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Story DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 427 srlinuxx 17/10/2011 - 6:20pm
Story OpenSUSE 12.1 delivers Fedora punch with GNOME 3 srlinuxx 17/10/2011 - 6:12pm
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Story Unity much improved in Ubuntu 11.10 srlinuxx 16/10/2011 - 8:11pm
Story Gnome 3.2 reviewed srlinuxx 4 16/10/2011 - 8:16am

The image of Linux.

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Linux is a great operating system. That's my opinion. I think it is better than any other operating system around. Not everybody views Linux this way and it is the general image of Linux that is holding it back from exploding into the general population.

Displaying Weather And System Information On A GNOME Desktop With gDesklets

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This tutorial shows how you can display weather forecasts, system information like CPU and memory usage, news feeds, music player controls, etc. on a GNOME desktop with gDesklets. gDesklets is a programm that can place small desktop widgets on top of the user's desktop.

BOSS Linux makes new users feel at home

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BOSS Linux is a single-CD Debian-based distribution primarily designed for an Indian language user, though everything from the installer to the desktop defaults to English.

Resolved: Vista hesitation signals Linux opportunity

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Every time Microsoft introduces a new operating system we see the same reaction: before release the gentlemen of the PC press trumpet its wonderfulness, on release they talk about slow adoption and disappointed users looking for alternatives, and a bit later they quietly assume widespread acceptance, write a few articles illustrating the horrors of falling behind the upgrade curve, and start talki

AptOnCD: apt-get Repository on DVD/CD - Ubuntu/Debian

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Those who are familiar with Debian-based system with know a thing or two about apt-get. However some linux distro (Ubuntu, obviously) relies heavily on internet connection to access its repository. This sometimes impractical.

One alternative to that solution is to get the repositories on CD/DVD. However packages included in there may not suit your needs and might be redundant.

A good search can yield good results

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Many of the programs I have been told about by Switched On readers are not ones I'd typically use day to day. Most of the time I'm more familiar with their commercial equivalents, but in several cases I have found getting to grips with the Open Source alternatives easier than with the mainstream software titles.

Mixing Politics and Linux: So Uncool

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Linux has developed quite a reputation since its creation. While the world was using Windows and a select few were using the Mac OS, this new operating system comes into the picture in a sly take it or leave it fashion. It wasn’t for everyone.

Taxman's Damascus moment: not all computers run Windows

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The Australian Taxation Office's e-tax online tax return lodgement system goes from strength to strength - and finally there are signs that people running Mac OS X or Linux will get a chance to use it. But don't hold your breath - the changes won't arrive until 2009 at the earliest.

Tremulous: the best open source game I've played

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For the past week I've been playing Tremulous, an open source game that blends a team based FPS (First-person shooter) with elements of an RTS (Real-time strategy). Its based on the Quake3 engine and the graphics are superb!

Review: Sabayon Linux 3.3

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Sabayon Linux aims to give users all the bleeding edge software of SimplyMEPIS and PCLinuxOS but is based on Gentoo and uses Portage as its package management system. I haven’t used Gentoo for a couple of years now, but Sabayon’s popularity is continually increasing and with a new release it’s now time to give it a try.

Open source, open mind

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Open source software, once considered the realm of idealists and risk-takers, is increasingly finding its way into the corporate IT toolkit.

Why GPLv3 says additional permissions are removable

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As with any copyright licence, software developers who use any version of the GPL can also grant additional permissions to recipients for code that they hold the copyright of. That is, they can say that you can distribute the software under the terms of the GPL, and they can additionally say that, at your option, you can also distribute the software in this way or that way.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Service Pack 1 Beta Released

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Novell has announced the public beta software availability of the first service pack (SP1) for SUSE® Linux Enterprise 10, with general availability scheduled for the second quarter of this year. SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1 from Novell® features significant enhancements in virtualization, high-performance computing, security, interoperability and system management.

