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Linux: New FireWire Stack Update

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Kristian Høgsberg posted an update on the effort to rewrite the Linux kernel FireWire stack explaining, "as you may know, we've been working on a new FireWire stack over on linux1394-devel. The main driver behind this work is to get a small, maintainable and supportable FireWire stack, with an acceptable backwards compatibility story."

Novell’s take on the Dell preload of Ubuntu

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Yesterday, Dell said that it will start preloading Ubuntu Linux onto three Dell PCs targeted at the technical consumer market. As proponents of open source and Linux, Novell is happy to see Linux being preloaded onto any desktop machine. This announcement is just one more proof point in the continued growth of Linux. We view Dell’s move as a positive step forward for the Linux market.

KDE 4: Which games are moving…or not

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Yesterday, we did the kdegames review. We succeeded in having a common point of view about which games should be keep and move, how hard it can be. Here the results:

Improved KDE3 games kept for KDE4.0:

- knetwalk
- kgoldrunner
- kolf
- katomic
- konquest
- kpat
- kspaceduel
- lskat
- kbattleship
- kblackbox
- klines
- kreversi
- kbounce
- kmahjongg
- ksame

Organizing Kmenu with the KDE Menu Editor

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One of the pleasant problems with Linux Distros is the huge number of applications available. For Ubuntu Ultimate Edition (and others) there can be so many applications in a Kmenu section that it covers the entire desktop like this:

Drupal 6: status update

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It's been a while since we provided a status update. And because not all of you are subscribed to the development mailing list or keep track of the issue queue, I figured a quick status update would be in order. Here is a list of some of the key features that already made it into the development version of Drupal and that will be part of the final Drupal 6 release:

Dell and Ubuntu - The most Logical Decision?

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Most people by now have heard that Dell will be preinstalling Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04 on a few laptops and desktops. This is fantastic opportunity for Linux...a landmark opportunity. I know that this was done in response to the large popularity of Ubuntu and it’s solid performance and I’m happy that it was chosen over Suse or Fedora.

The Text Editors of KDE

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One of the more overlooked, but very useful features of KDE is its text editors. In a full standard install of KDE there are 3 of them. Kate, Kedit, and Kwrite. Each has its advantages, disadvantages, and general uses. Let's look at each of these and what each one offers the end user in terms of features, usability, and functionality.

The evolution of a giant

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Microsoft is showing signs that it is willing to evolve but it needs to do much more to survive in the networked age, argues Bill Thompson.

The long-delayed launch of Windows Vista and the associated Office 2007 seems to have been a success, at least financially.

pclinuxos passes ubuntu

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In the midst of the Ubuntu/Dell hype, PCLinuxOS has passed Ubuntu in hits per day on Distro Watch.

The rise in PCLinuxOS's popularity could be due to the Windows-like look and feel, or the recent final test release of PCLinuxOS 2007.

Progeny Linux ceases operation

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Progeny, a Linux-based company founded by Debian originator Ian Murdock, shut its doors on April 20. Progeny's Web site now carries nothing but a notice saying the company is no longer in operation.

KDE 4.0 Live April Snapshot Screenshots

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From a KDE SNV trunk snapshot on 04-18-07, we have a few KDE 4.0 screenshots to pass along today. Mind you that KDE 4.0 will not be released until later this year, but if you are interested in seeing how this desktop environment is shaping up, you can see for yourself today.

Tux500 - More than just a sign and a tin cup

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The word has made it's way around lately that the Linux Community is attempting to sponsor a car in this year's Indy 500 race. To this point, we have been asking for your donations to make this a reality. Thanks to a caring segment of the Linux community, and specifically to an Australian Ubuntu user, we have broken the Ten Thousand Dollar mark.

Bless your hearts.

ODF/OOXML technical white paper

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I was asked by the UK Action Group of the Open Document Format Alliance to write a white paper on the technical differences between ODF and OOXML. After much agonizing, correcting, having others correct my mistakes, suggestions, changes and drafts I still have got something that may be alright to be previewed by all.

Review: Moneydance 2007

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Linux users have a multitude of choices for personal finance applications, including GnuCash, KMyMoney, Kapital, and others, not to mention being able to run Quicken under WINE. One good alternative that runs on multiple operating systems and manages finances with ease is Moneydance.

Encrypted home partition in Linux

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Have you ever wondered what would have happened if all the important data has been stolen from your mobile PC? For example the information about the confidential project of your company you have been working on for the last 2 years… A horrifying vision, isn’t it? Well, if you don’t want to let it come true, please consider encrypting your home drive. Here is how to do this.

Free Desktop Publisher Scribus Is Worth a Look

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Adobe Systems created a media tsunami earlier this month when it released its Creative Suite 3, a two-year project designed to roll all the company's formidable software packages for creative types into an integrated monolith. Needless to say, since the package costs more than US$1,000, it isn't something for tinkerers.

iKog: The tiny to-do manager that could

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iKog is a text-based to-do manager that can help you to keep tabs on your tasks from the command line. Although it lacks all the bells and whistles of a full-blown GUI task manager, it's one of those tools that make a virtue of doing a limited range of tasks well.

Hands on Ubuntu…

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With all the fuss going on about Ubuntu I thought why not give it a try!

Firefox claws more users from Microsoft

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When the Firefox web browser was launched in 2004, the then head of Microsoft Australia Steve Vamos was quoted as saying he did not believe it would pose a real threat to Internet Explorer's market share.

He said the additional features Firefox offered, such as the ability to view multiple web pages within "tabs" in a single browser window, were not necessarily what consumers wanted.

One Laptop Per Child clarity

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The past week has been filled with speculation and rumour after it was announced that the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) would now cost US$175 instead of the originally quoted US$100. And to add fuel to the fire it was also reported widely in the press that the OLPC was now capable of running Windows.

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