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Story KDE 12 Iterations After the 4.0 Release Roy Schestowitz 27/11/2013 - 3:24pm
Story Leftovers: Screenshots Roy Schestowitz 27/11/2013 - 3:01pm
Story Android Users: F-Droid App Repository is an Open Source Alternative to Play Store Roy Schestowitz 27/11/2013 - 9:06am
Story Open router project launched to improve network privacy Roy Schestowitz 27/11/2013 - 9:01am
Story Canonical launches Ubuntu Resources website Rianne Schestowitz 27/11/2013 - 8:56am
Story Epic to open source code to OHSU Roy Schestowitz 27/11/2013 - 8:56am
Story Is open source encryption the answer to NSA snooping? Roy Schestowitz 27/11/2013 - 8:52am
Story NVIDIA Is "Taking Linux Gaming Serious" Rianne Schestowitz 27/11/2013 - 8:47am
Story Introducing GPU Accelerator Programming to Popular Linux GCC Compiler Rianne Schestowitz 27/11/2013 - 8:36am
Story Linux Black Friday deals Rianne Schestowitz 27/11/2013 - 8:24am

Linux device driver project needs more unsupported devices to work on!

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desktoplinux: Desktop Linux needs drivers. Right? Of course. So why is Novell's Greg Kroah-Hartman, a Linux kernel developer and head of the Linux Driver Project, having to ask people to tell him about devices that need drivers?

ubuntu headlines:

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  • Goodbye OpenSuse, Hello Ubuntu

  • So how are you liking Ubuntu 7.10?
  • Ubuntu Gutsy Internet Help
  • HOWTO Configure Ubuntu for Active Directory Authentication
  • Tesco sell computers with Ubuntu pre-installed - Linux on the up?
  • Ubuntu 7.10 WiFi Quirks
  • All praises for Ubuntu 7.10

Red Hat voices concerns over Microsoft patent model

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zdnet: While Red Hat welcomed Microsoft's recent decision to comply with the European Court of First Instance's antitrust ruling, Michael Cunningham, general counsel for Red Hat, stated that the company was still concerned about Microsoft's patent model.

World Series hype, GPLv3 adoption increase in October

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SearchEnterpriseLinux blog: What can the World Series and the GPL possibly have in common? Well, there’s one thing, if you stretch it really thin: October.The World Series, obviously, will begin tonight between the Boston Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies at Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. The hype, no thanks to FOX and those Dane Cook promos, has reached a fever pitch (pun intended). The GPL, on the other hand, saw above average adoption rates among open source developers and their projects.

PodSleuth to bring better iPod support to Linux

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arstechnica: Banshee developer Aaron Bockover announced the PodSleuth project earlier this week, which is designed to expose iPod metadata through the Linux Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).

The Flock Experience

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techzone: I just came across a new web browser Flock. and found it to be amazing.
It is optimized for media, blogging and much more. In fact I am writing this blog from the inbuilt editor of Flock itself.

Ahhh! What did they do to my Gimp?

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penguin pete: I have good news and bad news: the good news is that a ton of new features have been added. The bad news is, the UI has been entirely re-designed.

Unified x86 Architecture Code Quality

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kernelTRAP: "Can we please finish up this merge a little more before we freeze 2.6.24? The way we currently have leftovers of arch/i386/ and arch/x86_64/ is quite a nightmare and not how the other architectures were merged," Christoph Hellwig asked, leading to an insightful reply by Ingo Molnar.

Ubuntu's Desktop Effects: Proceed with Caution

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appscout: One of the first things my boyfriend and I wanted to check out on our new Dell Inspiron with Ubuntu was installing Compiz Fusion, which gives your Ubuntu system really cool 3-D desktop effects. Desktop effects are an "experimental feature" in Ubuntu, meaning that they may not work with all computers and could cause your system to, well, act up. Sure enough, that's what happened to us.

