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Story A Disappointing Review of Bodhi srlinuxx 09/03/2011 - 6:27pm
Story GnoTime: A Marvelously Manic Time Tracker srlinuxx 09/03/2011 - 4:47pm
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Story Breaking News: Fedora 15 *Beta* leaked! Now with desktop icons! srlinuxx 09/03/2011 - 3:42am

Songbird: The Firefox of Media Players

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Today we'll take a look at one of the most appealing XUL apps—Songbird, from Pioneers of the Inevitable, Inc, which claims folks who've previously worked on Winamp and Yahoo! Music Engine. Songbird is currently just at version 0.2, so consider this a preview rather than a review of the fully baked product. Songbird is a "mashup" of a web browser and a desktop media player. Think of it as the open-source analog of Windows Media Player or iTunes. Like Winamp, Songbird supports skins, which are called "feathers" in this case. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

grep: highlighting matches in color

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Many Debian users use grep regularly. But did you know that grep can highlight the text it matches in color?

Full Tip.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 176

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • News: Novell partners with Microsoft, CentOS on Oracle Enterprise
  • Linux, Fedora code names, Mandriva and MEPIS updates, gNewSense

  • Web logs: One month with Mandriva Linux 2007
  • Released last week: OpenBSD 4.0, NetBSD 3.1
  • Upcoming releases: openSUSE 10.2 Beta 2
  • Site news: Dilemma about distributions linking to DistroWatch
  • New additions: gNewSense, TrueBSD
  • New distributions: Damn Vulnerable Linux, URLI OS

This week in DistroWatch Weekly....

Linux a computer operating system for the people

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The popular free Linux computer operating system being co-opted by corporate technology titans was born of a Finnish university student and a group devoted to no-cost software.

“The Role of Open Source Software for the Development of Information Society” Conference in Armenia

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The conference “The Role of Open Source Software for the Development of Information Society” was held in Yerevan, capital of Armenia from October 31 to November 1, 2006. The conference aimed at exchange of experience in open source promotion policy and in the use of open source software in specific areas such as public administration and education.

CentOS: Oracle Linux Doesn't Measure Up

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Oracle's plans for its own Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) product, announced last week, follow on the heels of Red Hat derivatives put together by dozens of open source projects, including CentOS, Pie Box, and Startcom Linux. But this week, members of the influential CentOS community voiced strong pessimism over Oracle Linux.

CLI Magic: Transform your audio files with SoX

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Sound eXchange (SoX) is a command-line sound sample translator. This Swiss Army knife of sound tools can be used to convert file formats of your audio files, and to apply sound effects such as echo, fade-in/out, and chorus to jazz up your music with just a few keystrokes.

Install Amarok 1.4.4 Music Player in Ubuntu Edgy

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Amarok is a sound system-independent audio-player for *nix systems. Its interface uses a powerful “browser” metaphor that allows you to create playlists that make the most of your music collection.

Install Amarok Music Player in Ubuntu

MiniTutor: MPlayer and Video Output

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The MPlayer, Linux Movie Player, is an extraordinary video and audio player, and it has hundreds of options to use in order to do everything we wish to an audio or video file, one of these fantastic options are used to video output.

Minitutor from: GoblinX Minitutors

Ubuntu's offical Launch in China

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Mark Shuttleworth was in Beijing last week for Ubuntu’s official China launch. The event was overwhelmingly successful. However, the reason for the success is questionable, was it because Ubuntu, one of the top distros in the world, has really caught on in China, or was it simply because of its greatest benefactor?

Mozilla Starts Work On Firefox 3.0

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With Firefox 2.0 out the door last week, Mozilla is turning its attention to version 3.0, with a goal to deliver the new browser about this time next year.

LiMux The Penguin: Deep into Munich’s Linux F/OSS migration

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The city of Munich got more media attention than respect after it decided on a migration to Linux and open source software on the desktop. After a careful and deliberately open movement towards deciding its IT future, Munich was slammed in the media, then became a target for Microsoft negotiators and a project at risk from a proposed European move to US-style software patents.

