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Quick Roundup

Open source: What you should learn from the French

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OSS A decade ago, European countries leapt out of the gate to take the lead in the radical open source movement -- none more so than France. Through policies and high-profile projects, the French Republic for years has been advocating for all open source all the time, in government and education. And France is not stopping:

IT veteran achieves perfect Zen through open source

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SUSE Utah software company Novell employs 150 people in Dublin. The advent of open source software, particularly Linux, gave this long-standing IT giant a new lease of life. Ron Hovsepian is the company’s CEO.

Acer Aspire One Linux OS

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Linux Last week we looked at one of the better Netbooks around - the Acer Aspire One. Today we'll look at the highly customized Operating System in the Aspire One, which claims to make Linux user-friendly for the common man.

10 things you didn’t know you could do in Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Here are ten things that you (probably) didn’t know you could do in Ubuntu.

today's leftovers

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  • MEPIS is coming back

  • Open source experts launch free advisory service
  • openSUSE: Unifying Progress During Installation
  • It’s Novell's Hack Week
  • Really Big Things
  • Vulnerabilities in LibTIFF
  • Successful Open Source Security Is Knowing What to Secure
  • Linux servers under the Phalanx gun: A problem with people, not code
  • Apple tried open source defence in ad case
  • The Apple v. Psystar Litigation
  • The Microsoft-Novell Deal and Trust in Princes
  • The problem with open-source revenue models
  • The Linux Foundation Announces End User Collaboration Summit
  • The Upside Down Of HTML On Unix and Linux: Backward
  • Linux distro: Anarchy
  • Why can't they fix the Flash/Firefox bug?

some howtos:

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  • Configuring Wireless Ethernet Interfaces in Ubuntu

  • HOWTO: conky config (conkyrc) for Debian Part 2
  • Simple Automatic SSH
  • Create a Bootable USB Drive or Memory Card
  • Install and setup Ubuntu Eee 8.04
  • Convert diff output to colorized HTML
  • Easy file uploads with Droopy
  • Running gOS 3 Beta from USB stick

ubuntu stuff

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  • Why Ubuntu Is A Moneysaver for SME Businesses

  • Ubuntu Server Edition: Gaining Momentum
  • Ubuntu Love Day Manila 2008 And BarCamp Manila 1 - Huge Success
  • Ubuntu Developer Week II: This Time Its Personal
  • Second Ubuntu Developer Week

Linux security idiots

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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: There are some Linux system administrators out there who should be glad, very glad, they don't work for me because I'd be firing them today. Why?

How Windows Vista is turning people to Linux

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Microsoft The much-hyped "year of the Linux desktop" may still not be with us but there’s no doubting the free open-source operating system has gained significant traction in the last year. One reason for this is, with equal certainty, the mess that is Windows Vista. Here's how it's actively driving new interest in Linux.

10 "Really Cool" Icon Sets for Ubuntu/GNOME Desktop

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Software You can spice up the look of your GNOME desktop by putting on a killer theme and match it with really cool Linux wallpaper. To greatly enhance its appearance, you will also need some equally good-looking set of icons.

The Year Of The Linux Desktop

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distrogue.blogspot: What is this mythical "Year of the Linux Desktop"? Simply put, every time a feature appears in the Linux world, whatever year it makes the greatest progress (in other words, the year Ubuntu merges it into their repositories) is called the "Year of the Linux Desktop".

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 vs. Firefox 3.0.1

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Moz/FF So, how does Microsoft’s latest beta release of Internet Explorer 8 compare Mozilla’s Firefox 3.0.1 in terms of speed? Let’s find out in this quick head-to-head!

Parallel emerge versus parallel make

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Gentoo Parallel emerge is helpful on SMP system during a first install, a world rebuild (which is actually what I’m doing now) or in a long update after some time spent offline; it is of little help when doing daily upgrades, or when installing a new package.

Spending time in KDE

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kmandla.wordpress: I’ve been spending a lot of time in KDE lately. Between andLinux and a fresh installation off the PCLinuxOS disk, it seems to be a more frequent inhabitant of my Inspiron than Openbox.

Open source awareness in Egypt?

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weblog.infoworld: We're traveling this week to Egypt for a good friend's wedding. I was looking forward to seeing and/or hearing about the use of open source in a country like Egypt. I paid special attention to the systems in use.

Has Ubuntu lost it’s relevance - Why does it suck so much

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Ubuntu Ubuntu has long been the darling of the media, or at least the small number of people who actually cover Linux and related technologies. And I haven’t read anything but good things about it … until recently.

Speaking Unix: The new and improved Vim editor

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If you've worked on IBM AIX, another flavor of UNIX, or Linux, you've more than likely used the vi editor. How could someone make a more powerful editing tool than vi, you may ask? The answer is Vim, and this article provides details on the many enhancements that have made Vim a highly used and acceptable editor in the world of UNIX and Linux.

better stability & security

ASUS Eee PC 901

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Hardware Last year ASUS had christened the Eee PC as a cost-effective but well built sub-notebook (or now known as a "netbook") that ended up being extremely popular with more people than just computer enthusiasts. In this article we are providing our first look at the Eee PC 901 along with a few bits of information and sharing some of our plans for the Eee Linux testing in the near future.

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Intel Graphics On Ubuntu: GNOME vs. KDE vs. Xfce vs. Unity vs. LXDE

For those wondering how the Intel (U)HD Graphics compare for games and other graphical benchmarks between desktop environments in 2018, here are some fresh benchmarks using GNOME Shell on X.Org/Wayland, KDE Plasma 5, Xfce, Unity 7, and LXDE. Read more

Linux Kernel 4.15 Delayed Until Next Week as Linus Torvalds Announces Ninth RC

It's not every day that you see a ninth Release Candidate in the development cycle of a new Linux kernel branch, but here we go, and we can only blame it on those pesky Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities that affect us all, putting billions of devices at risk of attacks. That, and the fact that things haven't calmed down since last week's eight Release Candidate, which was supposed to be the last for the upcoming series. According to Linus Torvalds, there are still has some networking fixes pending, and there's also a very subtle boot bug that was discovered the other day. Read more Also: Linux 4.15 Goes Further Into Overtime: Linux 4.15-rc9

Review: Ubuntu MATE 17.10

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 is a solid release with a few minor caveats about the Mutiny layout. The Traditional MATE layout is very nice, but Mutiny still needs some work. For users who want the classic GNOME 2 look-and-feel, Ubuntu MATE is an excellent choice. However, Unity users looking for a Unity-like experience should still give Ubuntu MATE with the Mutiny layout a try, but need to be aware that it does have some issues and it won't work exactly like Unity. The Contemporary layout is also an option for Unity users, but is even further removed from the Unity experience than Mutiny is. Read more

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