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KDE 4 preview on Ubuntu

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tectonic: If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of KDE 4.0 on January 11 and you’re running Ubuntu then get a taste of the next big thing by installing KDE 4.0 release candidate 2 in three easy steps.

PulseAudio Volume Manager

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FOSSwire: With PulseAudio already in Fedora and soon to be in Ubuntu 8.04, it is sure to get even more popularity. But what is so special about it? One big feature is the volume manager.

Linux Software Installation : Clear your Myths

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manishtech.wordpress: The first problem which people face while switching over to Linux is the “unavailability of softwares” as they claim. They just try to run their windows installer/setup file and end up with frustration saying “Linux is so incompatible!” Is it really so?

E-Lead's Noahpad gets official, enters ring with Eee PC

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Hardware E-Lead Electronics has finally gotten around to making an official announcement about it, and it will unsurprisingly be debuting at CES. This 7-inch UMPC will indeed utilize the firm's own human machine interface (HMI).

Drupal Student Project Kicked Off

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Drupal In the scope of OpenUsability’s Season of Usability programme, another student project has just been kicked off: Bevan Rudge, a student of computer science at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, is going to support the content management platform Drupal usability-wise.

First Look: OLPC's XO Laptop

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OLPC To say the $188 XO laptop produced by the One Laptop Per Child organization is not your typical laptop is an understatement. For one, the XO is a tech triumph for its low price and rugged design, and will amaze any child in a developing nation (the laptop's intended recipient) lucky enough to get one. On the other hand, anyone familiar with a Windows-based notebook and who expects a similar experience with the XO will be sorely disappointed.

Is OLPC team crossing the lines?

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OLPC If OLPC team cannot demand that Intel would stop all their "competing with OLPC" programs, then by doing so they are crossing the line. I'm beginning to see sorts of weird "we're the volunteering for the poor, how can you compete with us? shame on you!!!" attitude.

Computer security, all in a USB flash drive

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Linux What looks like a USB flash drive is an actual linux computer that filters all incoming traffic and performs 12 different kinds of tasks including attacking viruses, spyware, phishing, spam and other threats.

Sun deploys Linux high performance cluster at Kuwait Oil Company

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Linux Kuwait Oil Company has deployed a Linux-based High Performance Cluster from Sun Microsystems to run its reservoir simulation software, increase its processing power, and enable the company to take critical business decisions faster than ever before.

McAfee throws some FUD at the GPL

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OSS In the chill morning dark, quiet except for the sounds of wind and rain outside, it seemed only fitting to happen upon the news of yet more FUD manure thrown at open source software by a vassal of the Volish empire, against its own interests.

leftovers & stuff

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  • pwsafe: A cross-platform tool for password management

  • WoW Trial Day 2:
  • The Haven for Linux
  • Who will be the next Open Source Public Enemy #1?
  • Interoperability Still Stumbling Block for Open Source in 2008
  • "Eee" Could Have Meant "Excellent"
  • Use unofficial guides at your own risk!
  • Ubuntu & My New laptop

Firefox Speedup Tweaks

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Dr Small's blog: I won’t take any of the credit for any of this, since I didn’t discover or make these tweaks, but I will share them with you. First, we’re going to make Firefox faster. So be prepared for faster page loadings when you are done.

KWireless: KDE Wireless Manager for Debian/Ubuntu

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Software Wireless in Linux has finally reached a point where it’s easy to setup and use. KWireless has been specially designed to work with KDE under Debian based systems.

Firefox 3 Beta 2 First Impressions

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trustedreviews: While the popularity of Firefox is due to a number of elements, including its vast array of add-ons that enable you to perform almost whatever task you can imagine, and its open source development, the predominant reason it grabbed so many people's attention was its tabbed browsing.

What to Expect from Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

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Ubuntu Hardy is on the way to be a better more reliable system than Windows. Here are propositions that I think would be able to make the average windows user more familiar with Ubuntu and have a better experience.

