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SCO, Novell back in court Monday in Unix fight

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computerworld: The SCO Group Inc. will begin its latest legal battle Monday over what it continues to assert are its rights to Unix -- but this battle is one the company may have never imagined it would be fighting.

Cybersquatter storms the Bastille (Linux)

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the register: Downloads of Bastille Linux have always been offered through SourceForge, with serving more as a store-front than as a primary download location. The change of ownership of the site came to light only after duty staff at the Internet Storm Centre followed up a tip that something was amiss.

PC Makers Take Surveys on Linux; A Red Hat Exec Says Follow the Money

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Linux Max Spevack is the Fedora Project leader for Linux distributor Red Hat, and he has some observations to make about recent surveys by Lenovo and Dell.

Open Source Software and the Curse of Plenty

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OSS Building a commercial software product may be like putting together a major motion picture, but getting any software project done will have similarities to TV/film productions. The number one attribute of any successful project is having a project vision. The driving force behind any project has to be a vision of what the finished product will look like.

If Linux server adoption is slowing, then my name is Steve Ballmer

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Enterprise Linux Log: Linux adoption in the enterprise is slowing down? Not so fast says one analyst firm, which took a closer look at a report that showed Linux adoption slowing from the significant growth rates of the past few years.

Drupal, Joomla! among finalists for open-source CMS award

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Drupal UK-based Packt Publishing has announced the finalists for its Open Source CMS Award: CMS Made Simple, Drupal, e107, Joomla!, and PHP-Fusion. The overall winning project, scheduled to be announced in November, will receive $5,000, with an additional $15,000 distributed among runners-up and subcategory winners.

What’s in a Name? Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Ubuntu, or Ubuntu Linux?

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daveshields.wordpress: I presented some thoughts on “Linux” and “GNU/Linux” in a recent post trying to make the case to use “Linux” in preference to “GNU/Linux.” You face a similar choice when writing a post about Ubuntu.

Damn Small Linux Makes Darn Big Impression

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Linux Planet: At a mere 50MB, Damn Small Linux (DSL) seems like it would be more at home in the realm of rescue disks instead of Desktop OSs. After booting up into full graphical mode, you may be hooked on this tiny distribution forever. I am impressed.

Review of Ubuntu 7.04 Server on Old Hardware

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Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux have been releasing server versions of their distro for a while now, aimed at providing a quick and easy way to set up a Linux server, so I decided to give it a try.

Why SimplyMEPIS 6.5

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linuxhaxor: SimplyMEPIS as a Live CD or DVD allows you to run the Linux operating system and all the programs from your CD or DVD drive before you install. There is no need to backup all your data, delete the whole hard disk and install the system, just to find it doesn’t meet your needs and expectations.

howtos and stuff

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  • Hosting multiple projects with DrProject

  • Counting Words in Files With HTML Markup
  • Linux allow / restrict system logins to specific user groups using pam_listfile
  • Pwn files with gzip?
  • 3 More Ways to Improve Firefox
  • Make your Thunderbird start page a wiki
  • How to gain more control over your synaptics touch pad in Ubuntu
  • fsck upon start. Why?
  • 7 Ways to Get a High WAF when Switching to Linux
  • Linux Help: Download Linux

Fedora 8 Test 2 Screenshots

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phoronix: Fedora 8 Test 2 hit the web this morning and accompanying this release are now four LiveCD images. There is the traditional Fedora Live CD version followed by a KDE version and now there is a developer Live edition and FEL.

The State Of The Linux Help File Nation

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informationweek blogs: A few years ago, my biggest complaint about Linux applied to many things in the computer world: The documentation was uniformly lousy and scattershot. Since then, at least one distribution -- Ubuntu -- has set a fairly high standard of documentation. There’s still a few things I’d like to see done better, though.

What it's Like to Switch to Ubuntu

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Ubuntu When Dell first announced that it would offer Ubuntu--a free open-source, Linux-based operating system--on select notebooks, millions of tech-heads unleashed victory cries. Linux, the longtime OS of choice for the hardcore techie, was poised to go mainstream. We at LAPTOP had to ask: Is Ubuntu ready for the world?

Microsoft Linux? HAHAHA, er, wait a second…

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opseast.wordpress: I was eating lunch with a partner the other day and he related to me that a colleague of his had reported that a friend of his sister’s fiance’s father’s lawyer’s second half-cousin (or something more confusing) had said that Microsoft would have a version of Microsoft Linux next year, no fooling.

GPL-BSD stoush: de Raadt hints at legal action

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iTWire: The argument over dual-licensed code, which was festering between the GPL and BSD communities, has drifted off the radar for most - but certainly not for Theo de Raadt, head of the OpenBSD project.

Love and usability drive Firefox success

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ITPro: Founder of Mozilla explains how a sense of purpose and an eye for easy use has made the Firefox browser such a success. The Firefox browser succeeds because it's designed for everyone to use and is a labour of love, the founder and president of Mozilla told attendees of a Westminster eForum on open source software in London yesterday.

Also: “Open in Tabs” fixed in Firefox 3, at last

Should your firm be FLOSSing?

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OSS The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) had no problem going against the grain when it decided to forgo the widely used Microsoft Office suite of business applications. Instead, it chose to replace its aging WordPerfect installations with - for free.

Valve Looking for Linux Porter

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LinuxGames: A reader pointed out this job listing at Valve Software's website. Traditionally, Valve has only released dedicated server ports for their games, and this description is vague enough to where that may still be the case.

UID and GID: the basics of Linux user admin

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iTWire: Whether your Linux box has hundreds of users or just one account for you and one for your dog it is important to understand how Linux user accounts work. There are GUI tools for this within GNOME and KDE but here we lift the lid on the bonnet to show what really makes a user exist, and what these commands are doing to your filesystem.

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