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Story Dreamlinux 5 review - Splendid srlinuxx 31/01/2012 - 7:37am
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Story Ubuntu 11.10 vs. Mac OS X 10.7.2 Performance srlinuxx 31/01/2012 - 3:54am
Story Interviewing the Naev Team srlinuxx 31/01/2012 - 3:53am
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Story Sick of Ubuntu's bad breath? Suck on a Linux Mint instead srlinuxx 30/01/2012 - 10:11pm
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Story Making Music on Linux; It’s a Thing srlinuxx 30/01/2012 - 10:07pm

Opensource driver for the ATI R500-based cards Released

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Jerome Glisse announced today that a small team of X.Org developers has managed to provide the initial support for ATI R500-based cards (ATI Radeon X1300 up to X1600 at the time) by reverse engineering.

A Linux User in Vista-land: Part 1

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Nosredna Ekim: With my Acer Aspire 5050 I received a free Express upgrade to Vista Premium. After all the talk of DRM, and low performance I at first shunned it as a clearly inferior OS, but my curiosity got the better of me and I had to try it out.

Also: Howto: Vista + Ubuntu Dual Boot

Ralink Help For Ubuntu Feisty

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lockergnome: If you are reading this, chances are you are running a RT2500 based chipset wireless card that worked perfectly with Ubuntu Edgy and then stopped working after your upgrade to Feisty. I have a solution for you that will hopefully offer you a way to get around Ubuntu’s latest wireless “fix”.

Hate an application? Shoot it.

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fosswire: Have you ever gotten really mad at an application and just wanted to blast a huge hole in it? With blast that is exactly what you can do. Use your system’s preferred package manager to install the blast package.

A Sample Function inline with Bashprompt

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HowTos The bash prompt has built in commands that use escape charachter syntax. By default a lot of packages ship bash with a default that shows the hostname and relative path. The escape sequences for all users is usually kept in /etc/bashrc or a similar system location.

Dell: Interest in Linux Outside the United States

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direct2dell: On IdeaStorm, Linux and open source-related ideas are commonly some of the most popular ones. Currently the Sell Linux PCs Worldwide idea by ergo and Dell Ubuntu for Europe by yesmathew are near the top of the front page of IdeaStorm. In other words, they are recently popular ideas.

Linux configure point to point tunneling PPTP VPN client for Microsoft PPTP vpn server

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With this tip you will be able to work from home using VPN and that too from Linux / FreeBSD system for the proprietary Microsoft Point-to-Point vpn server.

Enterprise Open Source Is Not Just the Code

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OSS After infiltrating corporate operating systems and middleware products, open source software has in recent years moved into enterprise applications with great success.

Also: Open source 'not relevant', claim CIOs

Give Firefox a Safari-Style Address Bar

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One of the coolest features about Safari is the address bar. It doubles as a loading bar, and the shaded color behind it progresses across the address bar as the page loads. Well, now you can duplicate that functionality with the Fission extension for Firefox.

Also: A Firefox extension to animate PNGs

Why Dell should offer more than just Ubuntu

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Linux In the US Dell has famously started offering Ubuntu on selected machines as a direct alternative to XP or Vista. Fortunately these machines cost less than their Windows counterparts and that's good, but Dell really should consider moving beyond offering Ubuntu; and here's why.

Ars at WWDC: Interview with Lars Knoll, creator of KHTML

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arstechnica: Ars Technica sat down today to talk with KHTML developer and Trolltech employee, Lars Knoll. We talked about his involvement in the project that ultimately became the HTML rendering engine for Apple's Safari web browser.

iTunes in Linux

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pimp you linux: Will apple release iTunes for Linux? Not anytime soon. So what solutions does the open source community have? Wine.

Spice up Windows - replace it! [with Linux]; part 5

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A Blog Of Gentoo: In my few previous posts I've stated that I'd like to help people to spice their system and move from Windows to Linux. But we all know that it cannot be done in an instant. This time I will explain the 5th step: Playing around.

Kilted Debian lovers to overrun Edinburgh

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the Register: Here's a poser for you: could there be anything more frightening than a bunch of open source geeks (proud ones, at that) milling around the mean streets of Edinburgh? Well, yes. How about if you put some of them in special Debian kilts?

Linux: Dual-Licensing the Kernel

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kernelTRAP: "I was impressed in the sense that it was a hell of a lot better than the disaster that were the earlier drafts," Linus Torvalds explained in reply to a comment suggesting that he was impressed with the final draft of the GPLv3. He went on to add, "I still think GPLv2 is simply the better license." The discussion began with a suggestion that the Linux kernel be dual-licensed GPLv2 and GPLv3.

Also: The Linux Kernel on a Dual Basis?

Dell Ubuntu Machines Start Hitting the Streets, Answering Q's

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eWeek: Dell's customer feedback-driven initiative for preloading Linux on some of the machines it sells is moving forward with a full head of steam. It's too early to judge the success or failure of Dell's mainstream Linux foray.

GIMP 2.3.18 Development Release

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GIMP 2.3.18 is a snapshot of current development towards GIMP 2.4. This release not only fixes the bug that made 2.3.17 crash every so often, it also improves the quality of the zoomed out image view and provides better performance when working with large images.

Installing Xen On CentOS 5.0 (i386)

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This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install Xen on a CentOS 5.0 system (i386). Xen lets you create guest operating systems (*nix operating systems like Linux and FreeBSD), so called virtual machines or domUs, under a host operating system (dom0). Using Xen you can separate your applications into different virtual machines that are totally independent from each other, but still use the same hardware.

10 Open Source Apps for Enterprise Users

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Software In articles past, we have examined both the up-and-coming open source projects to watch, and which open source applications you simply cannot live without. But where does this leave the enterprise user? Often times, the need of the enterprise user differs from that of the home-office/small-office worker. In this article, I'll explore viable open source solutions available for today's enterprise environment.

If you want lemonade. Buy lemons.

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ittoolbox blogs: Every operating system has its own fans. Some are hard core, some are enthusiastic and others are practical. However all too often there are flame wars and arguments over which is better. This does nothing but inflame the stalwart proponents of the enemy camp so to speak.

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