Civilization IV on Linux, Updated How-to

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tombuntu: This is the second edition of my Civilization IV (Civ 4) on Linux how-to. With this guide you can run Civ 4 almost flawlessly on Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution using Wine.

Ubuntu's latest OS not so Gutsy

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the register: Ubuntu fanboys have been crying into their beers after discovering internet connection problems with Canonical's latest open source Linux distribution operating system, dubbed the Gutsy Gibbon.

Slashdot Turns Ten

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Slashdot, part of SourceForge, Inc., the web site that pioneered community-generated content, will celebrate its tenth anniversary on October 25, 2007. To celebrate the anniversary, Slashdot is hosting a free event at Palo Alto's Blue Chalk Bistro, where members of the community can meet the site's founders and editorial team.

7 Firefox extensions (add-ons) I can’t live without

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Tryst with Linux: There are some firefox extensions (add-ons) that I can’t live without and the following is the list that I need. It’s personal (of course), suited only to my need, so this list is not normative for anyone.

X/OS is an undistinguished Red Hat clone

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Linux X/OS Linux is a distribution built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources. Its developers claim it was created "to provide a hassle-free enterprise-class Linux operating system without usage terms tied to commercial services." I downloaded it expecting I might find all the refinement of Red Hat along with some improvements and the community one expects to find growing around free software. It seems I set my expectations too high.

KDE and Distributions: ALT Linux Interview

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Interviews As part of our KDE and Distributions series (1, 2, 3, 4) KDE Dot News spoke to representatives from Alt Linux. Russia recently announced plans to include GNU/Linux in every school in the country, and ALT Linux hopes to be the chosen distribution. Below CEO Alexey Smirnov and Andrey Cherepanov answer our questions about their relationship with KDE.

KDE development platform appears

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arstechnica: This Wednesday in KDE land sees the start of the Release Freeze for KDE 4.0, anticipating a final release in December. By then, KDE 4 will have been in development for two years and five months, counting from the aKademy conference in Malaga, Spain, in July 2005.

Why isn't Xfce's layout easier to change?

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beranger: I might have irrational expectations, but once you can change the layout of some desktop environment "the easy way" — i.e. by using the mouse, not by manually editing config files —, shouldn't you be able to experience some ease with that?

Share a Firefox Profile Between Ubuntu and Windows

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cybernet: One of the new things in Ubuntu 7.10 is the ability to read and write to NTFS formatted drives, which is great for Windows XP and Vista users. What that means is that you can create a Firefox profile in Windows and set it up so that Ubuntu uses the exact same profile.

South Africa adopts ODF as govt standard

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tectonic: Open Document format (ODF) yesterday became an official standard for South African government communications.

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    Have you been looking for a GNOME wallpaper slideshow extension? If so, you can stop. In the comments to our recent post on the way GNOME handles wallpapers a number of readers asked whether GNOME had an image slideshow feature built in, without the need for third-party apps and the like. The answer is yes, GNOME does. Sort of.
  • Minwaita: A Compact Version of Theme Adwaita for Gnome Desktop
    As you may already know that Ubuntu is switching back to Gnome, this is the transition time for Ubuntu to switch back. Some creators are motivated and creating themes for Gnome desktop, which is a good thing and hopefully we shall see plenty of Gnome themes and icons around soon. As its name shows "Minwaita" it is minimal/compact version of Adwaita theme, the theme is available after some enhancements to make Gnome more sleek and more vanilla Gnome experience without moving to away from Adwaita's design. This theme is compatible with Gnome 3.20 and up versions. This theme was released back in November, 2016 and still in continuous development that means if you find any problem or bug in the theme then report it to get it fixed in the next update. Obsidian-1 icons used in the following screenshots.
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    In GTK+3, only GtkContainer subclasses can have child widgets. This makes a lot of sense for “public” container children like we know them, e.g. GtkBox — i.e. the developer can add, remove and reorder child widgets arbitrarily and the container just does layout.

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