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Quick Roundup

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Story 27-inch Android all-in-one sports 2560 x 1440 pixels Rianne Schestowitz 04/01/2014 - 7:14pm
Story Intel's 2014 Android ambitions embrace 64-bit, more tablets Rianne Schestowitz 04/01/2014 - 2:24pm
Story AnthraX Linux Kernels Remain Closed Source Rianne Schestowitz 04/01/2014 - 2:19pm
Story The bumpy road ahead for Android tablets in 2014 Rianne Schestowitz 04/01/2014 - 2:15pm
Story Schools Continue to Drive Chromebook Sales Rianne Schestowitz 04/01/2014 - 2:05pm
Story AMD Gizmosphere Support Comes To Coreboot Rianne Schestowitz 04/01/2014 - 1:56pm
Story Why Do Users Choose KDE? Roy Schestowitz 2 04/01/2014 - 12:07pm
Story 1.85% of Steam users run Linux Roy Schestowitz 04/01/2014 - 11:19am
Story Android will power Audi cars Roy Schestowitz 04/01/2014 - 11:10am
Story GNOME Settings Daemon 3.11.3 Adds Bluetooth Killswitch Support Rianne Schestowitz 04/01/2014 - 1:11am

Trouble Remembering Passwords? Have a Revelation!

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Software I don’t know about you guys, but I often found myself in front of a login screen, almost hitting my head against the screen because i couldn’t remember either the username or the password or both. Fortunately for us, the guys with this problem, there’s a solution (isn’t there always?) and it’s called Revelation.

few more howtos:

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  • Taking Screenshots with Linux

  • How do I find out my DHCP server address?
  • Howto: Change Root’s Prompt to RED

Zonbu Notebook Review

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arsgeek: A little over a week ago I received my Zonbu Notebook. Since reviewing their tiny, silent desktop replacement computer I’ve been interested in Zonbu and their business model. Could they really pull of the subscription model with inexpensive computers?

Ubuntu: A new pastime:)

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aaronbatteen.blogspot: I just switched operating systems. I was using primarily Windows XP Home Edition, and switched to Linux based Ubuntu. So far the transition has been smooth and everything seems to be running well.

Testing Ubuntu 7.10

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fightpc.blogspot: After some weeks waiting to allow the news to settle, I've decided to install the new release of Ubuntu known as Gutsy Gibbon. I have started with my laptop that was most needed of an upgrade as it was still running the same version I installed 18 months ago.

An interview with bodhi.zazen

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kmandla.wordpress: More and more it becomes clear hat not all Ubuntu users or forum members fit the stereotype of a Linux geek. Another non-techie with a personal history in computers, bodhi.zazen might represent the face of Linux enthusiasts to come: someone who has interests and responsibilities (like four children!) beyond the computer screen, but has one foot planted firmly in the Ubuntu community.

Encrypt your /home this Christmas: part one - background

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HowTos I have not finished everything I need to do so I am taking my new laptop with me over the Christmas holidays. This reminded me that it was about time that I encrypted my /home directory. In this article I will explain how I did it.

Linspire: It Just Keeps Getting Better

Filed under
Linux About 6 weeks ago I made the big change, out with Windows and in with Linux. Linspire is a commercial Linux distribution and was billed as the easiest to use and most user friendly. Guess what? It is the easiest.

Impressions of Some Linux/BSD Distributions

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mcuee.blogspot: I started to try out Linux again with Ubuntu 5.04 and I liked it quite a lot. Then I was trying to 5.10 and it was not as good so I started to look at Fedora as well (Core 4). Soon I fixed the problem with 5.10 and then I found 6.06 LTS a great distribution that I am still running it as the main distribution now.

Ubuntu 7.10 on PS3

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softpedia: Today, you will learn how to install Ubuntu Gutsy (as a second operating system) on your PlayStation 3 gaming console. This will NOT erase your PlayStation 3 native operating system (called XMB) and it will run as an alternative OS on your PS3 console. Ready? Are you excited? Let's go!

Get (And Give) The Gift of Open Source

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Serdar Yegulalp: This Christmas I decided to give a few gifts to people in the open source community. I'm making donations to the maintainers of some of my favorite and most widely used software projects. They've earned some payback! Weekly Wire #1 (video)

Filed under
Linux Lisa Hoover talks about highlights from this past week -- and a little about next week's stories, too, including a "sneak peek" at one item featured in the (upcoming) holiday gift guide.

