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Mandriva Linux 2007.1 - Not bad, not great.

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Mandriva seems to have trouble settling down on a release schedule. First it was every six months, then every year, and now they're back to six months.

I was also confused by their naming scheme. They've decided to name each version after the year in which it is released, which worked as long as there was only one release per year.

KateOS 3.6 Beta Screenshots

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As was outlined in a previous Phoronix article, we have been evaluating KateOS as a possible Linux distribution to append to our arsenal of OS compatibility tests. Recently KateOS 3.6 Beta was introduced and we have went over this distribution with a fine tooth comb.

Why out of the box Linux performance is still important

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Recently I reviewed Linux Mint KDE edition and concluded that it's probably missed it's window for success now that distros like Ubuntu are now supplying codecs (etc) on demand. But someone posted a comment that made me second guess my judgement.

All roads lead to Debian

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If most of the Linux distributions derive from either Slackware or Debian, why not just go to the source? Slackware looks way too hard to figure out, but Debian, which just released version 4.0, offers an net-install ISO, so I burned the CD this morning and am currently installing a Debian system over the Internet.

SimplyMEPIS 6.5

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Getting the distribution

Getting it was no big deal. There where enough mirror-servers to choose from, all high-speed, although I find it peculiar that downloading via torrent was not an option, which probably would lead to less load on the mirrors, especially when a new version is released.

Bob Metcalfe re-evaluates open source

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Bob Metcalfe may not have invented the Internet, but few people's technical achievements have done more to make it popular and accessible than the father of Ethernet and founder of 3Com. Metcalfe and the open source community got a little bit sideways with each other last century, but that appears to be all in the past now.

Xubuntu’s crisis of identity

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I love Xubuntu. If you were to knock down the door to my house and come charging in to where the computer is, there’s a much higher chance that you’d see a Xubuntu icon on the screen than the logo of any other complete, prepackaged distro.

Create a Customized Live Linux CD or Bootable USB Thumb Drive Using Knoppix

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Earlier this year, I was asked to find a bootable CD that would allow PCs in a special purpose lab, many of which had bad hard drives, to access our Citrix environment. Basically, we wanted to turn these PCs into thin clients to extend their life. I had been experimenting with Knoppix and decided it was time to try customizing my own Knoppix CD for use in the lab.

Ghana pursuing open source policy - Minister

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The government of Ghana is serious about free and open source software. This is according to Ghanaian communications minister Mike Oquaye who was speaking at a free and open source software media training conference in Ghana's capital Accra yesterday.

Google releases enhancement patches for MySQL

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Google uses MySQL open source database for some of it’s application. They have released some enhancement patches for MySQL under GPL license. They would like MySQL team to integrate those patches into the MySQL code and until they do that, Google has released the code under GPL license for anyone to use them.

Is Ubuntu enterprise ready?

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Anyone who follows Linux at all knows that Ubuntu is currently the Linux community's favorite distribution. But can Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu, translate that popular success into business success?

Intel vs. OLPC: A Battle of Good Wills

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For Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the president of Brazil, deciding what computer to give his country's youth requires more than a trip to the nearest CompUSA. He's deciding between two models of specially designed, affordable laptops, one manufactured by Intel and the other by the OLPC (One Laptop per Child) Association.

KDE4 Devel Live-CD Review: Work in Progress

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A few days ago first KDE4 CD images presenting the current development version of KDE4 have been published in the Internet (as a custom openSUSE Live-CD). Nobody should expect that this version is close to the final product.

Latest Mambo release fully translatable

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Team Mambo have announced the release of version 4.6.2 of the Mambo Open Source content management system (CMS). Released under the GNU Public Licence, it can be downloaded freely from here.

Interview with the KTorrent developers

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One of the most hotly debated topics about the Internet today is, without a doubt, BitTorrent: the most popular peer-to-peer network protocol today. Why is it controversial? Because clients (applications) for BitTorrent file transfer proved to be first choice of people sharing and downloading movies and music from the Internet.

PCLinuxOS launching hardware certification program

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The PCLinuxOS Hardware Database (HWDB) collects user-submitted reports on the compatibility of various hardware with the PCLinuxOS distribution. Now its founder has announced a plan to begin a hardware certification program for personal computer manufacturers.

Free computing! How to revitalize mature pentiums

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Free software is great, so why not run it on a free PC? Here’s how to get a free PC and configure it with free software to perform many tasks as well as a newly-purchased computer.

Sniffing out a PC

How uses the LAMP stack to scale upward

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Software credits two particular features of its LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) server cluster for helping the news aggregation site maintain speedy performance in the face of high growth.

SMPlayer - Best Frontend For MPlayer

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SMPlayer intends to be a complete front-end for MPlayer, from basic features like playing videos, DVDs, and VCDs to more advanced features like support for MPlayer filters and more.

GIMP 2.3.16 Development Release

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Getting closer to the 2.4 release, GIMP 2.3.16 is another development snapshot. The source code can be downloaded from the usual places. Check the NEWS file for an overview of the changes in this release. If you want to try this unstable development snapshot, please read the release notes for the development releases.

Changes in GIMP 2.3.16

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