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Story 2011 Linux New Media Awards Survey srlinuxx 24/12/2011 - 9:36pm
Story Oh Gentoo srlinuxx 24/12/2011 - 4:33am
Story GhostBSD 2.5: A GNOME-ified FreeBSD 9.0 srlinuxx 24/12/2011 - 4:28am
Story My Heroes of KDE, 2011 srlinuxx 24/12/2011 - 4:22am
Story Linux Deepin Software Centre to be made Available for Ubuntu srlinuxx 24/12/2011 - 12:02am
Story The Best Instant Messaging Application for Linux srlinuxx 24/12/2011 - 12:00am
Story Opera 11.61 Christmas Snapshot srlinuxx 23/12/2011 - 11:58pm
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KXDocker Review

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Pimp Your Linux: The KXDocker looks just like the dock in OS X. One stubborn problem that I’ve noticed with Linux, that the KDE and gnome standard docks are butt ugly. This is one solution.

SMART Installing

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Daemon Dancing in the Dark: I have decided to give SMART a chance on my openSUSE machine. YaST has been working fine, it is just remarkably slow when it first starts up. It has to load all the dependencies, foreign package source info files, etc, and can take three or four minutes to start up.

The truth about the Linux kernel

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Eugenia's Rants: Arch Linux maintainer of the –beyond Linux kernel version announces that he won’t be a maintainer of that package anymore. James, hats off to you!

5 reasons to use Ubuntu and not Windows

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ubuntudaily: Ubuntu, like other free operating systems (including all Linux, BSD and Solaris flavors), is a very modular system. If you don’t like a certain aspect of the software or you dislike the software as a whole: exchange it.

Eight common misunderstandings about GPLv3

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itmanagersjournal: The official release of the third version of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3) is still a couple of months away, yet already, the misunderstandings about it are almost as numerous as those for the second version (GPLv2).

Knoppix offers OpenVZ virtualization test drive

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ComputerWorld: Using a specially-equipped Knoppix Linux 5.5.1 bootable CD, companies looking to see how server virtualization might fit into their IT plans can now run OpenVZ virtualization software instead of having to install and configure the full program.

Review: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Advanced Platform

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ITWeek: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 is a fully-supported open-source server operating system that is suitable for a range of hardware and includes the latest Xen virtualisation tools.

Book Review: Beginning Ubuntu Linux (2nd edition)

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arsgeek: Thomas should have called this book Everything You’ll Ever Want To Know About Using Ubuntu. Not only is this a great guide to getting started with Ubuntu specifically and Linux in general but it contains just about anything anyone would ever need to become completely functional and productive with their new OS.

Open Source: Ready for Its Closeup

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LinuxInsider: For many filmmakers, the economics alone make open source filmmaking an attractive option. When free or low-cost production tools like CinePaint and Blender are combined with free hosting services like Internet Archive, writers and filmmakers are free to focus on film production rather than financing.

Ubuntu Kane and Abel community struggle

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seopher: Because Linux has such a wealth of options; a lot of users have their system of choice and will defend it to the end. There seems to be a sense of anger/jealousy towards popular releases such as Ubuntu.

tux500 crew caught rigging Digg - with screenshots!

Filed under

Penguin Pete: May 9, 2007 helios posts to LXer, hatching plan to "Digg storm" with the Indy Star article about tux500. (do I even have to ask how it got there?)

Want a free ticket for LinuxTag?

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Linux Then you're in luck: The Amarok project is giving away 20 tickets for LinuxTag 2007! All you have to do is head over to our site and participate in our little contest.

Novell confirms that patent deal gave it access to Microsoft IP

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cbronline: Last week I noted that a new explanation had emerged as to why Novell entered into its patent agreement with Microsoft: because Novell engineers “required sanctioned access to Microsoft’s code in order to develop open source interoperability without violating MSFT's IP.”

Send Firefox to the system tray, in Linux

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mozilla links: Firefox users who like a clean desktop may already know about MinimizeToTray, a extension developed by Mook and Brad Peterson for Firefox, Thunderbird or SeaMonkey on Windows platforms. FireTray, developed by Duo, does the same for Firefox users on Linux.

Eight things I DON'T like about Ubuntu

Filed under

Jacek Furmankiewicz: So, Ubuntu 7.04 is out and everyone is raving how good it is. Got to agree, it's the best Linux desktop distro ever and has some great solutions to your regular pesky Linux issues. Nevertheless, it is not perfect and here are some of my pet peeves.

Linuxfest Northwest 2007 Report

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montana linux: Linuxfest Northwest has been an annual event since 1999 held at Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham Washington which is approximately 90 miles North of Seattle. To allow for the largest participation, it is held on a weekend. Linuxfest Northwest 2007 was held on April 28-29th and was attended by approximately 900 people.

Mandriva 2007 Spring Edition (2007.1)

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lunapark6: More than any other Linux release that I have encountered, the quality of Mandriva 2007 Spring Edition depends largely on which version you download.

Extending Checking grammar with LanguageTool

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HowTos One of the features that many users dearly miss in is a grammar checker. Fortunately, LanguageTool fills the void, adding grammar-checking capabilities to

Free “Intro to Linux” Course Now Available

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suserants: This online course is done via email. It is completely free. People register for the class, and receive an ebook via email every few days containing the next class of the course. Its goal is to be the most basic introduction to Linux possible.

Bugzilla 3.0 let loose upon the world

tectonic: Nine years after version 2.0 of the popular open source bug-tracking system was launched, Bugzilla 3.0 has been released with the same statement as its predecessor, "We like the new version much better, and hope you will too."

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