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Story Debian Project News - May 13th srlinuxx 13/05/2013 - 6:45pm
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Story History of Linux: Time For Open Source Documentary srlinuxx 13/05/2013 - 6:39pm
Blog entry Setting up a serial console fieldyweb 12/05/2013 - 7:12pm
Blog entry Getting Squid3 on Debian 6.x to work with Active Directory, Security Groups and Websense fieldyweb 12/05/2013 - 2:06pm
Story Ubuntu 13.04: What’s New srlinuxx 11/05/2013 - 11:28pm
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Story Top 5 Benefits of Using Gentoo srlinuxx 11/05/2013 - 11:23pm

$100 OLPC Laptop Gets Another Price Hike

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OLPC The $100 laptop—which was already up to a hefty $175, has gotten yet another price bump to $188. A spokesman says they're committed to keeping the price from rising above $190, and probably below $200 if at all possible.

The (short) history of Full Circle Magazine

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Have you ever wondered how Full Circle got its start? What our past websites have looked like? Well, you can take a look here and see our past websites and the discussion on UbuntuForums that started it all.

Some Howtos

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  • Finding File Hard Links

  • Windows Mobile 5 device as a bluetooth modem for the Nokia N800
  • Beauty of Math using Linux
  • Speed up your Linux HDD
  • How to create a GNU/Linux live USB stick with SLAX

New Net taxes could arrive in November

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ZDNet: Americans might pay more for DSL and cable modem bills starting November 1, thanks to politicians in the U.S. Congress who have yet to extend a federal moratorium limiting taxes on those services.

Lowarch 0.1.1 on 450Mhz K6-2, 256Mb

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Linux So after I rebuilt my main system (ah, that clean, fresh feeling!) I gave Gutsy the boot, and burned a fresh CDRW with the Lowarch ISO.

Forgotten Roads Remembered

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Linux Today: I mention this exploration of what was because I think it relates to a certain anniversary of Linux that's coming up on Monday, September 17. According to Linus Torvalds, that is the date when the first real 0.01 version of the Linux kernel came out.

the "too many windows open" link dump

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  • Gutsy Release Parties, Bring It On

  • Could AMD move open desktop Linux market?
  • Gentoo: Forums Back Online
  • How To Use a Cingular Sierra Wireless 875 Card on Ubuntu Gutsy
  • Aptitude Easter Egg?
  • Will patents crush open source?
  • Amarok: Weekly Status update II (Sleepy
  • Open Source Internet Utilities - Part 3
  • Digital security with GnuPG plugins
  • A letter to the Wall Street Journal

The dangers of automatic updates

Filed under
Software When I started using GNU/Linux eight years ago, I was dumbfounded to encounter Debian users who started their day by upgrading their entire system. Never mind that this idea is an nuisance and an unwarranted assumption -- let alone that constant upgrades are unsuitable to many styles of computing and contrary to responsible system maintenance. They're an active hazard.

Mandriva: Lenovo poll, more 2008 work

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adamw’s blog: Lenovo is running a poll to see which distribution people would prefer to see pre-installed on future Lenovo systems. A few days back we were languishing in 8th place or so with under 1,000 votes. We’re now running a clear third behind Ubuntu and Debian. Work on 2008 continues at a relentless pace.

GSoC: The Results are In

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googlesummerofcode.blogspot: Summer of Code has wrapped up for 2007, and we're very pleased to announce that 81% of our student participants successfully completed their projects.

SCO Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Groklaw: SCO Group Inc., the embattled software company best known for litigation targeting distributors of open-source, Linux software, said Friday it has filed for bankruptcy.

Loop-based Music Composition With Linux, Pt. 1

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Linux Journal: Loop-based music composition is the practice of sequencing audio samples to create the various parts of a musical work. This two-part article will explore some of the techniques and software used for composing music with audio loops. We'll look at some well-known Linux audio applications that include powerful tools for loop manipulation, and I'll also introduce some utilities specifically designed to help you create and edit your own seamless loops.

KHTML vs. Gecko vs. Trident vs. Presto: Behind the Browser

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LinuxInsider: When a Web surfer clicks on an icon to launch his or her favorite Web browser, only the geekiest of the geeky pay any thought to which engine layout is at work. The typical Web user has no clue that a different browser choice may also include a different browser layout engine.

Running XFCE on the N800

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arstechnica: Earlier this week, an intrepid Internet Tablet Talk forum member with the handle "Penguinbait" managed to get KDE running on the Nokia N800 web tablet. Yesterday, Penguinbait followed up with instructions for installing XFCE and then offered a script to automate the process.

UNIX Pipes, Streams and Redirections Explained

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polishlinux: This is the third article in the “CLI tricks” series. This time we are going to cover UNIX-specific pipes, streams and redirections, explaining what they are for and how they can help us in every day console tasks.

A Debian unstable horror story

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beranger: I was asked to fix a small web application on a remote server. The "deputy sysadmin" (a PC technician) wrote me something like this: «Our SSL certificates expired, so we renewed them and I had my boss re-enter the certificates. Since then we can get to the login page for XXX, but it comes up with a blank screen after you have authenticated. Can you look into that and see if you can fix it or give us some direction on what else we can troubleshoot?»

Benchmarking the Completely Fair Scheduler

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kernelTRAP: "Looking at these graphs (and the fixed one from your second email), it sure looks a lot like CFS is doing at *least* as well as the old scheduler in every single test, and doing much better in most of them."

Avant Window Navigator gets blingtastic new applets

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arstechnica: The Avant Window Navigator (AWN) is a dock utility for Linux that displays the task list, launchers, and other applets. It's heavily inspired by the Mac OS X dock and it leverages compositing to provide extravagant visuals as well as decent usability.

The Applets of KDE - Part 1

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Raiden's Realm: By proper definition, an Applet is a little program that serves a specific purpose and fills a minor or niche need within your system. These items may not be thought of very often due to their small presence and limited scope on the system, but they’re no less important than your office suite.

Embed a terminal in your Ubuntu desktop

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tectonic: Admit it. You enjoy using the command line in Linux. You only have a graphical interface so people in the office don't look at you strangely. So why not embed a terminal window into the Gnome desktop and have a soothing desktop picture and the power of the command line all at once?

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