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Quick Roundup

Red Hat: time to come into the 21st century

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iTWire: Just yesterday morning I was admiring the features of Fedora Core 5 on an iBook at the home of a man who is in many ways my Linux guru. He has the distribution running on various computers all made by Apple and I was quite impressed with what the developers have managed to achieve.

What 10,000+ People Say About Linux Graphics

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phoronix: This past Sunday we started our first-ever Linux Graphics Survey that looked at the usage of X.Org display drivers, hardware, and the display features being sought after by Linux desktop users. In less than four days, we received over 10,000 survey submissions!

Plea for a more reasonable release cycle

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beranger: Some people (certainly, not my sysadmin, who generally still prefers Solaris 9 to RHEL 4) don't understand why I strongly believe that a 6 months release cycle for a Linux distro is inappropriate. Fedora, Ubuntu and Mandriva have opted for a 6 months release cycle. They can't be all wrong, can they?

Forbes columnist Dan Lyons says he really likes Linux (video)

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Interviews During a session at the 2007 Online News Association conference in Toronto, Canada, I had a chance to point my video camera at Forbes columnist (and Fake Steve Jobs blogger) Dan Lyons. He told me that people who say he dislikes Linux are not being fair to him; that out of 70 articles he's written about Linux, 67 have been positive.

KDE 4 Beta Videos

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/home/liquidat: Jos Poortvliet has produced a set of videos showing some features fo the upcoming KDE 4. Until now the featured applications are some games, KTouch, Kalzium and Gwenview.

Also: Colors again

New Desktop Face-Off: Gnome 2.20 vs KDE 3.5

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O'Reilly OnLamp: With the new features that Gnome and KDE (K Desktop Environment) are adding, each desktop environment is challenging the other for a larger share of the market. In this article I will briefly talk about the new features of both Gnome and KDE, and then look at some similarities and important differences between the two desktop environments.

Font Management In Linux, Part 2

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Linux Planet: Last week we learned some useful tips about font management in Linux. Today we're going to learn a few more ways to preview fonts, how to view font character maps, how to manage console fonts, and how to design your own fonts.

Things that control how content is displayed in Calc spreadsheets

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HowTos Tips: If you spend all day in spreadsheets, sooner or later you want something to help you spot what's important or different. The motion study expert Frank Gilbreth told factories to paint parts different colors to help factory workers spot the right pieces more quickly; Calc has roughly equivalent features to help point out the different types of data you're working with.

openSUSE quickies

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openSUSE news: A small team has created videos of the openSUSE 10.3 installation with commentary and plans to create further ones. — A Live-CD based on openSUSE 10.3 with the KDE 4.0 Beta 3+ packages from the KDE:KDE4 build service project has been announced.

Novell might never get a penny from SCO

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daniweb: Remember when SCO used to be known as a big fish in the Unix OS pond, well respected and pretty much a pillar in this particular vendor community? No, neither do I. The image of a company that sought to claim IBM had somehow inappropriately contributed to Linux development, a bizarre tactical strategy to leverage some kind of financial settlement from Big Blue if you listen to many industry analysts, is the one that pops into my head every time I see the letters S, C and O now.

EU Tells Open Source to Start Paying MS Patent Tax

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OSS EU Commissioner Kroes' deal with Microsoft creates real dangers to Europe's growing open source economy, warns the FFII.

Also: Matt Asay: Red Hat swats Microsoft's European patent ruling
And: Microsoft Invests in Linux Based Architecture

Myah OS 3.0 alpha 1 released

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Linux Myah OS 3.0 alpha 1 is now available to kick off the 3.0 release cycle. This first alpha release has been very carefully put together. The only thing really missing so far is the graphical installer, which is under construction. This release is a live CD that includes package utilities and all development tools.

Opera 9.5 beta released

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Software Opera 9.5 beta is available for download! Since the first alpha release hundreds of bugs have been fixed. Website rendering has been significantly improved, along with performance, stability and usability.

Asian governments driving demand for open source

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linuxworld (idg): Asian governments are pivotal to Red Hat Inc.'s goal of earning 60 percent of its revenue from outside the US by the end of 2009, said Matthew Szulik, the company's chairman, chief executive officer, and president, in a conference call on Thursday.

