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PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniMe tips and tricks

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PCLOS PCLinuxOS is awesome. Especially I like the “2008 MiniMe” edition, which comes as a bare-bone installable live CD, and contains only the KDE desktop essentials. I have recently installed a couple of PCLinuxOS systems. Along the way I learned a few useful tricks, which I wanted to share with the public.

Choosing which way to walk with Linux

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linuxgeeksunited.blogspot: I use Linux in a variety of ways, business, home, hobby. Because of the ways I use Linux, I am glad there are choices in distros. A plethora of options to look through, see what works best for what situation.

Opera 9.6 Snapshot: Birthday Edition

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Software We're making steady progress on Opera 9.6, fixing several of the issues reported within the last week. Please continue to test and report problems help us improve Opera.

Stuff That Works With Linux #3 - Huawei USB Modem

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reddevil62-techhead.blogspot: MOBILE broadband has been getting a huge marketing push in the UK. But all the operators say their products - from USB dongles to PCI Express adaptors - are only for Windows or Mac.

Choosing a Desktop Environment for SUSE Linux

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computingtech.blogspot: With Windows and the Macintosh, the desktop is just that—the desktop. Linux is all about choices, and so is X, KDE or GNOME. One of the cool things is that you can remain indecisive your whole life.

Ubuntu, Debian plan big releases

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Linux Linux fans are in for a treat in the remaining few months of the year as most of the major Linux distributors prepare to release updated versions of their operating systems.

Introduction to the Xwindows clipboard

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Software One of the things that amazes a lot of new users to Linux is how flexible the clipboard is. It's one of the many features of Linux that I've come to depend upon greatly. Without it, life could go on, but it would be much, much more difficult.

Open source in an economic downturn

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OSS We are in an economic downturn, perhaps even a full-blown recession. In these circumstances the IT budget is one of the first places to come under scrutiny, and most IT departments are coming under increasing pressure to save every penny.

New security hole in VLC video player

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Security A new critical security hole has been found in the VLC player from the VideoLan project, while there is still no public fix for the previous security hole found two weeks ago.

Foresight Linux

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Linux I've just made a somewhat brief test of Foresight Linux. I find it to be an interesting contradiction. It should be good, it is in fact mostly good, but it is weak in just enough areas to spoil it for me.

'The Princess Bride Game' launches for Linux

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Gaming To celebrate today's launch of 'The Princess Bride Game' for Linux, Monsters & Critics is providing our readers with an exclusive 30% discount code valid for the Windows, Mac or Linux version of the game.

Novell's third-quarter loss widens, but Linux booms by 30 percent

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SUSE Novell beat Wall Street's estimates with a solid third quarter, but the real story is in its continued Linux growth. The company reported that annual adjusted operating margin to be between eight to ten percent, up from earlier expected seven to nine percent. So, things are looking up.

Also: CIOs: Finally Falling for Novell Again?

ATI R500: Mesa vs. Catalyst Benchmarking

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Hardware With Mesa 7.1 having been released this week and the open-source R600/770 3D support just around the corner, we've taken this opportunity to see how the open-source Mesa 3D stack compares to AMD's monthly-refined Catalyst Linux Suite with the fglrx driver performs for the Radeon X1000 (R500) series.

Drupal, Dries, Acquia and Community Contributions

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communitythugs.wordpress: Drupal is a fantastic open source content management framework which has been getting rave reviews from some of the best industry experts. This was all great for first 5 years.

today's leftovers

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  • Linux jumps to 13.4 percent of the stalling server market

  • Ubuntu Works
  • The importance of the Veoh decision
  • Understanding SUSE Linux X Window System
  • Asus eee 901 - A Real Disappointment
  • Why open source has a hard time in government
  • Researchers offer new way to avoid bogus Web sites
  • From Firefox user to Extend Firefox contest winner
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Firefox Extensions
  • Mozilla Gets Google's Moolah for 3 More Years
  • More thoughts on open source piracy
  • 'Mindanao concerns' defer RP int'l open source summit
  • Public policy and open source
  • Microsoft patents Page Up & Page Down
  • compiz-fusion: Cylinder anyone?
  • Netbook sales will not affect notebook sales near term
  • O’Reilly’s Python for Unix and Linux System Administrators
  • NVIDIA Releases Yet Another Linux Driver

some howtos:

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  • Short Tip: Work around rpm lockups

  • Viewing the Night Sky with Linux, Part I: KStars
  • Setup and Configure openSUSE 11.0
  • How to install dock on linux without graphic card?
  • How to play VCD on Linux using VLC
  • Extract and Save Images From a PDF File
  • Online Encyclopedia Shell Script For Linux And Unix
  • setting up ubuntu on the eee pc 901
  • Playing MP3 music files in Linux
  • font anatomy

KDE Momentum Continues with New Updates, Features

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KDE The KDE community has released KDE 3.5.10, a maintenance release for the KDE 3.5 series of the popular Linux desktop. KDE 3.5.10 includes improvements in the KDE Kicker, which is the KDE application starter panel, and KPDF, the desktop's PDF viewer.

Dillo2 coming in September

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kmandla.wordpress: Imagine my complete and utter surprise after accidentally clicking on the Dillo home page link, and seeing a new branch of dillo is scheduled for release in late September or early October 2008.

ASUS' Big Development

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John C. Dvorak: The most interesting story the media is downplaying is the ASUS announcement that it will have a ROM boot chip on all its motherboards, which will boot Linux instantly on start-up. This development is important, since 90 percent of the time all a user wants to do is surf the Web.

Developing software on an open source stack

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There are also more tools than ever, and all the most innovative tools are open source. This tutorial provides an expansive survey of the free software available to developers to create and deploy Web applications.

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