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Story Linux system info, cheat sheet srlinuxx 20/07/2011 - 12:04am
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Story KDE 4.7: Long-Term Vision, Ongoing Myopia srlinuxx 19/07/2011 - 6:09pm
Story ArchBang: A small review srlinuxx 19/07/2011 - 6:07pm
Story Some Upcoming Changes in Unity srlinuxx 19/07/2011 - 6:05pm

Xara LX forked to replace rendering engine

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The Xara LX vector graphics editor took a big step forward last week. After months of gridlock between open source contributors to the project and its corporate owners, one of the contributors published his own fork of the code base -- and the company approved, offering to host it in the official Subversion repository.

Linux camp rages over Novell pact

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Last year's surprise partnership between software titan Microsoft Corp. and leading Linux distributor Novell Inc. was supposed to be a kind of peace treaty. Instead, it's brought the open-source software community to the brink of civil war, over a provision that could help Microsoft sue other open-source software companies for patent violations.

Because penguins need to play too.

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In our chosen career we work hard, we work long and we suffer a lot of stress. So sometimes we need to unwind. The Windows camp have a lot of great games to play and a popular misconception is that Linux is lacking in games. That is not true. There are literally thousands of games for Linux. In fact a lot of them have been ported to Windows too.

Mint 2.2 for office and home use

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It would be fair to say that I am moderately comfortable with technical change. The folks at the Mint project appear to live to keep people like me happy. Mint has revved three times off it's Ubuntu 6.10 parentage. Most recently is Linux Mint 2.2, codenamed "Bianca".

Multimedia freedom with Mandriva Linux

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A Mandriva Linux PC is a multimedia powerhouse. It is excellent for playing and editing audio and video in many formats, although running multimedia applications under Linux poses challenges.

Mantra of a Linux Lover

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May your hard drives keep on spinning.
May your cooling fans continue whirring.
May the glow of your screen.
Hide that which should be clean.

Sugar me! (Opera)

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Work on the OLPC XO is progressing - and we got past one of the biggest hurdles so far: integration into the Sugar environment.

Work on the OLPC XO is progressing - and we got past one of the biggest hurdles so far: integration into the Sugar environment.

Instant GNU/Linux time machine

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Whether it's your first car, or your first significant other, or your first day of college, they say you never forget your first. That's not always true, of course, but I do remember my first: Softlanding Linux Systems. Jump into the Astonishing GNU/Linux Time Machine, and via the magic of qemu and iBiblio, you too can experience the earliest days of GNU/Linux.

Status Messages in Desktop Search

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The Desktop Search in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is extremely helpful. However, if you have just copied a whole bunch of files locally, or maybe you just recently added an email account that contains a lot of messages, those items may not appear in your search results until the search engine has had a chance to index the new data. But that means that you just need to wait, right? No.

Announcing the Drupal Association

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For many of us, Drupal is very much a labor of love. It's a story of having fun and working hard. If you follow what we do, it's easy to understand what we're all about -- making it easy to build websites, both for users and developers. Passion spreads and as a result, Drupal's size and scope has grown beyond what an ad hoc group of volunteers can realistically manage.

Show us the code: right pew, wrong church

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Along the lines of early efforts to derail SCO's claims that Linux infringes Unix copyrights, a gentleman going by the moniker, "digduality" has decided to fight recent claims by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that Linux infringes on Microsoft patents, by launching

KSnapshot: My KDE App of the Day

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Every once in a while I will be using an application which is unique to KDE and think “Wow this is really neat” or “I don’t know how to live without this tool”. Today that application is KSnapshot.

The best free edutainment software for your kids

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Gcompris is a collection of educational games that provides many edutainment activities for your children aged beyond 2. It has nearly 100 activities as of now, and many more are being added. Moreover, the best part of Gcompris is it is available in 18 International languages! Gcompris is meant for Kids, but in fact, some games are so lovely and well thought, even I love to play them!

New KDE 4 preview shows progress

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On Friday, the KDE Project released the third in a series of development previews for the upcoming KDE 4.0 release. Dubbed "Kludge," the 3.80.3 release includes the Sonnet language library, the new Dolphin file manager, and the Solid hardware library.

New GPL 3 Draft Imminent, Yet Final Release Delayed

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A new draft of the upcoming GNU General Public License Version 3 (GPL 3) will be released shortly, participants in the drafting process say, but a final release is likely to slip past the March 2007 deadline that the GPL's maintainer, the Free Software Foundation (FSF), initially set as the "latest possible release date."

What Happened to The Open Management Group?

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Whatever happened to the Open Management Consortium (OMC)? Since last May when six open source management projects announced the formation of the OMC, the group has issued nary a peep of news. Is there an agenda?

Patents cut both ways for Microsoft

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Here is Steve Balmer focusing on Linux, making the tired claim that there is so-called Intellectual Property in Linux that violates patents held by Microsoft. Meanwhile Microsoft gets hit with a hefty patent violation of its own; 1.5 billion (yes, that is a “B”) for the use of the mp3 patent without payment of royalties. It appears that patent obligations are for others, not for Microsoft to worry about.

Note to new Linux users: No antivirus needed

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One of the most common questions I hear new Linux users ask is "What program should I use for virus protection?" Many of them lose faith in me as a source of security information when I reply, "None." But you really don't need to fear malware on your new platform, thanks to the way Linux is built.

Nat: "Is 'open source' now completely meaningless?"

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Nat Torkington is trying to come up with the agenda for OSCON, and has discovered that the minute one steps out of the world of community open source to scan the ranks of commercial open source, you find lots of commercials, but little source.

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