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Review: InnoTek’s VirtualBox

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Almost a month ago InnoTek, the co-developer of VirtualPC, released their Virtual Machine as Open Source. The software was formerly not targetted at desktop users, but that changed when it was released under the GPL. This review tries to shed some light on the question if VirtualBox can get some market share between Vmware and Qemu.

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

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Nokia takes a second shot at building an Internet Tablet you'll actually want to use. Ars takes the new and improved N800 out for a spin, checking out the browser, its secret FM radio, and VNC (among other things). How does it stack up against its predecessor?

Virtualization: Xen vs. Microsoft vs. VMware

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Server virtualization has become a great tool for the data center, helped by the leading virtual server software vendors literally giving away their product. And as more IT shops consolidate their servers using virtual machines (VMs), they find an active marketplace and plenty of choices for how to implement the concept.

draklive 0.3

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Here comes a new draklive release, it's been a long time since the previous pre-2007.0 release. Developping Mandriva Flash required some new features, but also helped to stabilize my (precious) live creation tool. There has been a bunch of changes.

The Southern California Linux Exposition 2007

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The Southern California Linux Exposition's fifth year has been its best yet, with record attendance, vendor participation, and excellent presentations and talks. There were few new things to announce or showcase at the event, but if you wanted to measure the pulse of the open source software community, this was undeniably the place to be this past weekend.

Keeping a Lid on Linux Logins

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When asked about security on a multi-user Linux system, a wise man once said "everyone is root if you allow them to login as a user." There is plenty of truth in that, but embracing imminent compromise isn't always acceptable. Let's take a look at how you can limit your exposure while letting unknown and untrusted users login with a shell.

Help yourself

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Sooner or later we all decide to try and use our computers to do something new, something we've never done before, something exciting! Then we realise it's not as straightforward as we'd hoped. Luckily with a bit of perseverance you'll figure it out and once you have the feeling of satisfaction is great. Where to start though?

It Lives! BeOS fans resurrect their favorite operating system

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BeOS fans are bringing back their favorite operating system as the Haiku OS. A small group of developers have reverse-engineered the operating system and showed off a "pre-alpha" version of Haiku at the recently completed Southern California Linux Convention.

How to Run Windows and Linux on a Single System

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VMware virtualization software lets system builders offer more functionality without higher costs. Here's how to get it working.

SpikeSource also moves to Ubuntu

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Following on from Canonical's agreement with Linspire comes the news that the Ubuntu sponsor has teamed up with SpikeSource in a deal that will eventually see SpikeSource integrating Ubuntu into its software stacks.

LA hosts laid-back Southern California Linux Expo

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If you didn't get to attend the Southern Cal Linux Expo and would have liked to - here's a rundown of what happened - the good, bad, ugly and everything in between.

FSFE's Fiduciary License Agreement is no panacea

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This week FSF Europe (FSFE) announced the release of its Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA), a form of copyright assignment in which a free software project can place its collective copyright under the control of a single organization or trustee.

GPL 3 release could slip past March

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The Free Software Foundation is no longer committing to the planned March deadline for a new version of the General Public License, but a third draft of the seminal open-source license is due soon.

Autopackage struggling to gain acceptance

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Fourteen months ago, the Autopackage project was small and active, and members sounded optimistic about its success. Now, although the alternative installer project continues, progress has almost come to a halt. The #autopackage channel on sits vacant most days, the developer blogs cover almost anything except the project, and commits to the source code repository have become rare. Formally, the project is still alive, but the major contributors all agree that it is faltering. So what happened?

Turning Firefox to an Ethical Hacking Platform.

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The security testers community has a large panel of security tools, methodologies and much more to perform their pentests and audit assessments. But what happens if you find yourself weaponless. The magical solution could be Firefox and its extensions developed by ethical hackers and coders.

Microsoft, Novell expand on technical collaboration plans

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Microsoft and Novell on Feb. 12 unveiled more specifics regarding their joint technical roadmap. As expected, the two companies are collaborating on four areas of technology that address significant problems faced by enterprises: virtualization, Web services for managing physical and virtual servers, directory and identity interoperability, and document format compatibility.

Using script to record terminal sessions

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In this Linux tip, Vincent Danen explains the usefulness of script to log transcripts of network changes. There are also a couple of things to look out for if you use it.

links2 - a cross platform console based web browser which also renders images

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Recently, while I was browsing a website in Firefox, I found that it took forever to load the concerned web page. Blame it on my internet connection or on the condition of the web server hosting the web page, I was literally fed up with the wait and closed the window with disgust. It was during this time that I wondered whether it will make my browsing experience a bit more pleasant if I switched to a console web browser such as lynx.

Ubuntu: Linux kernel vulnerabilities

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Mark Dowd discovered that the netfilter iptables module did not correctly handle fragmented IPv6 packets. By sending specially crafted packets, a remote attacker could exploit this to bypass firewall rules.

Ten more Cape schools get Linux labs

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Absa, Engen will spend R600 000 to provide ten Northern Cape schools with Linux-based school laboratories. The two corporates have joined with the province's Dinaledi team in an effort to improve maths and science results in the ten schools by deploying the Shuttleworth Foundation's tuXlab service.

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