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Ubuntu Summit: Inside the Googleplex

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I'm at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Mountain View, California in the heart of Silicon Valley -- at the Googleplex. This biannual event is held within a couple of weeks of every Ubuntu release, to plan the features, processes and the development cycle for the next release -- in this case "Feisty" which will become Ubuntu 7.04 when it releases in April next year.

Can GPLv3 Corral Open Source Licenses?

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The impact of GPLv3 on license proliferation will depend on the FOSS license's final form, which is being shaped largely by the DRM and patent issues, said Finnegan-Henderson Partner Larry Robins. If these controversial terms remain in the GPLv3, then license proliferation may actually increase.

A Diehard SUSE User Tries Ubuntu 6.10

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Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know production Ubuntu 6.10 was released on October 26. I'd heard that it was a nice package, but really haven't spent much time with it. SUSE Linux and I have been together for quite a while and when you have something that works, you stick with it. Many readers are probably in the same boat.

OSDL Tags Fellowship Fund Donations for Linux Kernel Documentation

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The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), a global consortium dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux® and open source software, today announced the first fellowship grant from its Fellowship Fund announced earlier this year. The one-year fellowship grant will sponsor a technical writer, whose work will be targeted at Linux kernel documentation, further accelerating and maximizing Linux development.

Free Your Mind!

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The last Linux comparison that we did was exactly 13 months ago; and in that short period, things have really moved to the next level. Newer versions of applications have come up, a lot of work has gone into making the Graphical User Interface (GUI) less intimidating, the Kernel has been spruced up, hardware databases have expanded and overall, using Linux is now an enjoyable experience.

VMX Builder: Create virtual machines in minutes

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While VMware Player is not designed to create virtual machines from scratch, other tools can help you to build your own VMs in a matter of minutes. You could use VMware's free VMware Server software, but it's overkill if you only need a quick-and-dirty way to build a VM. Instead, consider VMX Builder, an easy-to-use desktop tool for creating VMware virtual machines.

Check Debian archive mirrors bandwidth using apt-spy

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apt-spy is a program that tests a series of Debian archive mirrors for bandwith.It writes an /etc/apt/sources.list with the fastest server.You can select which of the many Debian sites to benchmark by geographical location.

Bang for the Buck: Entry Linux Servers Keep Windows and Unix Honest

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Only 15 years ago, Linus Torvalds was annoyed enough about the expense of the just-commercialized Unix workstations and systems on the market that he started to create his own operating system. Proprietary operating systems still have their niches--and they will for a long time to come--and a formerly ascendant Unix has been pushed out of the entry server space by Linux and Windows.

Adobe to donate script code to Mozilla

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Adobe will donate software to run JavaScript programs in the Firefox Web browser, the largest code contribution yet to the open-source Mozilla Foundation.

Is Microsoft Going to Start a Linux War?

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You bet! Here are the reasons why. I suspect that the big enterprise players are each going to jump on one of the various Linux boats and start a software war. The fact is, Microsoft is way overdue in this effort.

Bootcamp: Installing Linux part 4

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We'll round off this short series on 'dual booting' Linux and Windows with a brief tour of your new operating system. It begins with the Bootloader screen that appears a few moments after switch-on.

How To Set up a repository cache with apt-cacher

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When running multiple machine with the same distribution, it is interesting to set up a repository cache on your network so that once a package is downloaded from an official repository, all other machines will download it from your local area network.

Help design tomorrow's Linux desktop

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What should the Linux desktop of 2007 and beyond be like? That's what the OSDL wants to know in its latest Linux Client Survey, which runs from now until Dec. 1. The results will help the OSDL's Desktop Working Group work on the areas of development that are critical to users.

Novell: We Surrender

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On Thursday night, I asked Jeff Jaffe, Novell's chief technology officer, if he could think of a company that had partnered with Microsoft and done really well as a result. Which Microsoft alliance, I asked him, would he cite as the model that he'd like to emulate? His response: "I think this partnership is breaking new ground."

Linux Desktop Vendors Show Worthy Alternatives

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Vista be damned. Novell, Red Hat and Ubuntu are showing the world that Linux is getting its desktop house in order. Novell made its SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 desktop available in July, Ubuntu shipped a new version of its Debian-based distribution a few weeks ago and Red Hat will release its Enterprise 5.0 version early next year.

