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Open source databases '60 per cent cheaper'

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Open source databases can save enterprises up to 60 per cent over proprietary products, according to data collected by Forrester Research.

Adobe: We may sue over Vista

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Software maker Adobe may sue Microsoft if it is not satisfied with the European Union's steps to ensure Microsoft's new operating system does not shut out rivals, Adobe's chief executive said.

Google to Sell Newspaper Ads

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Stop the presses! Google extended its advertising model to that most mobile of media, the newspaper. It sounds crazy, especially in light of the reaction to certain advertising moves the search engine made earlier this year. But this latest maneuver just might be more successful.

Cheat Sheet: Open source licences

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Open source licences... much of a muchness? Indeed. Let me start by saying, if you happen to think that all open source software is created equal, you are very, very wrong.

Stable kernel released

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The stable kernel update has been released. This update is a bit smaller than its predecessors, but there's still a fair number of fixes here, including at least one which is security-related.

More Here.

Enhance Your Mail Server With ASSP (Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy)

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ASSP stands for Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy. The ASSP server project is an Open Source platform-independent transparent SMTP proxy server that leverages numerous methodologies and technologies to both rigidly and adaptively identify spam. In short ASSP is the most kickass solution that is both free and works great. It reduced spam to an absolute minimum for me.

Ifconfig - dissected and demystified

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ifconfig - the ubiquitous command bundled with any Unix/Linux OS is used to setup any/all the network interfaces such as ethernet, wireless, modem and so on that are connected to your computer. ifconfig command provides a wealth of knowledge to any person who takes the time to look at its output.

Jokosher 0.2 Released

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The Jokosher team are proud to announce the second pre-release of their simple yet powerful audio studio for the GNOME desktop. The new 0.2 version of the software has been in active development since July, and has packed Jokosher with the core features to perform full audio recording and production on the Linux desktop.

Printing in Calc, Part I: Page styles

Filed under

Spreadsheets are primarily used online. For this reason, printing them can be challenging even to experienced users. However, offers more help than most spreadsheets with printing, starting with the introduction of page styles. In this entry, I'll explain how Calc page styles can help with printing spreadsheets.

Jono Bacon: Practical PHP and MySQL, boo yah

Well, my new book will be published any time now. A sample copy was here when I got back from San Francisco, and it looks schaweeeet.

Adopt a Debian orphan

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In the Debian project they refer to packages that no longer have mantainers as orphaned. There are a lot of orphaned packages around, some that are promising or very good. Every good developer is encouraged to pick one and try to push it a bit further. Today I'll talk about one of them; it's Syndigator.

Novell to Samba: We're Not Terminating MS Agreement

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According to statements from Novell, in Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier's article in, they are not repudiating their Microsoft deal. We also learn that Eben Moglen has finished the audit and is in discussions with Novell, and he says this:

Installing XOOPS

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To install XOOPS for the first time, you'll need to have the minimum following server software pre-installed:

* HTTP Server (Apache or IIS) "Note, XOOPS only officially supports Apache"
* PHP 4.1.0 and higher (4.1.1 or higher recommended)
* MySQL Database 3.23.XX

Installing Nvidia Drivers in Etch

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For some time now the Nvidia drivers have been missing from the Debian Etch repositories. Naturally it is possible to use Nvidia's own installer, however I prefer to avoid bypassing the package management system where possible, and you should too. Because I say so, and I am right.

Five things to know when you switch to Linux

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If you have just installed GNU/Linux on your computer, and have only ever used Windows before, here are five things you need to know to get going rapidly.

Gentoo on PS3 Installation Procedure

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there are several things you need to download before you begin. get a usb mass storage device (formatted as fat32) and make a directory called PS3 and inside PS3 make a directory called otheros. put the kboot.bld and the otheros.self files in otheros. it will also be convenient to burn that live cd, and toss the portage tree and stage 3 on the usb mass storage device. you may also want to burn the cell addon disc...

Chris Tyler's Fedora Linux: The Best Book on FC so far!

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Remember what posted ten weeks ago? Review: Two RHEL4 and FC5 Books, Face To Face. It was about Christopher Negus' and Mark G. Sobell's books. Well, unless you're running RHEL4 or CentOS4, you might as well forget about them. Fedora Core users should consider Chris Tyler's book as their first choice. Obviously for a book issued in October 2006, it is dedicated to FC6 only.

Parsix 0.85 Test 3 Screenshots

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Parsix GNU/Linux 0.85 Test 3 is now out. New in this third test release is the inclusion of GNOME 2.16.1, 2.0.4, Firefox 2.0, and fixed a number of bugs. The final release of Parsix 0.85 should be out in early December. Phoronix has some Screenshots of Test 3.

How To Compile A Kernel - The SuSE Way

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Each distribution has some specific tools to build a custom kernel from the sources. This article is about compiling a kernel on SuSE systems. It describes how to build a custom kernel using the latest unmodified kernel sources from (vanilla kernel) so that you are independent from the kernels supplied by your distribution. It also shows how to patch the kernel sources if you need features that are not in there.

Backup and Restore Your Ubuntu System using Sbackup

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Data can be lost in different ways some of them are because of hardware failures,you accidentally delete or overwrite a file. Some data loss occurs as a result of natural disasters and other circumstances beyond your control. Now we will see a easy backup and restore tool called “sbackup”

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Leftovers: Software

Emulation or WINE

Fedora: The Latest

  • New "remi-php71" repository
  • PHP on the road to the 7.1.0 release
  • First round of Fedora 24 Updated Lives now available. (torrents expected later this week)
    As noted by my colleague on his blog the first round of F24 Updated Lives are now available and carry the date 20160720, Also as mentioned last week on his blog F23 Respins are not going to be actively made, however we and the rest of the volunteer team will field off-off requests as time and resources permit. We are considering a new/second tracker for the Updated Spins but as of today there are only .ISO files available at [shortlink] F24 Live-Respins . The F24 respins carry the 4.6.4-200 Kernel and roughly ~500M of updates since the Gold ISOs were released just 5 weeks ago. (some ISOs have more updates, some less)

Leftovers: Ubuntu

  • Snappy Packaging Happenings In The Fedora, Arch Space
    This week Canonical hosted a Snappy Sprint in Heidelberg, Germany where they worked to further their new package management solution originally spearheaded for Ubuntu Touch. This wasn't an Ubuntu-only event, but Canonical did invite other distribution stakeholders. Coming out of this week's event were at least positive moments to share for both Arch and Fedora developers. The Arch snaps package guy made progress on snap confinement on Arch. Currently when using Snaps on Arch, there isn't any confinement support, which defeats some of the purpose. There isn't any confinement support since it relies upon some functionality in the Ubuntu-patched AppArmor with that code not yet being mainlined. Arch's Timothy Redaelli has got those AppArmor patches now running via some AUR packages. Thus it's possible to get snap confinement working on Arch, but it's not yet too pleasant of an experience.
  • PhantomJS 2.1.1 in Ubuntu different from upstream
    At the moment of this writing Vitaly's qtwebkit fork is 28 commits ahead and 39 commits behind qt:dev. I'm surprised Ubuntu's PhantomJS even works.
  • Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS released
    Ubuntu 16.04 is a LTS version of Ubuntu.Now Ubuntu team has announced the release of it's first point release,Ubuntu 16.04.1.This first point release includes many updates containing bug fixes and fixing security issues as well and as always what most of users want from a distribution and most of distributions tries to perform,Stability.This release is also well focoused on stabilty as Ubuntu 16.04.