AptonCD - Create a backup of all the packages you have installed using apt-get

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You are interested in installing GNU/Linux on your machine. But once the installation is done and finished, you will most certainly want to install additional software apart from the ones bundled with the CD. The problem occurs when you decide to re-install Linux on your machine. You are forced to start all over again, downloading additional software using apt-get. A good samaritan has pointed out to a unique project named AptonCD.

Bangalore readies for 'one of world's largest' FOSS events

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FOSS.IN, a Bangalore-based annual event that calls itself "one of the world's most focussed Free and Open Source Software events", has announced its Nov 23-25 meet will have 82 talks and tutorials.

Matt Asay: Customers - Open source's only true friend

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These past two weeks have been fascinating. Frustrating, but fascinating. I've learned a great deal since I first got involved with open source in 1998. One lesson stands out above them all, and was first related to me by a good friend at Red Hat: Customers are open source's only true friends.

XP to Ubuntu

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After about 6 weeks of heavy use, there's nothing that has me wanting to move off Ubuntu. It's remarkably solid and well-designed, and maybe no more than 2 years away from being something anyone could use. Definitely a keeper.

Cool KDE discovery of the day

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For people like me, who are addicted to Klipper: Klipper has search as you type. Just click on the icon, and start typing away! Only the parts of your paste history that match the typed text will be shown. Contributes to FOSS

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This past week we've seen headlines depicting selfish and self-serving actions from major players in our open source community. Perhaps we need to hear more of some thoughtful and helpful community members. One service has paid into the community in a pleasantly surprising manner - with cold hard cash.

How To Compile A Kernel - The Ubuntu Way

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Each distribution has some specific tools to build a custom kernel from the sources. This article is about compiling a kernel on Ubuntu systems. It describes how to build a custom kernel using the latest unmodified kernel sources from (vanilla kernel) so that you are independent from the kernels supplied by your distribution. It also shows how to patch the kernel sources if you need features that are not in there.

Gaming Headlines

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SUSE Leftovers

  • SoftIron CEO announces new ARM server running openSUSE Leap
    The keynote speaker for the openSUSE Conference today and Chief Executive Officer of SoftIron, Norman Fraser, Ph.D., made a big announcement about the release of a new powerful ARM server that comes with essential tools to get the 64-bit ARM development up and running, out-of-the-box.
  • Watch The Videos From This Year's OpenSUSE Conference
    From 22 to 26 June, the openSUSE Conference has been taking place in Nürnberg. There's been live video streams for those not in Bavaria while now the video recordings are being uploaded for your enjoyment at your convenience.

The Relative Windows vs. Linux Performance For NVIDIA, Intel & AMD

Following the recent Windows vs. Linux AMDGPU-PRO / RadeonSI testing, GTX 1080 Windows vs. Linux results, and yesterday's Intel Windows vs. Linux benchmarks, here is a look at all three sets of numbers when using some magic to merge the data-sets and normalize the results. Read more

NVIDIA Linux Performance-Per-Dollar: What The RX 480 Will Have To Compete Against

There's a lot of benchmarking going on this weekend at Phoronix in preparation for next week's Radeon RX 480 Linux review. Here are some fresh results on the NVIDIA side showing the current performance-per-dollar data for the NVIDIA Maxwell and Pascal graphics cards for seeing what the RX 480 "Polaris 10" card will be competing against under Linux. Read more

RaspAnd Project Brings Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Raspberry Pi 3, Now with GAAPS

Android-x86 and GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton has informed Softpedia today, June 25, 2016, about the immediate availability of a new build of his RaspAnd distribution for Raspberry Pi single-board computers. RaspAnd Build 160625 is the first to move the Android-x86-based distro to the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow mobile operating system created by Google. And in the good tradition of the RaspAnd project, both Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B are supported. Read more