Red Hat Challenges IBM With Open Source Messaging System

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Charles Babcock: Red Hat is betting that a fresh, open source messaging system can displace one of corporate America's most deeply entrenched pieces of software, IBM's WebSphere MQ, and similar messaging systems such as Tibco Software's Rendezvous and Microsoft's MSMQ.

some howtos:

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  • Obtain some system statistics from vmstat

  • Backing Up Data In Ubuntu Using sBackup
  • Asus Eee - Accessing Windows and Linux Desktops Remotely
  • Updating the Linksys BEFSR41 Router Firmware from GNU/Linux
  • Ubuntu Guide For Windows Users: Manage Log File Size
  • DLink Wireless card on Linux

today's leftovers

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  • New learnings from bug reports and conservative people

  • Basic Linux Commands
  • How Do I Add Temporary Swap Space?
  • Fontmatrix is pretty cool, VolWheel rocks!
  • Stella, Compiz-Fusion, and Pulse Audio
  • Ubuntu Server: Kernel Configuration Considerations

Life with Linux

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hurricanelabs.blogspot: About a year ago now I made the best computing decision of my adult life. It was a cold and snowy evening at my apartment, and good-ole' XP was ready for its bi-yearly rebuild. I decided to grow a pair and just take the plunge: I backed up my data and proceeded to install the Ubuntu 6.06.

Linux: Stable API vs. Not?

Filed under
Linux There has been a lot of interesting discussion on the benefits and negatives of a stable API on this thread, with good points being made on both sides. Greg Kroah-Hartman (an advocate of the changing API) sent me a document that may be worth reading. It is, in essence, the argument opposing the stable API:

What Is Linux?

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linuxiseasy.blogspot: Linux is an operating system that was initially created as a hobby by a young student, Linus Torvalds. Apart from the fact that it's freely distributed, Linux's functionality, adaptability and robustness, has made it the main alternative for proprietary Unix and Microsoft operating systems.

Also: Linux Distros

UT3 Linux Dedicated Server "Very Soon"

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Gaming On the official mailing list for the Linux client and server, Ryan Gordon reports that the Linux Dedicated Server package is nearly ready.

When Worlds Collide

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Linux Today: Somewhere in the open source application known as OpenSSL, a line of code was found that exposed a small, but exploitable, vulnerability within part of the application. Normally, with open source software, after a bug is found and a fix is created, the patch is packaged up and readied for downloading. But even though OpenSSL is open source, that is not what happened in this instance.

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More in Tux Machines

Ubuntu and elementary

  • System76 wants to build its own hardware for its Linux-based computers
    System76 is building up quite a name for itself, being one of a very limited number of companies selling only computers running Linux-based operating systems. Now the aim is to branch out; System76 wants to design and build its own hardware, while representing the open source community as it does so. At the moment, the hardware used in System76 systems is outsourced, but in the future this will change. The company says that it is moving into phase three of its development cycle, and this "moves product design and manufacturing in house." And you should set your expectations high: "We're about to build the Model S of computers. Something so brilliant and beautiful that reviewers will have to add an 11 to their scores."
  • AppCenter Spotlight: Beta Testers
    Over the past month we’ve been beta testing the new AppCenter with a number of developers, from elementary OS contributors to backers of our Indiegogo campaign. After testing out the submission process and getting some apps into the store (and seeing rapid updates!), I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the first apps.
  • elementary OS to get improved AppCenter, showing off a few new applications
    I have to hand it to the elementary OS guys, they have a massive focus on design and it does look quite incredible. It is easily one of the best looking Linux distributions, which I do admire. Their new AppCenter, for example, looks extremely clean and clear.

Beijing Zoo is No Place for Pandas

Pandas in Beijing Zoo
Photo credit: Nick Hopkins

I am a Panda lover. I work as a support engineer in an I.T company here in the United Kingdom. Most of my spare time is spent watching different Panda videos -- both old and new videos. Basically, it is my therapy; a 'stress release' for me. I find them to be adorable and precious creatures. As a matter of fact, I would like to volunteer to come to Sichuan. I want to experience and feel what it's like to be a Panda keeper, to be able to interact with them for real. The Panda is China's National Treasure, so it's a shame to watch the Panda videos from Beijing zoo, as the place is disgusting and not ideal for Pandas to live in (and for sure for all the rest of the animals who unfortunately got stuck in this prison cell).

The place looks like a ghost town. Lifeless and languished. Knowing that Pandas wear a thick fur on their body, can you imagine what it feels for them in 30C or 35C (summer temperature)? What it probably feels like all the time? Come on, if you really care, you must do something now, otherwise these Pandas will die. Please bring them back to their sanctuary where they really belong.

Linux 4.11 File-System Tests: EXT4, F2FS, XFS & Btrfs

With the Linux 4.11 kernel potentially being released as soon as today, here are some fresh benchmarks of Btrfs / EXT4 / F2FS / XFS on a solid-state drive and comparing the performance of 4.11 Git back to Linux 4.9 and 4.10. For those wondering if the block/file-system changes of Linux 4.11 have any impact on EXT4/F2FS/XFS/Btrfs for common I/O workloads or how these file-systems are comparing on this latest kernel, here are some benchmarks. Read more

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