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Story What's new in openSUSE 12.3 srlinuxx 14/03/2013 - 8:23pm
Story Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 25, Firefox 19, And IE10 srlinuxx 14/03/2013 - 6:53pm
Story GameMaker engine opens for Linux development srlinuxx 14/03/2013 - 6:52pm
Story If Linux were a dog srlinuxx 14/03/2013 - 6:50pm
Story Open-source and free software: Free, as in beer srlinuxx 14/03/2013 - 6:18am
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Story 5 Best Firefox Add-ons for Mobile-Desktop Syncing srlinuxx 14/03/2013 - 6:07am
Story openSUSE 12.3 is Here srlinuxx 14/03/2013 - 6:05am
Story In Defense of GNOME Icons srlinuxx 13/03/2013 - 7:21pm


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Aaron Seigo: Some of the blockers for mainstream Linux desktop usage are lack of legal codecs, hardware integration and certain types of basic functionality like software suspend not working reliably. This is not news, of course, but rather the typical gripes people have had for years. Even as much of the Free software has reached the point of being true-blue entries in the top echelons of functionality and quality, some of these issues continue to nag at us unanswered.

Using pipes as serial port for VirtualBox

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blino's mandriva blog: While trying to reproduce and debug UnionFS bugs with VirtualBox, I needed to extract a copy of the call traces. Screenshots are not easily usable, so I tried the "serial ports" feature of VirtualBox.

The Definition of Insanity

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tuxdeluxe: In the computing world, ISO standards have a mixed record. But standards don't rule the computing world. Microsoft has historically had an ambivalent view of standards. This historical record makes the recent global activities over the "Office Open XML" (OOXML) document format so interesting.

More food and football with Mark Shuttleworth

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matt asay: Back in April I was fortunate to host Mark Shuttleworth at an Arsenal game and then dinner. Today, we repeated the day with an amazingly fun day at the Arsenal vs. Tottenham match. I asked Mark two poignant questions about Ubuntu:

Showing active/inactive windows in KDE4

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kdedevelopers: There has been some discussion on the kde-core-devel mailing list about a change to how the active window should be distinguished from the inactive windows, where different color palettes are used for the widgets inside inactive windows.

Two Cool new Applets for Awn

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linux movement: The first one is a nifty last fm applet which sits on your dock so you can listen to your last fm stations. The next new Applet is the gmail notifier Apple. Here are some nice images:

When will Linux sellers wake up?

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blogbeebe: As I went rambling about the web I came across OSNews and checked out an article on the release of Fedora 8 Test 2. Right there in the middle of the article was the Microsoft ad you see below.

Email Clients and Patches

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kernelTRAP: Randy Dunlap sent a patch to the Linux kernel mailing list described as adding "info about various email clients and their applicability in being used to send Linux kernel patches."

Google scores a win over Microsoft’s OOXML

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zdnet blogs: Microsoft’s proposal for the fast track of the OOXML standard was recently shot down by the ISO. Google concludes that Microsoft’s OOXML should never be standardized due to things like reliance on proprietary elements and simply not enough time to review the >6000 page document that outlines the standard.

Bash scripting code structure

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mr-open-source: Bash scripts are a powerful tool used by linux/unix adminstrators. When developing scripts a good code structure is invaluable to a seasoned administrator. This article will show how to write an apache webserver log rotation script and hopefully give you a solid structural foundation to start writing your own bash scripts.

PC World Linux laptop warranty saga gets even more bizarre

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daniweb: On the 11th September a customer of the PC World computer superstore in Colliers Wood, London took his laptop back for an under warranty repair. The computer was only a few months old, and a crack had appeared near the left hinge which is indicative of an internal joint failing.

Open-Source Developers Speak Out About AMD

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phoronix: AMD started delivering on their word of providing GPU specifications to the open-source community without a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and now with the 2007 X Developer Summit having come to a close, we asked several key members of the X.Org community on how they judge AMD's recent move.

Discussing the x86 Merge

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kernelTRAP: Sam Ravnborg took a look at the x86 unification patches and commented, "from the mails and discussions I expected it be be obvious what was i386 only, what was shared and what was x86_64 only."

The Big SMB Problem: Dropping Microsoft Office

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J_K9 @ Linux: Linux and Open Source software are not entirely free: they have setup costs, maintenance costs and time and productivity costs. Despite all of these costs, many SMBs still choose to switch to Linux and Open Source. Why?

