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Story LibreOffice 3.6.5 Finishes off 3.6 srlinuxx 31/01/2013 - 4:28am
Story Why I contribute my changes to Libreoffice and won’t re-license srlinuxx 31/01/2013 - 1:14am
Story Opera 12.13 Final released srlinuxx 31/01/2013 - 1:12am
Story FlightGear 2.10 at landing altitude srlinuxx 30/01/2013 - 11:16pm
Story while waiting for Pardus Anka srlinuxx 30/01/2013 - 11:02pm
Story Linux Achieves Bodhi Enlightenment srlinuxx 30/01/2013 - 10:59pm
Story 5 Reasons Chromebooks Win After Linux Netbooks Lost srlinuxx 30/01/2013 - 9:30pm
Story KVM: Linux Virtualization That's Halfway There srlinuxx 30/01/2013 - 9:28pm
Story Booting Linux using UEFI can brick Samsung laptops srlinuxx 30/01/2013 - 7:22pm
Story some leftovers: srlinuxx 30/01/2013 - 7:20pm

Keep users informed with PHPList

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Software If you've ever considered throwing together a mailing list to keep the members of your group, project, or organization informed, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better application for that purpose than PHPList, a free and open source newsletter manager.

How To Manage An iPod From A Linux Desktop With Rhythmbox

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This article shows how you can use an iPod on a Linux desktop with the Rhythmbox audio player. It covers how you can upload MP3 files from your desktop to your iPod and delete files on the iPod.

Linux: Custom Kernels with Debian and Fedora

Filed under

Carla Schroder: Last week we took a tour of the generic way of building custom Linux kernels. Today we'll look some nice Debian shortcuts, and Fedora's unique way of building custom kernels.

Acer installs Ubuntu

Filed under

the inquirer: COMPUTER MAKER Acer seems to have followed Dell's lead and started preinstalling Ubuntu in at least one range of its laptops.

Firefox update available now

Filed under

mozillalinks: A quick update to Firefox 2.0.x branch has been released by Mozilla to address a couple of security related bugs.

Also: Make Firefox Extensions Compatible After Firefox Update Breaks Them For No Good Reason

Today's Too Many to Link tos

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  • Tips and Tricks: How do I find the inode size of an ext2/ext3 filesystem?

  • How would you change the OLPC XO?
  • Uh Oh. Another Smooth Move from Microsoft: Watch out, Ruby. Watch out OSI.
  • GPLv3 report: 30% increase with Sugar on top
  • If someone says UBUNTU, Don't say Kazoonteit.
  • Medison Celebrity: CEO Blog and Yahoo Group
  • Open source firm reaps Google benefits
  • Linux Non-compete Agreements?
  • Linux: Avoiding Pluggable Designs
  • Open Source Being Repositioned in Corporate America
  • Linux: Designing the Completely Fair Scheduler

Debunking Linux and its Relationship with Gaming

Filed under

micahville: I’m tired of people who are afraid to switch to Linux because of its so called “lack of games, or at least good ones.” What I think is they just want the games they like ported to Linux instead of trying new ones. Or maybe it’s because the games are free and that is already a sign the game is bad, but I’m beginning to think quite the opposite. I have a list here of 17 games that I think every Linux user should give a shot.

Free Software Money Management Quandary

Filed under

Moving to Freedom: I found myself facing a moral quandary yesterday. I considered using proprietary software for a job that has lots of free software alternatives. You see, I have these doubts and reservations about the free options.

Unix/Linux rootkits 101

Filed under

techrepublic blogs: The term rootkit originated with a reference to the root user account on Unix systems. Rootkits are not limited to Unix, however, or even to administrative user accounts like the Unix root account. No matter what operating system you use, you should be familiar with good practices for detecting and dealing with the threat of rootkits.

Also: Clamav is great

Amarok Sneak peak, pretty playlist, raw plasma

Filed under

Amarok Blog: I thought it was time to post a screenshot of how Amarok2 development is moving along. As my focus is on the service integration, I have chosen to show a few of the new things that are happening in this area, as well as some of the more general and cool stuff that is being worked on.

NVIDIA & ATI GTK Benchmarks

Filed under

Phoronix: Since publishing our Avivo versus fglrx driver GtkPerf benchmarks that compared the GTK performance between the community open-source driver and ATI's official driver, we have received a number of requests for more of these 2D benchmarks with different graphics cards and different drivers.

Enterprising Ubuntu?

Filed under

RedMonk: In the three years since Ubuntu was unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace, debate as to its viability and marketability within “the enterprise,” whatever that means anymore, has been rampant. Cynics contend that the status quo - where there’s Red Hat and there’s everyone else - is also the shape of things to come.

