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Lenovo ThinkPad T60p review

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Few computers have more right to the term "business machine" than the ThinkPad laptop series. The ThinkPad is among the oldest extant laptop computer brands. The first thing I noticed with the ThinkPad T60p was that all of the special buttons and functions worked perfectly in SLED 10, including suspend to RAM and suspend to disk. I can't say I have used many laptop computers recently that could claim this honor.

Vista gets Cute (Qt)

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Qt 4.2 is the latest version of the C++ application development framework from Norway-based Trolltech. Qt 4.2 provides greater integration with GNOME than previous versions of Qt. Qt-based programs have for some time been able to integrate with GNOME and GTK. Trolltech is also targeting Windows users with the Qt 4.2 release, but it's not the first time.

Quicktips - how to get sound for Flash in Firefox

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Got a problem with your flash player plugin in Firefox not giving up it’s sound? Here’s the fix.

Book Review: SUSE Linux

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Chris Brown has put together two useful books about Novell's "Community Distribution," SUSE Linux . (I'd have called it SUSE 10.1.) Unfortunately, O'Reilly decided to bind them together.

OOo gives chart module a brand new look

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Want to see a dinosaur?

Kororaa AiglXGL Live CD 0.3

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Since the problems with the GPL kororaa was forced (or kind of) to remove the proprietary video drivers for Nvidia and ATI. Open source video drivers however are included. This time the live CD doesn’t only support xgl but also the wonderfull aiglx.

Seven Linux distros fight over one old ThinkPad

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I thought it would be interesting to find out which modern Linux distro made the best OS for a supposedly "obsolete" old laptop. With this in mind, I requisitioned an oldie but goodie: an IBM ThinkPad 2662-35U (pictured here), with a Pentium III 600MHz processor, 192MB of SDRAM, and a 20GB hard drive.

Top 10 Ways to Convince a New User Onto Linux

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We all know the advantages of Linux, but getting new users to embrace the open source side of life is often difficult. However, explaining the advantages to users in terms they can relate to is the key so here is my 10 point argument:

Wide load: Adding widescreen monitor support to Ubuntu

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After trying to manually edit the config files and failing a number if times I found out about this neat little wizard that walks you through and makes it slightly more difficult to mess things up. $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

PCLinuxOS .93 xorg.conf problem quick fix

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If you're like me, you change things constantly in your linux desktop. I'm always entering in and tweaking .conf files. I hosed my xorg.conf file which is where all the Xsession settings are stored. This might be daunting for some new users in Linux so I figured I'd write up this little how-to that would get them back on their feet.

Also: PCLinuxOS: A Windows User's Delight

Mubuntu - Yet Another Ubuntu Derivative

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Mubuntu is the tentative name of a Multimedia editing derivative of Ubuntu, currently being planned. The ultimate goal is to build a solid multimedia editing distro based on Ubuntu-Gnome by Edgy+1.

SLED 10 rocks!

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And just to get that out of the way; SLED 10 is an amazing OS. I can't remeber ever having had so many «how can this be free software ?!?»-experiences. Everything is easy, everything is beautiful.

Avoiding security blunders in Linux and IT infrastructures

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When it comes to IT infrastructure security, there are things that IT managers just shouldn't do. This two-part tip is written for those who'd like to avoid making those mistakes. It covers four security areas that are either ignored or overlooked in IT infrastructure security, with a focus on securing Linux-based hosts.

Accessing Windows Resources from a Linux Desktop

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It used to be called the network neighborhood. On Windows XP machines, it's called network places. You may now be running a Linux desktop, but there are many important files shared from the XP machine over in accounting, files that are shared in the network neighborhood. Files you need to work with. Ironically, some of those Windows file servers may in fact be Linux servers running Samba, seamlessly providing network drives to Windows desktops inside your company.

Celebrate KDE's Anniversary - 10 Years of Linux Desktop

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KDE is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary. On 14th October 1996, Matthias Ettrich announced the beginning of a project which is now one of the biggest and most exciting open source projects. To celebrate this event we'd like to invite you to our little birthday party on Friday, October 13th, 2006. Matthias Ettrich and Mark Shuttleworth will be keynote speakers.

Qt 4.2.0 released

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Qt 4.2.0 is now out on the servers. The main features of this release are CSS-like desktop stylesheets, a new graphics view class, Qt/Mac look-and-feel improvements including the ability to host Carbon widgets inside Qt widgets and tighter cross-desktop integration.

Firefox Gains Ground On Microsoft's IE

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For the third consecutive month, Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox has posted a half a percentage point or more gain in market share, a Web metrics company said Wednesday. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Internet Explorer's still-commanding lead has slipped slightly.

Library system migrates from Linux -- to more Linux

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The six branches of the Howard County Library system in Maryland provide 300 computers to their clients. This week, every computer has been upgraded from a "homegrown" Linux kernel, to Groovix, an Ubuntu Linux derivative.

NZ Government Department goes for Open-Source Tech

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The Companies Office, a unit of the Ministry of Economic Development, has launched a new website. What is special about the new website is that it is based on ‘Open Source’ software. It is only the third government department to do so but the first one of the “top five” Government sites in NZ (by number of visitors).

Microsoft on warding off the Linux threat

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Q&A: Microsoft's head of platform strategy denies that open source is a credible threat to the software giant's empire, and rules out porting MS Office to Linux

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