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Story Deathwatch: One Laptop Per Child srlinuxx 23/10/2012 - 11:06pm
Story Ubuntu Getting Itself Ready for "F" Word srlinuxx 23/10/2012 - 7:44pm
Story some leftovers: srlinuxx 23/10/2012 - 4:51pm
Story ROSA Marathon 2012 review - Ahem srlinuxx 23/10/2012 - 12:15am
Story Sabayon Linux - to choose or not to choose srlinuxx 23/10/2012 - 12:14am
Story Ubuntu 12.10 Review & Screenshots srlinuxx 23/10/2012 - 12:10am
Story Which Linux Distro is Best? srlinuxx 22/10/2012 - 6:53pm
Story DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 479 srlinuxx 22/10/2012 - 6:50pm
Story Ubuntu Founder Takes Aim at Red Hat srlinuxx 22/10/2012 - 6:48pm
Blog entry Ubuntu 12.10 on the Macbook Pro fieldyweb 21/10/2012 - 3:27pm

Printer Setup on Ubuntu: Not the Friendliest

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Ken Hardin's blog @ itbusinessedge: More on my non-techie experiments with running an Ubuntu desktop on our Windows network here at IT Business Edge. All in all, setting up a printer was a little more geeky than what I encountered during my initial OS setup.

Blackle - the evil environmentally friendly search engine

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seopher: When your screen is white, be it an empty word page, or the Google page, your computer consumes 74 watts, and when its black it consumes only 59 watts.

Getting to know the OLPC's 'XO'

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eWeek: One Laptop Per Child's XO (commonly referred to as the $100 laptop) is designed to change the world by bringing computing resources to children in the developing world. But the many innovations in the XO may also end up changing the world of technology.

Also: Intel PR honcho puts spin on OLPC relationship

Preview: AWN theme Manager

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Linux Movement: If you are an AWN user who can't seem to get the right color settings for there dock, then maybe you have tried asking other for their settings? Well I got some good news for you all ryancr over at the AWN forum has started work on an AWN theme manager.

Linux: Poetry in Documentation

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kernelTRAP: Lguest is an adventure, with you, the reader, as Hero, but be warned; this is an arduous journey of several hours or more! And as we know, all true Heroes are driven by a Noble Goal. Thus I offer a Beer (or equivalent) to anyone I meet who has completed this documentation. So get comfortable and keep your wits about you (both quick and humorous). Along your way to the Noble Goal, you will also gain masterly insight into lguest, and hypervisors and x86 virtualization in general.

Best Hack of OSCON Day 1

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oreilly blogs: The best hack I saw in OSCON yesterday was in Jonathan Oxer’s Hardware / Software Hacking: Joining the Real and the Virtual.

50 Things You Need to Know About Ubuntu

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TechIQ: Yes, The VAR Guy is attending UbuntuLIVE in Portland, Oregon. He’s already noticed several Ubuntu Linux trends that could potentially benefit solutions providers and their customers. So, it’s the perfect opportunity for a big countdown: 50 things you need to know about Ubuntu.

Tuning Disk Performance with AIX 5L, Pt. 2

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Discover how to use appropriate disk placement prior to creating your logical volumes to improve disk performance. This part focuses on monitoring your logical volumes and the commands and utilities (iostat, lvmstat, lslv, lspv, and lsvg) used to analyze results.

Mozilla begets WebRunner, a site-specific browser Nowadays, people are turning to Web-based applications as replacements for desktop applications. Web-based office suites, mail clients, multimedia apps, and general productivity tools are all extremely useful now, but standard Web browsers aren't always the best option for running applications.

Eben Moglen challenges Tim O'Reilly to "join the conversation"

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OSS Portland, Ore. -- At the O'Reilly Open Source Convention today, Software Freedom Law Center director Eben Moglen threw down the gauntlet to O'Reilly founder and CEO Tim O'Reilly. Saying that O'Reilly had spent 10 years making money and building the O'Reilly name, Moglen invited O'Reilly to stop being "frivolous" and to join the conversation about software freedom.

Linux Mint: Ubuntu on Steroids

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Ubuntu To begin with this review, I have to say that before running Linux Mint, I had already used two other Linux distros. Then I saw a great Linux time line and there was a distro called Linux Mint which forked from Ubuntu. I had a look at their website and it was looking good, so I downloaded Linux Mint 3.0 codename Cassandra.

Linux For An Old Laptop

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Linux Today’s tip is for those of you who may have an old laptop which is practically worthless by today’s standards, but still functional. I have such a machine (Pentium 266 MMX, 80 MB RAM, 4 GB HD) which still sports a “Designed for Windows 95″ sticker.

Why I quit: kernel developer Con Kolivas

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Interviews Con Kolivas is a prominent developer on the Linux kernel and strong proponent of Linux on the desktop. But recently, he left it all behind. Why? In this interview with, Con answers.

Linux Desktop Adoption: Hitting a Brick Wall?

matt hartley: Despite fantastic advances with Desktop Linux as a collective whole, there still seems to be some hurdles that this Windows alternative has yet to overcome. In this piece, I’ll examine these from my own perspective, that of a full time Linux user.

First version released

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liquidat: Recently the first version of’s RPM tool was released. While it is only a minor version ( this release is a milestones because it is a coordinated release between the participating distributions.

Marketing Ubuntu - Why we Need More Double Glazing Salesmen

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justuber: Recently I’ve been involving myself with the task of marketing Ubuntu, which lead me wonder why it is that Ubuntu isn’t marketed very well in the first place.

Also: Ubuntu theme Tropic

German Court convicted Skype of violating the GPL

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/home/liquidat: German district court Munich has convicted Skype of violating the GPL. One of the VoIP telephones sold by Skype run Linux, but the GPL text was not handed out together with the phone, although the GPL requires that.

Google Desktop Search - Redefining search for Linux

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All about Linux: Till around two years back, searching for documents on ones computer was limited to finding the files based on certain criteria. And this was the case with all operating systems. But in the past two years search for the desktop has gone through a remarkable metamorphosis and has transformed into an efficient tool to find exactly what one is looking for.

eyeOS: A genuine Web OS

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OS Portable applications can come in handy when you are on the move, but there are situations when using them is not an option. But why bother with portable applications at all when you can have your very own Web-based operating system bundled with a few essential applications? That's the promise of eyeOS -- an impressive and surprisingly useful open source Web-based OS.

Ubuntu lives in a closed system

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iTWire: Ten days into July, Canonical, the company which is best known for the Ubuntu Linux distribution, released the source code for one component of Launchpad - a system that serves as a single repository for revision control.

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