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Story A tour of Banshee srlinuxx 23/04/2011 - 5:15pm

Some unpleasant vulnerabilities

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iDefense Lab security researchers discovered that the expressions computing the parameters for ALLOCATE_LOCAL() in those functions are using client-provided value in an expression that is subject to integer overflows, which could lead to memory corruption. All X.Org X server version implementing the X render and dbe extensions are vulnerable.

The open source patent war

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The Microsoft/Novell patent agreement and the attempted litigation by SCO with various Linux users underline business concerns about the potential liabilities connected to open source software.

Review: PC-BSD 1.3

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Last week iXsystems announced the release of PC-BSD 1.3. The operating system has made some progress and changed ownership since we reviewed version 1.0 last year, but it still has a way to go.

A switch from Kubuntu to OpenSuse 10.2

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I’ve tried Redhat 8 and 9, Fedora 5 (which found i far too sluggish). I’ve played with PC-BSD, Gentoo on PPC, FreeBSD, Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu 5.10 through 6.10. I needed something new. And i just couldn’t resist all the experiences i’ve heard about opensuse 10.2. And they were right. It’s a beautiful OS.

Open source that isn't (John Deere's "open" transition)

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I received this news today, and at first was really excited. John Deere dumps its proprietary CRM system for an open source system from Queplix. As I did a little research, however, I was dismayed to find that despite Queplix parading itself in open source marketing, there's very little that's open about its source.

Can FOSS save your privacy?

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Well, the Bush regime has already claimed “we don’t need no steenkin warrant” to listen to your phone calls, see what websites you visit, scan your emails, and now, with the revelation of a new “signing statement”, it’s even claiming the authority to read your physical mail. When the government becomes the biggest threat to your privacy, you better take advantage of the legion of privacy advocates creating FOSS to help you retain what little bit of privacy you can still have.

Scribes editor focuses on the text

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Scribes is a text editor for GNOME that focuses on usability. After 30 minutes of usage, you will either love it or hate it. Scribes is not designed with a tabbed interface. However, Scribes features an efficient and scalable alternative to tabs: the document switcher.

Mark Shuttleworth: Granny’s new camera

Power users love Linux. It’s fast, customizable, personal, tweakable, and they can make just about anything work. Most peripherals can be made to work with Linux, it’s just that you normally need to wait a little while or know how to write the appropriate drivers or glue.

Install GnuCash Financial Accounting software in Ubuntu

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GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL and available for GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris and Mac OSX.

OLPC to reach $100 laptop mark next year

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The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project has whittled down the cost of the green and white computer it hopes to deliver to schoolchildren in developing countries to about $130 (£67) so far, and hopes to reach the target price of $100 (£52) in 2008, according to an OLPC project leader.

Linux: Upcoming 2.6.20 Kernel, Tracking Regressions

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Adrian Bunk posted a list of known regressions in the latest 2.6.20-rc4 Linux kernel compared to the previous 2.6.19 stable release. In another email thread, Linux creator Linus Torvalds noted that his goal for 2.6.20 is to focus primarily on stability.

Going blank: Life without xscreensaver

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I don’t use xscreensaver, but the default X timeouts under Edgy are way too long. I think the screen times out at 10 minutes, and the backlight is powered down at 30. If you want to set them to something shorter, you can use xset dpms.

A Week with PC-BSD, Days 1, 2, & 3

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PC-BSD 1.3 was released last week, which is perfect timing: I have often wanted to try BSD, but frankly, the install is pretty straight forward, but the configuration is somewhat arcane to me. Projects like DesktopBSD and PC-BSD are perfect for the likes of me: someone that wants to get a BSD desktop running, but doesn't want to spend alot of time doing it.

Conference encourages Linux in the bathroom

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Australia's biggest Linux conference will kick off next week and the organiser has promised that attendees will get a lesson in how to control and monitor everyday objects -- including a toilet flush -- using the open source operating system.

kubuntu edgy eft experiences

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So finally I decided to do a completely fresh install on my notebook, a Dell C640. If you are looking for a notebook which is good supported by Linux and FreeBSD, I can really recommend it, everything works out-of-the-box. also under FreeBSD, also the external VGA connector, useful when giving talks etc.

Also: Ubuntu Rocks (call it ubuntued)

Foil Wireless Poachers and Have Fun Doing It

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A lot of folks have an unhealthily casual attitude towards securing their wireless networks. "Oh, it's nice to share" some say. Others think "I have nothing to interest a cracker, so why bother?" Both attitudes are inviting trouble.

Nouveau pledge successful: 1k donators

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Just saw that the attempt to collect money for the free nvidia driver project is a success: over 1k people signed the promise. Together with the already existing free 3D drivers for the ATI and Intel cards and the upcoming X.Org 7.3 this could give a massive boost to graphics in general in Linux. I cross my fingers.

Open Source: Moving On Up The Stack

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Open source should be on the short list when it comes to application-buying decisions in 2007, industry experts say.

Mozilla Takes Aim at Opera Security

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Opera Software may well be putting its browser users at risk by not properly disclosing security vulnerabilities to vulnerable users. At least that's the allegation made by Mozilla Corp.'s Asa Dotzler.

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