and the CentOS project held a Documentation FAD. During that event we discussed a lot of important topics including the docs team's publishing toolchain, and the barrier to entry that is docbook.