Perens blasts Microsoft/Novell "protection racket"

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In a small conference room across the street from the location of Novell's BrainShare conference, free-software advocate Bruce Perens attacked Novell's patent deal with Microsoft and said that Novell was enabling Microsoft to run "a protection racket" with the threat of its patents.

Apt-get Install Ian Murdock: The Q&A

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While we tend to have pretty good visibility into Sun, they do manage to sneak something by us every now and again. Such was the case with today’s surprise announcement that Ian Murdock is leaving the Linux Foundation to join Sun.

GNOME Live CDs II - the return!

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They're back! And this time, they've got company.

Ken van Dine is the man to send all the accolades - he's one of the people behind Foresight Linux, the most GNOME friendly distro around - they release with the latest GNOME release on the same day as GNOME.

The Torvalds Transcript: Why I 'Absolutely Love' GPL Version 2

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"First off, I don't even know what the GPLv3 will look like. I would be totally crazy to accept a license for my code sight unseen," Torvalds says.

On March 6, Linus Torvalds responded to e-mail questions on GPL version 3 sent by InformationWeek editor at large Charles Babcock.


InformationWeek: Can you comment on why you oppose moving the Linux kernel from GPL 2.0 to GPL 3.0?

OLPC comes up with stable Linux build

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The One Laptop Per Child program reported today that after 303 builds, it finally has a satisfactory version of its Red Hat Linux-based Sugar operating system that is considered stable, according to OLPC president for software and content Walter Bender.

Firefox Security Goes Head-To-Head With Microsoft's IE7

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Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser may have the lion's share of the general market, but when it comes to security types, Mozilla's Firefox open source browser is an even contender, according to a security survey released Monday.

FSF Corrects Novell's Steinman and a Request to End the Mystery

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I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this interview with Novell's Director of Marketing, Justin Steinman. He is quoted in IT Business Edge as saying the following:

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EU-Fossa project submits results of code audits

The European Commission’s ‘EU Free and Open Source Software Auditing’ project (EU-Fossa) has sent its code review results to the developers of Apache HTTP server target and KeePass. The audit results are not yet made public, however, no critical vulnerabilities were found. Read more

today's leftovers

  • Docker: Making the Internet Programmable
    Docker, and containers in general, are hot technologies that have been getting quite a bit of attention over the past few years. Even Solomon Hykes, Founder, CTO, and Chief Product Officer at Docker started his keynote with the assumption that people attending LinuxCon Europe know that Docker does containers, so instead of focusing on what Docker does, Hykes used his time to talk about Docker’s purpose saying, “It really boils down to one small sentence. We're trying to make the Internet programmable.” Hykes described this idea of making the Internet programmable with three key points. First, they are focused on building “tools of mass innovation” designed to allow people to create and innovate on a very large scale. Second, applications and cloud services are allowing the idea of the Internet as a programmable platform to be realized, and they want to make this accessible to more people. Third, they are accomplishing all of this by building the Docker stack with open standards, open infrastructure, and a development platform with commercial products on top of the stack.
  • How to benchmark your Linux system
    The Software Center list will also include individual tests. These can be fine to use, but they can be tedious to open and configure manually. Keep your eye out for an entry called Phoronix Test Suite, or PTS for short. The Phoronix Test Suite is a powerful program that can run a single test, or an entire battery. PTS offers some built-in suites (collection of tests), or you can design your own suite. When tests are completed, you can choose to upload the test results to, where other users can see your results and even run the exact same tests on their PC.
  • Wunderlist Electron App for Linux
    Missing Wunderlist on Linux? You don’t need to thanks to Wunderlistux, an Electron-based desktop app. It doesn’t claim to be anything more than a wrapper around the official Wunderlist web app (which, yes, you could just open in a new browser tab).
  • Enter the Wasteland: Mad Max now available for Mac and Linux
  • What a lovely day! Mad Max releases for Mac and Linux
  • Mad Max Comes to Linux and Mac
  • GNOME at Linux Install Fest
    It’s an event organized in order to help first year students install a Linux distro on their laptops (here at our uni, we work almost entirely on Linux, so we need to help those that have never used it and set up their distros

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