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Story Plasma + KWin = beautiful ! srlinuxx 09/05/2011 - 3:02am
Story Looking at Sylpheed 3.1.1 to unseat Thunderbird srlinuxx 09/05/2011 - 3:00am
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Story Interview with Alexander Zubov (Steel Storm: Burning Retribution) srlinuxx 08/05/2011 - 9:20pm
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Story The Tale of Red Hat's Name srlinuxx 08/05/2011 - 5:54pm
Story Why Not Linux? srlinuxx 08/05/2011 - 5:53pm

KDE 4: the ultimate business desktop?

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Since beginning as a one-person project over ten years ago, the fourth generation of the K Desktop Environment (KDE) is poised to be the most business-friendly open source desktop to date with a host of new features ideal for enterprises.

Generate secure, completely random passwords : Ubuntu

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I recently read an article on Slashdot mentioning how MySpace users generally have more secure passwords than those in corporate environments. This reminded me of a simple password generator that Ubuntu has to make sure you’re using a password nearly unbreakable.

Learning Ubuntu made easy

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Good documentation has helped keep the two-year-old Ubuntu project among the most popular Linux distributions. To complement the traditional venues for help, such as FAQs, HOWTOs, bulletin boards, and mailing lists, Ubuntu uses interactive forums such as Internet Relay Chat to conduct training classes for new users. Now add to the list of helpful sites.

ANN: Space Renegades: The Series Released for Linux!

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Space Renegades: The Series combines ‘Space Renegades 1’ and ‘Space Renegades 2: Ulitmatum’.By packaging these games together United Minds Games offers players hours of gameplay at an amazing low cost!

Also: Arkanoid: Space Ball

Looking for a maintainer for Gwenview

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Having been working on Gwenview for six years, I finally came up with the decision that it was time to move on. Of course, I do not want Gwenview to die, that's why I'm looking for a maintainer.

Southern California Linux Expo ramps up registration

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SCALE 5X, the 2007 Southern California Linux Expo to be held at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Feb. 10 and 11, has opened for attendee registration. Early bird registration runs through Jan. 24, an event spokesperson said. Participants are invited to attend more than 40 seminars and tutorials.

Users Scoff At Microsoft's Linux IP Claims

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IT managers have slammed Microsoft's claims that Linux source code infringes on its intellectual property, and have criticized Novell's deal with the company saying it grants validity to the claims.

openSUSE 10.2 on the ASUS P5B Deluxe

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This board in general is not a good Linux board. It was purchased with Windows in mind. Which in the end turned out to be something of a negative, as three of the five people who got them wanted a Linux-something installed. Two of us have gotten it working.

Monitor Gmail with KCheckGmail

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Until recently I had been a Gmail holdout. One of the first problems I had is that I didn't want to stay logged in all the time through my browser. Fortunately I had run across KCheckGmail before. After a little trouble getting configured, I finally got everything running and KCheckGmail gave me everything I was looking for.

How to enable DVD playback : Ubuntu

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DVD playback is not a feature that is installed by default due to license restrictions. In my opinion the restriction is stupid, very restrictive and violates my rights. This tutorial will show you how to install DVD playback capability on your Ubuntu linux machine.

Yo Mamma Likes Ubuntu

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Actually, my mom loves Ubuntu. My mother is like most parents these days - they buy a computer at Best Buy or Walmart and they take it home, plug it in and start using the web. I decided to install Ubuntu on my mom’s new laptop.

Linux pilot a success

During a pilot project for Linux Simple Internet Server (SIS) for 20 companies conducted by the National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (Nectec), SMEs found that they could save on software licensing costs by up to 50,000 baht.

Also: New tool offers anonymity

Xubuntu Gets Edgy

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Edgy Eft (version 6.10), the second release of Xubuntu, a variant of Ubuntu Linux built around the Xfce4 desktop and designed to be lightweight, was released in October. I’ve been using it since then and I’ve been impressed.

Emacs: Taking Editing To New Level

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Emacs is a text editor developed back in the '70ties when computer operators and programmers used primarily text-based terminal windows to interact with computers. It is a powerful program, but all that power is hidden behind non-intuitive key-bindings.

The Penguin in the Sandbox (Part 2)

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Last week we flew over the virtualization landscape and got a peek at the lay of the land. Today we'll look at some of the Linux applications for implementing virtualization: Xen, User-Mode Linux, VMWare, chroot jails, and OpenVZ.

Working with Files and Directories in Linux

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A very large proportion of all the work most users do from the command line, evenadvanced users, consists of few key activities and a fairly small number of common commands. Most of these have to do with locating, listing, creating, editing, and deleting files and directories. This article provides an overview of the most common file and directory-related tasks and the commands that you use to perform them.

IBM, Schools Pursue Open-Source Research

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IBM Corp., which has been a big backer of open-source software, is working with seven universities on new computing research projects whose fruits would be widely shared rather than held as intellectual property.

Also: IBM solve poor eyesight ODF problem

Reiser Laughs During Missing Wife Murder Hearing

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Oakland computer programmer Hans Reiser repeatedly laughed in court and whispered in his lawyer's ear Wednesday as prosecutors presented circumstantial evidence aimed at proving that he murdered his wife Nina Reiser, who disappeared on Sept. 3.

Linus against rejection of binary modules

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I really think this is shortsighted. It will only result in _exactly_ the crap we were just trying to avoid, namely stupid "shell game" drivers that don't actually help anything at all, and move code into user space instead. What was the point again?

Cook up Web sites fast with CakePHP, Part 2: Bake bigger and better

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This tutorial shows you how to jumpstart your CakePHP application using scaffolding and Bake. You will also learn the ins and outs of using CakePHP's Access Control Lists (ACLs). You'll get a look at what scaffolding is and what it provides. Then you'll learn how to use Bake to generate the code for a scaffold, letting you tweak it as you go. Finally, you will learn about ACLs: what they are, how to create them, and how to use them in your application.

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