Sleepy Linux

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kernelTRAP: Current Linux versions can enter suspend-to-RAM just fine, but only can do it on explicit request. But suspend-to-RAM is important, eating something like 10% of [the] power needed [compared to an] idle system. Starting suspend manually is not too convenient.

odds & ends

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  • Weekly Wire #4 (video)

  • Linux Command Reference Manual Part III
  • Kubuntu Hardy and LTS FAQ
  • The latest PulseAudio on Ubuntu

Third World children love new laptops

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AP: Doubts about whether poor, rural children really can benefit from quirky little computers evaporate as quickly as the morning dew in this hilltop Andean village, where 50 primary-school children got machines from the One Laptop Per Child project six months ago.

Ubuntu on Dell Inspiron 6400

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Ubuntu So four days ago my girlfriend informed me that her laptop totally b0rked. Blue Screen of Death on boot. Unfortunately, as she didn’t have the recovery CDs for the laptop with her and I didn’t have any Windoze XP installation handy I considered installing Ubuntu.

NVClock 0.8 (Beta3) Released

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Software It is finally time for a new beta release 0.8 Beta3. Note this release is beta, some Geforce8 features are still missing and also realize that the release is still very experimental.

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  • Steam For Linux [Steam review]
    Technically, physically, mentally, chemically games are those things which make us feel like a child again. Age doesn’t matter, what matter is that spirit that is inside us, that “gamer” spirit. When I joined Linux two years ago, I installed steam firstly to get my games from windows back. Now I've got a library of limitless free and paid games having my CS: GO too. I am a daily CS: GO, player. All my favorite games are on Linux via steam. That is why I decided to review it for you guys who are new to Linux world and are in a doubt that how to use steam, what is steam? All answers are here. So here is Steam for Linux.
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Ubuntu and elementary

  • System76 wants to build its own hardware for its Linux-based computers
    System76 is building up quite a name for itself, being one of a very limited number of companies selling only computers running Linux-based operating systems. Now the aim is to branch out; System76 wants to design and build its own hardware, while representing the open source community as it does so. At the moment, the hardware used in System76 systems is outsourced, but in the future this will change. The company says that it is moving into phase three of its development cycle, and this "moves product design and manufacturing in house." And you should set your expectations high: "We're about to build the Model S of computers. Something so brilliant and beautiful that reviewers will have to add an 11 to their scores."
  • AppCenter Spotlight: Beta Testers
    Over the past month we’ve been beta testing the new AppCenter with a number of developers, from elementary OS contributors to backers of our Indiegogo campaign. After testing out the submission process and getting some apps into the store (and seeing rapid updates!), I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the first apps.
  • elementary OS to get improved AppCenter, showing off a few new applications
    I have to hand it to the elementary OS guys, they have a massive focus on design and it does look quite incredible. It is easily one of the best looking Linux distributions, which I do admire. Their new AppCenter, for example, looks extremely clean and clear.

Beijing Zoo is No Place for Pandas

Pandas in Beijing Zoo
Photo credit: Nick Hopkins

I am a Panda lover. I work as a support engineer in an I.T company here in the United Kingdom. Most of my spare time is spent watching different Panda videos -- both old and new videos. Basically, it is my therapy; a 'stress release' for me. I find them to be adorable and precious creatures. As a matter of fact, I would like to volunteer to come to Sichuan. I want to experience and feel what it's like to be a Panda keeper, to be able to interact with them for real. The Panda is China's National Treasure, so it's a shame to watch the Panda videos from Beijing zoo, as the place is disgusting and not ideal for Pandas to live in (and for sure for all the rest of the animals who unfortunately got stuck in this prison cell).

The place looks like a ghost town. Lifeless and languished. Knowing that Pandas wear a thick fur on their body, can you imagine what it feels for them in 30C or 35C (summer temperature)? What it probably feels like all the time? Come on, if you really care, you must do something now, otherwise these Pandas will die. Please bring them back to their sanctuary where they really belong.