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Story DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 476 srlinuxx 01/10/2012 - 6:20pm
Story Linux kernel 3.6 released srlinuxx 01/10/2012 - 6:16pm
Story Debian Project News - October 1st srlinuxx 01/10/2012 - 6:13pm
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Story Updated Debian 6.0: 6.0.6 released srlinuxx 30/09/2012 - 1:31am

Microsoft the copyright infringer

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freesoftware mag: When we consider the situation Microsoft finds itself in with regard to the GNU General Public License (GPL), it is important to consider how one determines when someone has accepted the GNU GPL and, hence, when someone is actually bound by its terms.

Most Important Laptops…Ever!

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CyberNetNews: Modern laptops continue to get more powerful and smaller in size, but we can’t forget about the predecessors that led to the notebooks that we have today. PCWorld put together an article outlining the top-10 most important laptops of all time where they outline the significance of each one. So what laptops made the list?

KDE Commit-Digest for 8th July 2007

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In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: Akademy 2007 draws to a close. Dolphin embedded as the file management view in Konqueror. Plasma continues to mature, with new data engines for Tasks and Bluetooth, and EBN and Task Manager Plasmoids making an introduction.

Linux 2.6.22 Big News

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  • New kernel brings better wireless support
  • Under The Linux 2.6.22 Hood
  • Linux Kernel Update Includes Small Fixes, No Sign Of GPLv3
  • Linux releases a cleaner, tighter kernel 2.6.22

35 Cool Applications to install on Ubuntu 7.04

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linuxondesktop: Ubuntu 7.04 is undoubtedly one of the most popular Linux distribution especially for Linux newbies , now overall it is extremely usable and good but a very limited number of applications are by default shipped with Ubuntu 7.04 . Now here in this article we look at a number of really good applications that are not shipped by default with Ubuntu as well as instructions on installing them.

GIMP Tricks: Chocolate bar with GIMP

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polishlinux: Some time ago I saw a chocolate bar made with Adobe Photoshop somewhere on the Internet. I thought that Gimp can’t do worse than and I got myself to work. It seemed to be quite easy and here is the result in 28 steps.

Open source: The numbers don't tell the whole story

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Matt Asay: Savio has had some interesting posts lately crunching numbers related to open source investments and, most currently, the FSF's financial ability to litigate GPLv3. In both cases, though, I think he's getting a bit too attached to the calculator and detached from reality.

Complete (50+) Firefox Shortcuts Collection For Newbies

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CyberCapital: Here is a complete collection of Firefox shortcuts.It contains more than 50 of them. This is for Average users who don’t know all 55 Firefox Shortcuts.

Canonical Releases Storm as Open Source

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Press Release: Canonical Ltd today announced the release of Storm, a generic open source object relational mapper (ORM) for Python. Storm is designed to support communication with multiple databases simultaneously.

Can Linux Adoption Ever be Accurately Gauged?

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IT Management: Determining usage and growth of Free software has always been a challenge. For over a decade, arguments have been held – sometimes flamewars – whose central point was the usage level of software that is freely distributed.

The More Dell Lies, the More Ubuntu Community Embraces Dell

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Ubuntu Having priced similar Dell Ubuntu and Vista systems in the past, at a real difference of a whooping 10 dollars, I was curious to check in again and see if Dell has implemented anything the user-base of IdeaStorm have asked for.

Linux: SAM

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dailykos: It's a very nice alternative to PCLinuxOS, and offers one of (if not) the best out of the box experiences; SAM Linux is packed with all the proprietary software and media codecs, graphics intensive window eye-candy all in a single 700M liveCD that doubles as an installer CD, in and of itself a very impressive achievement.

Path cleared to open source wireless drivers and firmware

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The Jem Report: The Software Freedom Law Center recently issued a detailed statement analyzing a ruling by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding wireless devices.

Kicking Around Open Source, Part 1: Blog Hot Spots

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Linux Insider: "Blogs allow more expansive discussions," noted Michael Goulde, senior analyst with Forrester Research, adding that the give and take of a blog and its associated comment area can make for the sophisticated collaboration necessary among open source developers. However, "they also allow more ego to show through," he said.