I’m typing this on a Classmate PC

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zdnet: My Classmate PCs arrived today from Intel and I finally had time to break them out tonight. First off, this is a really small keyboard. Surprisingly, the small screen (7 inches) is not a problem. However, the keyboard takes some serious getting used to.

Reiser trial delayed; attorneys debate TV show impact

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Reiser The trial of Reiser — who is accused of killing Nina Reiser despite her body never being found — was expected to start Monday, however opening statements are now set for Nov. 5.

Gobuntu & Ubuntu

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  • Why Ubuntu (Still) Sucks - Part 4

  • Post-Install Tips for Ubuntu 7.10
  • Ubuntu 7.10 is outstanding

  • Gobuntu
  • Installing Apache 2, PHP 5 and MySQL 5 on Ubuntu 7.10 (a.k.a. “Gutsy Gibbon”)
  • Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) Pragmatic Visual Presentation Critique
  • It’s not even green
  • Howto: Compile JWM 2.01 on Ubuntu 7.10

  • Alternative Installation Methods for Gutsy
  • 10 flaws in Ubuntu 7.10

OLPC experiments with cow-powered laptops (seriously)

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computerworld: The One Laptop Per Child Project (OLPC) is toying with a novel source of power for its low-cost XO laptops: cows. The goal is to develop a low-cost energy source that can be used in Indian villages.

today's leftovers

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  • It's confirmed: Gutsy is killing your HDD!

  • Explanation of Ubuntu Hard Drive Wear and Tear
  • Experimental Support for Compiz-Fusion on Foresight
  • Simple PHP for Dumping a Berkeley Database
  • Alan Cox on open-source development vs. proprietary development
  • rambling forward to 4.0
  • Kivio: Powerful, easy to use Linux flowcharting
  • Palamida: Rival snitched open-source database
  • Joomla! Vs. Drupal - The Nitty Gritty
  • Legit Linux Codecs In the U.S.
  • Laptop foundation production delay means shortage
  • New Laptop: Install Gentoo

HOW TO: Setup a Web-based BitTorrent Client

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HowTos How many times have you been stuck at work when the latest episode of a podcast such as LugRadio has become available for download, or the latest version of your favourite Linux distribution has been released? Wouldn’t it be really useful if you could access a server at home through your web browser and order it to download that file, so that it’s waiting for you when you get there?

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Red Hat After Graphics People


  • Desk Changer is a Wallpaper Slideshow Extension for GNOME
    Have you been looking for a GNOME wallpaper slideshow extension? If so, you can stop. In the comments to our recent post on the way GNOME handles wallpapers a number of readers asked whether GNOME had an image slideshow feature built in, without the need for third-party apps and the like. The answer is yes, GNOME does. Sort of.
  • Minwaita: A Compact Version of Theme Adwaita for Gnome Desktop
    As you may already know that Ubuntu is switching back to Gnome, this is the transition time for Ubuntu to switch back. Some creators are motivated and creating themes for Gnome desktop, which is a good thing and hopefully we shall see plenty of Gnome themes and icons around soon. As its name shows "Minwaita" it is minimal/compact version of Adwaita theme, the theme is available after some enhancements to make Gnome more sleek and more vanilla Gnome experience without moving to away from Adwaita's design. This theme is compatible with Gnome 3.20 and up versions. This theme was released back in November, 2016 and still in continuous development that means if you find any problem or bug in the theme then report it to get it fixed in the next update. Obsidian-1 icons used in the following screenshots.
  • Gnome Pomodoro Timer Can Help You Increase Productivity
    If you are struggling with focus on something, it could be your work or study then try Pomodoro technique, this method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. You can read more about Pomodoro here.
  • Widget hierarchies in GTK+ 4.0
    In GTK+3, only GtkContainer subclasses can have child widgets. This makes a lot of sense for “public” container children like we know them, e.g. GtkBox — i.e. the developer can add, remove and reorder child widgets arbitrarily and the container just does layout.

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