RedHat 6.2 - wow!

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A.P.Lawrence: Today I meandered down state to answer a distress call on a Linux box exhibiting a number of baffling symptoms (well, they baffled me on the phone at least). Seemed odd, so I drove on down. Imagine my delight to find a RedHat 6.2 box.

Howto Set Flickr images as Ubuntu desktop wallpaper

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ubuntu geek: Webilder delivers stunning wallpapers to your Linux desktop, directly from Flickr and Webshots. You choose what keywords (tags) to watch for, and photos are automatically downloaded to your computer.

Free Software is good for business

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ITPro: Not so long ago the common wisdom was that free and open source software would grow strongly in the market for infrastructure software - operating systems, databases and web servers that have a generic applicability across all markets - but that non-free software would continue to dominate in the realm of vertical markets - where applications fulfil a specific role in a specialised commercial environment.

Drupal 6.0 beta 1 released

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Drupal After eight months of development, we are proud to let you know that the first beta version of the Drupal 6.x family is released. This beta includes a tremendous number of new features and new programming APIs for both users and developers.

PCLinuxOS Overtakes Ubuntu In DistroWatch H.P.D.

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After consistently rising in the DistroWatch H.P.D. rankings for months, PCLinuxOS finally managed to bump Ubuntu from the top of the list. Despite all, PCLinuxOS seems to attract a constantly increasing number of clicks.

Today's Leftovers

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  • The Official Ubuntu Book 2nd Edition

  • Post-Alpha Opera 9.5 Release
  • openSUSE First impressions?
  • Matthew Aslett moves to The 451 Group
  • Inna Kuznetsova, Global Executive for Linux, IBM
  • Web ad blocking may not be (entirely) legal
  • Mandriva: The right Kaffeine back-end
  • Root-locked Linux for the masses
  • Software patents not GPL3 to kill open source?
  • The first K-12 Open Minds Conference
  • Bastille Linux Loses Domain, Turn Into Bastille Unix
  • Gentoo Weekly Newsletter: Winners of Screenshot Contest
  • Linux to get the boot at US Army Corps of Engineers?
  • Novell takes VMware interface to Linux kernel
  • How to install a specific version of Java on Ubuntu
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Containers: Resin.IO and Platform9

  • Resin.IO puts Linux and containers to work for IoT
    Resin.IO is working to make the use of containers and microservices useful tools to developers of Linux-based Internet of Things (IoT) applications. CEO Alexandros Marinos said the company has been working for three years to make mainstream containers attractive to developers of embedded workloads, such as those found in IoT applications. The company calls this the "Industrial Internet."
  • Platform9 Unveils Open Source Serverless Computing Framework
    Serverless computing is rapidly emerging as one of the favorite ways developers programmatically invoke cloud infrastructure. Instead of having to be aware of how their applications are consuming IT infrastructure, a serverless computing framework employs an event-driven architecture to make additional infrastructure resources available in real time as an application scales up and down. Today, Platform9 launched Fission, an open source implementation of a serverless computing framework based on the Kubernetes container orchestration engine originally developed by Google.

Wine 2.0

  • Wine Announcement
    The Wine team is proud to announce that the stable release Wine 2.0 is now available.
  • Wine 2.0 is now officially available
    I just got the announce email from the Wine team that Wine 2.0 is now officially available. It's an absolutely massive release! For those sticking with development builds, you obviously won't really see a difference, but for those sticking to stable releases it's huge.
  • Wine 2.0 Makes Its Debut
    Wine 2.0 is now officially available. Wine 2.0 is the first release from WineHQ under their new time-based (annual) release cadence, following the Wine 1.9 development series. Wine 2.0 has many new features including GStreamer 1.0 support, Direct3D 9/11 improvements, X11 improvements, Direct2D enhancements, better support for many different Windows games, support for Microsoft Office 2013, and thousands of other changes in total.
  • Wine 2.0 Released, Supports Microsoft Office 2013
    A brand new stable release of Wine, the Windows compatibility programme, is now available to download. Wine 2.0 — yes, 2.0 — follows more than a year of development effort and marks the start of a new timed-based release cadence.

BlankOn Linux explained

Hi guys, welcome to the 15th segment of "Introduction with Linux Distro". We have made quite a few introductions from the start of this website, every segment has something unique to itself. So this time we will be having a Linux distribution which have pure philosophy and creativity, as our guest. Let's get to know more about BlankOn Linux. Read more

today's leftovers