Desktops and Windows Managers - Part 2 - XFCE

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Raiden's Realm: In the world of desktop environments, two projects reign supreme. KDE and Gnome. One gives you everything AND the kitchen sink, the other gives you most everything, but certainly NOT the kitchen sink. we're going to focus on other desktop environments and window managers that are out there. The first is XFCE.

Second open Linux phone on sale

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ZDNet: Another fully open source-based phone went on sale on Monday, offering developers the chance to build their own mobile Linux applications.

Simple Summer Tips for Easier Use of Writer

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OOo Tips: Here's the summer vacation reading equivalent of some everyday tips. Some new, some not. It's just how I use the program, things that make it easier.

Linux Tips for Newbie – Intro

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techpersona: I thought that I would write a few things down so the new user can get some insight on what it takes to be a Linux user. These are just a few thoughts and experiences that I have run into when talking to other people and using Linux.

GPLv3 attracts 116 projects in first week

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vnunet: The third version of the General Public Licence (GPLv3) has been adopted by 116 open source projects in its first week of operation, according to an overview compiled by software risk management firm Palamida.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 210

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: First look at Elive 1.0

  • News: Elive and Fedora interviews, Kubuntu and KDE 4, Mandriva's semantic desktop, Gentoo 2007.0 review
  • Released last week: Slackware Linux 12.0, Damn Small Linux 3.4
  • Upcoming releases: Parsix GNU/Linux 0.90r1
  • Feedback: "Shame on you, DistroWatch!"
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

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Security Leftovers

Leftovers: BSD

  • BSD Mag: Understanding Unikernels by Russell Pavlicek
    The number of tasks which lend themselves to being unikernels is larger than you might think. In 2015, Martin Lucina announced the successful creation of a “RAMP” stack. A variant of the common “LAMP” stack (Linux. Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python), the “RAMP” stack employs NGINX, MySQL, and PHP each built on Rumprun. Rumprun is an instance of a Rump kernel, which is a unikernel system based on the modular operating system functions found in the NetBSD project. So even this very common solution stack can be successfully converted into unikernels.
  • Summary of the preliminary LLDB support project
    Operating systems can be called monitors as they handle system calls from userland processes. A similar task is performed by debuggers as they implement monitors for traced applications and interpret various events that occurred in tracees and are messaged usually with signals to their tracers. During this month I have started a new Process Plugin within LLDB to incept NativeProcessNetBSD - copied from NativeProcessLinux - implementing basic functionality and handling all the needed events in the MonitorCallback() function. To achieve these tasks, I had to add a bunch of new ptrace(2) interfaces in the kernel to cover all that is required by LLDB monitors. The current Process Plugin for NetBSD is capable to start a process, catch all the needed events correctly and if applicable resume or step the process.
  • NetBSD Making Progress On LLDB Debugger Support
    NetBSD developers have been implementing the relevant interfaces needed for the LLVM debugger to effectively monitor and work on the operating system. As part of that they have also improved some of their own documentation, provided new ptrace interfaces, and more. Those interested in LLDB and/or NetBSD can learn more about this debugging work via this blog post.

Firefox 51 Released With FLAC Audio Support, WebGL 2.0 By Default

Firefox 51.0 just hit Mozilla's FTP servers for those wanting the latest version of this open-source web-browser. Firefox 51 isn't a big feature release for end-users but notably does have support for FLAC audio, at long last! Great to see the web browsers finally shipping support out-of-the-box for this open-source audio codec. Read more

Intel Core i3 7100 Kabylake Linux Benchmarks

Last week I began delivering Linux Kabylake benchmarks with the Core i5 7600K while this week I finally am set to receive the Core i7 7700K. But for those curious how Kabylake is looking on the low-end, I picked up a Core i3 7100 as currently the cheapest Kabylake desktop processor. Here are some initial Linux benchmarks of this Core i3 processor on Ubuntu Linux. Read more