Wolvix Hunter 1.0.5 Review

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I was drawn to Wolvix by a review of an earlier version on [some other site], where the reviewer raved about its multimedia capabilities. As installing codecs and plugins has always been one of my least favourite admin tasks, I thought I'd try Wolvix Hunter 1.0.5, which claimed to come with all the usual suspects pre-installed.

PS3 to ship without Linux?

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Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3), due this month, will not ship with Linux pre-installed, as suggested in March by CEO Ken Kuturagi. However, TerraSoft CEO Kai Staats says his company's Yellow Dog Linux is installable by "anybody who knows how to use a keyboard, mouse, and browser," according to an interview in the Coloradoan.

Quetoo 0.5.0 released

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Quetoo, a for performance optimized version of Quake2, has just been released in version 0.5.0 and is available for download now.

Ubuntu Tricks - 4 ways to run Root privileged processes without a password.

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I’ve had three email requests now to right up how to execute things that normally require root privileges without having to enter a password. There are a number of ways to do this and we’re going to look at four of them.

Review: GnuCash 2.0

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GnuCash is a personal and small business accounting package that provides true double-entry accounting, the ability to set up automatic recurring transactions, and simple budgeting. The application does not try to hide the complexities of managing...

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Servo Night Builds Begin, Linux Packages Coming

The Mozilla developers working on the Servo browser layout engine and the Browser.html HTML-based web UI have kept to their goal of making a tech preview available in June. As of last night, the Servo developers hit their tech preview milestone we've been looking forward to seeing for months. Nightly builds of Servo and Browser.html have begun and they are going to be making available Linux packages shortly. Read more

Android Leftovers

Leftovers: OSS

  • Modern open source systems management
    Open source IT systems management is undergoing a renaissance. Adopters include global, household-name enterprises, as well as a groundswell of IT operations teams that are borrowing flexible, collaborative practices from the Agile software development movement. Some open source IT systems management tools are familiar to most admins, with broad adoption -- think Nagios or the Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana stack. Others -- Docker is a prime example -- burst onto the scene recently and are shaking up IT deployments.
  • Code Alliance connects nonprofits with tech volunteers
    Code Alliance is a Benetech initiative that connects technology professionals to volunteer opportunities with open source software projects for social good. On the first day of the CHI4GOOD conference, we brought over 40 projects to the San Jose Convention Center to participate in a hack4good Day of Service event. More than 100 developers, UX designers, and researchers came together to help our nonprofit cohort with their technological needs. The nonprofits benefitted from expert technical development work, and the volunteers were gracious, skilled, and excited to leverage their professional skills to give back.
  • Nonprofit's Open Source Designs Reduce Cost Barriers for Startups
    A project that originated in "The Middle of Nowhere, Missouri," as the founders call it, aims to lower the barrier to entry across a number of industries, all while maintaining a sustainable footprint. It's called Open Source Ecology (OSE), the brainchild of Marcin Jakubowski, founder of the Factor E Farm in Missouri where OSE is based.
  • The Open Building Institute - A Sustainable Way to Build Modular Housing
  • Open Building Institute is revolutionizing sustainable home building through open-source technologies
  • Pulp Smash Introduction
    Pulp Smash is a functional test suite for Pulp. It’s used by the Pulp developers and Pulp QE team on a daily basis. It’s implemented as a GPL licensed pure Python library, and getting started is as simple as installing Python and executing the following...
  • How Oracle’s business as usual is threatening to kill Java
    Stop me if you've heard this one before: Oracle has quietly pulled funding and development efforts away from a community-driven technology where customers and partners have invested time and code. It all seems to be happening for no reason other than the tech isn't currently printing money. It's a familiar pattern for open source projects that have become the property of Oracle. It started with OpenSolaris and continued with And this time, it's happening to Java—more specifically to Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE), the server-side Java technology that is part of hundreds of thousands of Internet and business applications. Java EE even plays an integral role for many apps that aren't otherwise based on Java. For months as Oracle Corporation's attorneys have battled Google in the courts over the use of Java interfaces in Android's Davlik programming language, Oracle's Java development efforts have slowed. And in the case of Java EE, they've come to a complete halt. The outright freeze has caused concerns among companies that contribute to the Java platform and among other members of the Java community—a population that includes some of Oracle's biggest customers.
  • Friday's security updates