Managing wireless connections seamlessly with wicd

Filed under
HowTos The nature of my work forces me to be something of a digital nomad -- my notebook computer and a wireless connection are essential parts of my working day. I've been known to move between several wireless access points in one day. One of the few wireless connection managers that I've actually found useful is wicd - pronounced "wicked."

Try out KDE 4 now with the “KDE Four Live” CD

Filed under

FOSSwire: Development on KDE 4, the next major version of the popular desktop environment, continues and if you’re curious as to what progress is like, you might want to take a look at what is going on right now.

Tech writers think Ubuntu is for morons

Filed under

jem report: What is it about Ubuntu Linux that makes otherwise competent technical writers switch to Moron Mode? Everywhere I turn, I see articles on how to do obvious things in Ubuntu.

Torvalds rebukes desktop critics

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LinuxWorld: Linus Torvalds, creator and maintainer of the Linux operating system kernel, has reacted angrily to suggestions that the kernel's development process is skewed in a way that prevents improvements on the desktop.

Laptop webcam works with AMSN in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

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Arun's Blog: I did a fresh install of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 3 on my laptop on Saturday. The good news is, AMSN detected my built in webcam automatically and the video chat worked fine.

MEPIS to switch from Ubuntu to Debian

Filed under

DesktopLinux: SimplyMEPIS, a very popular desktop Linux, is going to change back to using Debian Linux for its core from Ubuntu. In March of 2006, MEPIS founder Warren Woodford, decided to switch to Ubuntu from Debian for the next version of SimplyMEPIS, version 6.0.

HOWTO: The Nokia E61i as a modem via Bluetooth in Ubuntu on 3

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Colin Charles: It seems that for $29/month, I’m not getting my meagre 200MB quota on the 3 network, but can now get 1GB! Wanting to not fuss with a laptop card or USB modem (because they only support Windows and OS X), I decided that its time to setup a connection via my mobile phone.

India Says It Can Make A Laptop For $10

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OLPC The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) is an amazing project that aims to give every child in the world a laptop with a cost of just $100 a laptop. As we said this is an amazing project, but researchers in India are saying that they can make a laptop for $10.

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Security News

New Input Drivers and TinyDRM in Linux 4.11 Kernel

  • New Input Drivers For The Linux 4.11 Kernel
    Dmitry Torokhov has submitted the input feature updates for the Linux 4.11 kernel merge window. One of the new input drivers for Linux 4.11 is the Zeitech touchscreen controller. The new Zeitec driver is zet6223 and supports the ZET6223 I2C touchscreen controller. Another new driver is for Samsung "touchkeys." The Samsung Touchkey support is the new tm2-touchkey driver and allows for touch key and LED functionality on the Exynos 5433 TM2 development board.
  • TinyDRM Queued For Linux 4.11
    TinyDRM has been queued in DRM-Next for landing with the in-development Linux 4.11 kernel. TinyDRM aims to provide "a very simplified view of DRM for displays that has onboard video memory and is connected through a slow bus like SPI/I2C." TinyDRM includes SPI and MIPI-DBI support.

Latvian Ventspils controls costs with open source

The administration of Ventspils, Latvia’s sixth largest city, is an avid user of free and open source software. The main benefits: cost and resource optimisation. Read more

Ubuntu Touch finds a home on a conflict-free, fair-trade, user-maintainable handset

Handset maker Fairphone is teaming up with the community project UBports, which seeks to get Ubuntu Touch on mobile devices. They will be showing off Ubuntu Touch running on the Fairphone 2 during Mobile World Congress, which starts February 27 in Barcelona. While Ubuntu is probably not the first name that comes to mind when you think of mobile devices, the phone in question offers some compelling features. “UBports Foundation will be showcasing its work at the Canonical booth, the company behind Ubuntu. Canonical is planning to tell about the latest developments around the convergence of its devices and UBports Foundation will share its mission ‘Ubuntu On Every Device’ with the visitors,” UBports said in a February 8 press release. Currently, UBports’ website lists three devices as “fully working as daily drivers:” The OnePlus One, Nexus 5, and the Fairphone 2, with the latter showing all parts as functioning with Ubuntu Touch, save the GPS radio. (Interestingly, the UBports project website for the Fairphone 2 still lists the GSM radio [in addition to the GPS] as a work in progress. However there is a video of two people talking with the handset, so it’s likely the Fairphone 2 project website is out of date.) The website also has instructions for flashing Ubuntu to the Fairphone 2. Read more